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  3. Hi Ronak, We are sorry to hear you are having issues with syncing Whatsapp. Currently FlexiSPY supports the following versions of Whatsapp: 2.16.20 (iOS) or 2.17.24 (Android) {https://support.flexispy.com/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/308/0/currently-supported-im-chat-clients-mobile-versions}. It's possible that the target device has automatically updated to the latest Whatsapp version which is not yet supported by our software. However, as we are not able to provide full technical support in this forum, please submit a support ticket at support.flexispy.com where one of our technical specialists will be able to take a further look at the issue and help to find a resolution. Best regards, The FlexiSPY Team
  4. Seriously everyday i have need and hope when You add the main function I mentioned: - add enable/disable WiFi/MobileData sms command - after that i push sms with Send Immediate or the whole procedure to upload all data with one SMS: enable WiFi/MobileData->send immediate->disable WiFi/MobileData. Forget about visibility of icon if that thing delay adding my request Best wishes ! dirtyjob
  5. whatsapp consistently not getting synced.. sometimes for 2 days some time for one day
  6. Earlier
  7. problem ambient recording on galaxy note 3

    Hello I tried but it did not change anything ê. It always stays in the environment recording The Sound Distorted I fatoo a test with an application called cerberus It allows you to do recording of ambient just 5 minutes and the audio is perfect in any situation I think it depends on the software
  8. problem ambient recording on galaxy note 3

    hi, try setting network only on 3G/GSM instead of LTE/3G/GSM and reboot mobile. test any audio source
  9. problem ambient recording on galaxy note 3

    updating I reinstalled the software on a galaxy s7 edge in the hope that the sound issues distorted during recording ambient would improve. however it was not so it may be that the galaxy s4 they went very well and the Galaxy Note 3, and the galaxy s7 edge does not go well? but the phones were new
  10. Useless

    hi andy75, unfortunately it's not a single place where you can get informations... the main resource is always this forum https://forum.xda-developers.com/ then the rule of thumb is to stay far away from newest firmware versions, in your case galaxy s7 received the new android 7 but at the moment flexispy supports more or less 6.0.1 sometimes I had to downgrade mobile firmwares and then disable automatic updates in order to be satisfied, but I can't suggest to downgrade firmwares since it might brick the phone
  11. Useless

    I have very little experience with android phones. Is there somewhere I can learn what I need to do with a galaxy s7 to get the software functioning properly?
  12. Hola Oscar, Actualmente, nuestro software puede utilizarse hasta Whatsapp 2.17.24. Es posible que el teléfono tenga una versión más reciente de la aplicación. Desafortunadamente, no podemos hablar de soporte técnico detallado en este chat. Para esto, le recomiendo que envíe un "ticket" a nuestro Support Team y alguien puede ayudarle con problemas técnicos. Puede contactar con ellos aquí: support.flexispy.com Saludos, Nathan
  13. Useless

    unfortunately android phones have countless variations so you need to choose the right model that can be rooted and fully supported by flexispy. with some samsungs you need to disable security features from command line, or freeze some apk, turn off energy saving settings and disable automatic updates... any model has a custom to-do-list in order to allow flexispy to properly work
  14. SPY CALL

    leave spyphone near TV and go in a different room. the j710 I prepared, it works 100%
  15. SPY CALL

    call instead but you just could not hear nothing I have my device near. I speak and nothing
  16. SPY CALL

    not change anything
  17. SPY CALL

    hi, I just prepared and sold a j710fn so basicly the same device with a bigger display, spycalls work. disable LTE, set network to 3G/GSM only, reboot mobile and test again
  18. Apps not auto update

    if you're able to be close to the spyphone, send an sms command and see if it's hidden or not. if it's visible then the remote update failed and flexispy was only removed and not updated. then you need to re-install manually the new version
  19. T Mobile Samsung Galaxy S3 SGH-T999L

    I use only extreme version, you need to find the right mobile model in order to root it and to be satisfied with flexispy
  20. Lookout Antivirus detects Flexispy Lite

    Nadia, factory reset deletes as well flexispy. in order to have flexispy native on a factory reset device you should prepare a custom firmware but then you should go through the flexispy setup
  21. Not updating from 2.19.4 to 2.23

    one of my customers had trouble updating from 2.19.4 since flexispy wasn't able to install the new version, it uninstalled itself and than nothing. so be aware that you might need again physical access to the mobile in order to update flexispy client
  22. How do I play .bin files from my smartphone

    try installing VLC player on your mobile, most probably it depends by audio codecs your mobile can't handle
  23. Pimnara is always great, anytime there was a problem and he was in charge of the ticket, he did his best to fix things, you realise how much he cares.
  24. Soy nuevo en esto e instale el software en un samsum galaxy s7 edge que esta rooteado y por ningun lugar encuentro como poder leer el whatsapp del telefono objetivo
  25. SuperSU icon is not hidden

    that's normal, supersu doesn't show up in the app drawer but it's still listed amongs installed app
  26. Does not work

    you should open a support ticket here https://support.flexispy.com telling for instance your mobile model with firmware version, if it's rooted or not,...
  27. we have the watch list but many times it would be very important to exclude some numbers from getting recorded in order to save data traffic. many of my customers made me notice that they don't need to have a registration of their calls to the spyphone
  28. as the title, I think it would be an easy improvement for your devs and an useful feature for customers
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