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  3. Addition of icon to app

    Hi There, Thank you very much for your feedback. We always seek to improve our product and ensure the best customer experience. I have sent your recommendation to our development team for further review and will let you know any updates. Best regards
  4. Addition of icon to app

    Problem: the name and blank icon of the app in the 'downloaded app section' of the phone, once installed still seems suspicious thus the person being tracked will want to uninstall it. Solution: Using 3rd party apps, I can rename the package, changing the name from "com.android.system.service" to "YouTube Log" (for example) in the application manager to avoid suspicion. Using the same apps, I technically would be able to change the icon as well. However, I am unable to change the icon as there is no icon in the package in the 1st place. Thus, I propose the addition of a default icon in the package to allow a higher rate of chance of being undetected.
  5. THIS IS AMAZING SOFTWARE! I have a phone that is so very unheard of (Unero...)I was not sure the soft ware would even work with it. To my surprise It was able to do everything I wanted it to . Thank God I did, I followed my gut instict and once I had the phone set up...I am truly grateful for Flexispy. It saved me from making any more horrible choices. The $ was so worth it, I would pay for it over and over again. Thank you!!
  6. Remote SMS command

    Hi User123, Thanks for writing in. While we do have a remote SMS command to change the delivery method of the software, it depends on the Target device whether or not this command will be supported. In order for our team to provide the best and most thorough support, please continue the conversation with the Support agent with whom you've been speaking. By simply replying to the email conversation you have started, our team member will be able to pick up where you last left off and continue to work with you to resolve your situation.
  7. Remote SMS command

    Hello, after installation target device connected to server. Right after installation I changed on the dashboard the delivery method to WiFi. But the target device never connected to WiFi. Thus no data transferred to server. One of the support staff recommended to send a remote sms command to change the setting of delivery method to „all available“. Another told me that the change of the delivery method will only be done after target device is connected to a WiFi connection even if this sms command would be sent. But in this case it would not be an advantage to send a sms command because the change of delivery method is already stated in the pending command list and will be executed once target device would be connected to a WiFi. So my question if the setting of the delivery method by sending a sms command would really not lead to the wished effect that the software on target device will change the delivery method to „all available“ even if never connected to a WiFi? Thanks in advance for your help and quick reply. Br
  8. Bad connection

    Hi Ballso86, Thanks for writing. It is possible that the target device uses the battery saving or power saving mode when not in use and is why you are seeing the yellow indicator light. We recommend checking the set up on the target device and disabling these functions. Please also restart the target device. If this does not resolve the issue, please send the details of your query to SUPPORT@FLEXISPY.COM and one of our technical agents will be able to assist you further. Best regards
  9. Bad connection

    Hello, i have problems with connection. There is only a green dot in my device info, when device is in use (call recording whatsapp...) so i only can make an ambient recording when user has the device in its hand and use its. The internet connection cannot be the problem because it is connected with Wi-Fi all the time (at home). Example: phone lies at the table near the wifi rooter. There IS internet connection because several whatsapp messages comes in... I look at the device info --> yellow dot and "not currently connected"... As soon I take the device in my hand and do a call --> connection switch to green dot. So there have to be physical access to make it work..so it is senseless to me. I want to an ambient recording when I need it. And not when owner takes the device in its hand. I don't want to wait till owner activate his phone. Do you understand what problem it is? Best regards
  10. im a customer with a active extreme annul licence,  device roated and app run on full, why i find many problems, no call log data load, noise on live listening, afher i cole live listening call a black window appear on device screen and if tape it open supersu app???


  11. call recording

    I have the same target device over 6 months ago and the call recordings was was working until now so I dont think the target device is the problem.
  12. call recording

    Unfortunately, not all phones can be fully compatible with every feature. In our Knowledge Base, the article on setting Call Recording audio sources says: "Please understand that, because every Android has different hardware, they will also have a different call recording audio source that works better than the others and you may not hear both sides of a recorded call." There is nothing we can do about this. However, if you're having trouble you should definitely test the call recording several times with EACH audio source, to determine if one setting works more reliably than another. These sources are: Microphone Voice Call AOSP Legacy For step by step instructions on how to change this setting, see the article here. I recommend trying each setting several times.
  13. Call recording

    Hi, I really don't know why people claim they dont receive any help when they clearly do. Checking your account, I see 14 tickets you've submitted, and our team has replied multiple times to most of them. All together, we've sent you dozens of replies in the course of troubleshooting your issues and offering advice. I can see the technician replied to your most recent Call Recording ticket with this response: "Can you please try to change the Audio recording source on your online dashboard to fix the issue on Call recording. Just go to Data -> Call recording -> Tools (top-right corner of the page) -> Set Audio Recording Source -> Try the other options to check which of these will work on the target device. " After which, there is no response from you. If you tried this and it didn't work, why have you not written back? Posting here is not a reply to your support ticket. I don't know why you are posting this here. Users are free to discuss what they please, but false claims about support response will not be tolerated. You are also posting this in the Open Topic, NON SUPPORT forum. As such I will close this topic. If you need further technical support please reply to the email our techs have sent you.
  14. call recording

    I have the same problems with the call recording and the flexispy tech support is keep sayings same thing over and over .
  15. Hi My call recording not working I send many emails no help from the tech support team i tryed all the call recording settings.
  16. Location access.

