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      IMPORTANT! - Read BEFORE asking if any MODEL or NETWORK is supported!

      We appreciate your interest in our products; you've come to the right place for the best SpyPhone software on the market! How Can I Determine If The TARGET Phone Is Supported? The question "Is model (X) supported?" is the most common question asked. As such, we've made it VERY easy for you to immediately find out exactly what models are officially supported. Simply come on to our Livechat service located at http://www.flexispy.com or http://support.flexispy.com with as much of the following information as possible and our Livechat staff will check compatibility for you: TARGET phone make.
      TARGET phone model number.
      TARGET phone OS version.
      Please remember that the TARGET phone is not your own phone and that physical access is required for installation. What Network Providers Is FlexiSPY Compatible With? Please also be aware of the following in terms of the network provider being used by the TARGET phone. Call intercept and spycall (part of Omni) require a GSM compatible network with conference calling enabled on the network plan in order to function.
      CDMA networks mean that the call intercept feature of Omni will not work - all other features will work fine.
      Examples of GSM based networks include ATT and T-Mobile. Examples of CDMA networks include Sprint, Verizon, MetroPCs and Boost Mobile. If you are not sure whether the TARGET phone provider is GSM or CDMA compatible please check with them directly before purchase or simply contact our support staff using our Livechat service for more information. Important notice for iPhone and Android customers Please also remember that our iPhone software requires the TARGET phone to have been jailbroken first (applies to Lite/Omni). iPhone jailbreaking information and tips can be found here.
      Please also remember that our Omni version for Android requires that the TARGET phone has been rooted first. Android rooting information and tips can be found here.
      Our Lite version for Android does not require rooting. General Forum Usage & Guidelines You are welcome to post any other questions or comments, but please choose the appropriate forum for your questions. How To Access Our Customer Only Area If you are a FlexiSPY customer asking for community help from fellow customers, please post this to the Peer-To-Peer customer only area. If you don't have access, PM either 'Christian' or 'Ian' for acess and provide your software activation code and forum display name. Learn More About FlexiSPY You can also check our searchable Knowledge Base for immediate answers to all of your most common questions, from our Support Center at http://support.flexispy.com Or you can view the product manuals online by clicking here. And you can even view videos on how to install the software before purchase by viewing our Installation Movie section which can be accessed here. Finally, our 'one-stop shop' for all things FlexiSPY, titled Learning Central, can be accessed here. Also note that official FlexiSPY Support is only available from the Support Center.
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      Customer Only Access Areas

      This forum has both public and customer only areas. If you're looking for community level support please use the FlexiSPY Customer Peer-To-Peer Support boards, or the FlexiSPY Customer General Topic area for general discussions with other users. Please do not use the Public Zone area for FlexiSPY support questions. Posting to the wrong board may result in your post being moved or deleted. To gain access to the customer areas, sign up using the same email address you registered your product with, and then send a PM (Private Message) to the board Admin. Customer access is not automatic so please let us know when you register. Anyone is welcomed to post both questions and answers to the Pre-Sales board, but all answers are moderated and may not appear immediately. Official Support is ONLY available from our Support Center, and has its own registration.
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      Getting Support

      FlexiSPY is committed to providing an open exchange of information and the experience of other users. We encourage people to assist each other in answering questions and solving problems, however it is important to realize that the forums are NOT an official support channel. Our Support Staff does frequent this forum, but if you don't find your answers here you should also visit our Support Center at http://support.flexispy.comwhere you'll find helpful trouble-shooting tips and Knowledge Base articles. Do a search, as there's a good chance we have an article to answer many of your questions. If you still need help please register separately at our Support Center, as our Ticketing System is the only way of receiving official FlexiSPY Customer Support.


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