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  1. Yesterday
  2. Thank you very much dakota, everything went well.
  3. Hi Mystical, Thank you for your message. I understand you're trying to manually renew your FlexiSPY license with cryptocurrency. Firstly, normally this process is automatic and requires no additional contact with our support. However the automatic system supports USD cryptocurrency payments only. Since your payment is in Turkish Lira, manual renewal was required. On May 21st, we sent you manual payment instructions, after which you sent the BTC for renewing the license. Unfortunately, our billing manager's shift had ended by the time you provided the TXID in a text format, so the transaction couldn't be verified immediately. The transaction was confirmed later on May 21st. On the 22nd you came back to our support to check on the status and our support incorrectly informed you that the transaction hadn't been confirmed. I am not sure why support told you this. However they wouldn't have had the privilege's to renew your license, and our billing manager was offline due to the 22nd being a public holiday. In any case we will give support better training on this issue. Finally, we can verify now that we have received your funds, and we have renewed your license. To apologize for the inconvenience we've added 5 extra days to your license Best regards, Dakota
  4. Last week
  5. Dear authorities, can you please help? I wanted to pay with my credit card to renew my license, but my payment was not accepted. So I asked if I could create a ticket and pay in BTC. They gave me a btc wallet address and I paid more than they wanted into that wallet. I sent them the Txid and photos of the transfer images showing that the payment reached the wallet they provided. But even though I made the payment and the payment I sent reached the BTC wallet they provided, they still did not renew my license. They both took my money and did not renew my license. Can someone please help me? My related tickets are #259889, #259918,#259957
  6. Hi Dakota, I sent you a new PM, please take a look, thank you. ☺️
  7. Earlier
  8. Hi Dakota, I sent you a new PM, please take a look, thank you. 😥
  9. Hello Everyone, Please be informed that the downtime affecting portal login, which occurred on May 7 at around 10AM PDT to around 2PM PDT, has been successfully resolved. Our team has addressed the issue, and the system is now fully operational. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this outage may have caused and appreciate your patience during the resolution process.
  10. I get that same message if I try to log into the app and I get “could not connect to the server” if I log into the actual website. It would be great if they could let us know when there are issues going on, scheduled or otherwise.
  11. I am getting the error message JSON could not be serialized because of error: The data couldn't be read because it isn't in the correct format.
  12. Anche io stesso problema
  13. here too since 2 hours
  14. Also having this same problem. Consistent message that can't connect to server. Login page doesn't load. Have tried on 3 different browsers and two different devices.
  15. Same here, since yesterday
  16. Hi Dakota, I sent you a PM days ago...can you please take a look?? Thank you.
  17. I want to thank Mark and Dakota for there prompt attention with this issue. With the help of the installation team and alot troubleshooting the issues were identified and resolved thus far.👍
  18. Great! We've replied to your ticket with instructions for troubleshooting with our team.
  19. Hello, Thanks for your response. Upon reviewing your ticket history, we can see the following: Previously your device was a Moto G Stylus 5G running Android 13 and was running FlexiSPY fine However, on April 26, 2024, you used the installation service to change to a new device which is a Moto G 5G running Android 14 — after which you started seeing the following indicators which should be suppressible. Privacy Indicator - Green Light (suppressible indicator) App Screenshot Indicator - Casting (suppressible indicator) If this is the case it appears there is an issue which needs to be looked at. Here is what we suggest. 1. For the time being, to remove the indicators disable the following features. Log in your portal > Navigate to 'App Screenshot' feature > Feature Enabled > Disable App Screenshot feature. 2. We will schedule a remote session with our dev who will troubleshoot the device to diagnose the issue. Let us know if you're interested and we will send you instructions for further steps.
  20. Hi Firehouse. Please provide me with a ticket number you've had with our support so that I can look into this for you.
  21. I paid for a new install on new device which has android 14. It's been riddle with problems, with indicators showing after phone calls and an indicator showing the screen is like "casting". I can't monitor the device without the person knowing which makes the app useless. I have reached out to support for about 4 days with different support tickets. I had the software installed with the installation team and still have problems. Support has not been helpful and stated the technician hide the indicators which is not true. I had problems with indicators on day 1 and did a support ticket. I only asked to have installation team to recheck the install so they could see the issues. I'm losing faith in app and service, even after being a customer for 4 years.
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