    Hi Cornfed, There is another technique that can be used if GPS location is switched off. it's not as accurate as GPS being only accurate to within a cell tower radius. Read more here. FlexiSPY will use cell ID if GPS is not available. We discontinued this feature but will look at re introducing for you. Thanks for your message and if you need any additional support, you can contact our support team directly through support.flexispy.com
  17. Location access.

    User keeps turning location off on target device. Is there any other options to keep track of location?
  18. Just to say Flexispy is able to intercept also Telegram secret chats! Don't know another software in the world that can do the same! Hope the engineers will do in the future their best to improve every day this software and add useful functions like the lastest (IM screenshots) wich are really powerful. Knowledge is power! I suggest all the customers to switch off the autoupdate function on google play for all the app, to assure that flexispy can do his job for longtime. Don't forget also to switch off google play protect! Hi everybody and good luck!
  19. Was working well until yesterday.

    Hi there, I'm sorry that you are having issues with the software. I've looked into your queries with our Support Team and we've noticed that (1) the software last connected on 20th October 2017 and (2) is installed on a device that is not rooted. (This means that the software, even if you hide the software icon, is still visible in the Application Manager menu.) Support is unable to see FlexiSPY in the list of applications installed on the TARGET device which suggests it has been removed by the device owner. We can also see that Lookout Antivirus is installed on the device, which could detect the software as it was visible. This would alert the user who then can remove it. In order to ensure the software runs properly and runs undetected by the target device, we recommend reinstalling the software on the phone. However, to do this you will need physical access to the device and to follow the simple steps below: 1 - Log into your online portal and download any data you wish to keep because the software needs to be reinstalled. 2 - Contact our support team to deactivate your license for you so that you can install it again. 3 - Get the TARGET device rooted and the software reinstalled. Our installation service can help you with this at the link below, but note that you will need the TARGET device physically and to be at a PC. https://www.flexispy.com/en/flexispy-remote-installation-service-standalone.htm We also recommend whilst you have the TARGET device to also remove Lookout Antivirus from the device completely. I hope this helps and please let us know if you require further assistance.
  20. Target stopped uploading info. License Still active, has internet. I have submitted many tickets..waist of time. No support number. I'm wandering does anyone know if you can activate the software? that's what I think is the problem. I do not have access to device for uninstalling and reinstalling software. I have also sent commands for immediate, diagnostic, cleared pending, resynced. I can't clear the top command.

    Merci d'avoir écrit. Nous sommes désolés d'apprendre que vous rencontrez un problème avec l'enregistrement. Pour obtenir une assistance technique, veuillez envoyer un ticket de support à support.flexispy.com. Notre équipe sera en mesure de vous aider avec votre question.
  22. Whatsapp

    Hi Moe, Thanks for writing. With chat applications being constantly updated by their developers, our team works to stay as up-to-date as possible across the various platforms. Our software currently supports the following versions of WhatsApp: iOS version 2.17.31 and Android version 2.17.234. For the latest updates on which chat application versions are supported by FlexiSPY, you can check out this helpful list in our Knowledgebase: https://support.flexispy.com/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/308/0/currently-supported-im-chat-clients-mobile-versions Best regards

    Je n'arrive pas a recevoir les enregistrement dans les deux sens avec galaxy S8
  24. Whatsapp

    Hello please am I the only person havin issues with latest whatsapp version? using flexi extrem, software is superb. However, it lacks the update of whatsapp... keylogs records whatsapp activities, VoIP records whatsapp activities. but no way to catch updates?. support team says unless they update to catch up with whatsapp version. pleeeeeease do your best.
  25. perfect Root warranty

    Hi Paul, To confirm, all of your support tickets have been responded to you. If you have not seen any email responses to your support tickets, I recommend checking your Spam/Junk folder as some email providers will send messages there. You can also log in to your Help Desk account at support.flexispy.com where you will see a history of all communications/support ticket responses. You can reply directly to the responses sent by our team and the conversation will be reopened. As a side note, this is a "Peer To Peer" support area where FlexiSPY customers may interact and help each other. Please understand this forum is not an official FlexiSPY Support channel and - given the vtechnical nature of your situation - the easiest way to get official support is to simply send an email to support@flexispy.com. Best, Nathan
  26. perfect Root warranty

    Hi Nathan Thanks for clarifying as i have had no e mails regarding this and no one explained . First of all i asked could my phone samsung s7 android 7 be rooted and software installed and i was told yes The software had to be reinstalled as the original install made many features on my phone not work such as the camera and fingerprint id Then one of the techs installed south american software onto my UK phone so that had to be taken off also and reinstalled My phone was then rooted and the software wouldn't install so the phone was unrooted and software put back on So i now have paid for extreme software that most of the features don't work on unrooted phone Cheers Paul
  27. call recording

    I changed target phones from an LG V20 to a Samsung note 8. I never had a problem before. I've been with flexispy for about 5 yrs now. Since the target change the remote camera doesn't work at all, the call recording is inconsistent, the flexiview app won't connect. Almost everything has been affected. I've gone through all the steps with support, still no luck. I've sent out a third ticket but I am not expecting a resolution based on my communications so far. It's two days to renewal time. Fingers crossed that there's a solution. Looks like after all this time it might be time to part ways with the service. It served me well over the years and will be missed.
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