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  2. Any idea when Flexispy will work with Android Pie 9.0?
  3. hai un messaggio privato. ciaoo!
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  6. Few things that could have been happened: - the user has done a factory reset - the user has downloaded an antivirus - the user checked smart manager and a warning popped up, he/she rebooted and reset the phone - the phone ran out credit and has no wifi connection - a broken phone - he/she bought a new phone
  7. Brutus66

    Keylogger connectivity...
  8. DC1077


    Keylogs starting posting again. There were several texts messages sent that did not get "key logged" but it's working again. I have not seen this happen before, I'm not sure what and where the glitch was. Probably phone connectivity.
  9. DC1077


    Hello FlexiSpy community, has anyone experienced keylogging suddenly not working? Every other feature is working but key logging will no longer show on my dashboard. Has anyone had this happen and what was the solution? Thank you!
  10. Good evening, as in the title of object I said that my device no longer connects to the server. I state immediately that I'm using it for a year and a half subscription, never had a problem, my device has the Root and before today has always worked properly on all the features of flexispy. Can someone help me solve this problem ??
  11. Go with a Samsung J5 2017 - Nougat 7.0 (No Oreo) Consider that for a rooting you need to erase all data before. This model is simple to rooting. There are many tutorial on the web and some step by step guides on iutube. Let me know If I can help you more.
  12. Thanks for your explanation. Please I'm planning to buy another phone. Please which low end Samsung phone can you recommend that can be rooted?
  13. Se vuoi puoi scrivermi in privato, sugli ultimi sistemi operativi da OREO in poi il software ha una compatibilità bassa. Direi che Flexispy è compatibile al 100% fino al 7.
  14. Che modello è e che sistema operativo ha?
  15. Hello Brutus, yes, I'm Italian. Actually the extreme version works perfectly on non-rooted phones. On my previous target phone (not-rooted Sony) I managed to do everything: monitoring position, recording phone calls, recording remvideos, audio recordings, ecc. So it was really worth the price. No idea why it won't work on this Huawei. I've already tried to install it 4 times (following the suggestions given by technical support), but nothing. It just "dies" after a few hours, for no apparent reason. 😞
  16. Why did you buy the xtreme version on a non-rooted phone??? It's a waste of money, you can't use those features! p.s. are you italian? :-)
  17. Sorry for my bad english, anyway I will try to explain you why on rooted phone google play protect can't remove Flexispy. On rooted phone Flexispy during the installation asks to get SUPERUSER grants by the system. This could be carried on silently or in explicited way, it depends about how SUPER SU app has been set. In the last manual published by Flexispy they suggest to set DEFAULT ACCESS=ALLOW, so you will not be asked for any permission. In this way Flexispy is considered by the system not like a normal app installed by the user but like a system app, a part of the O.S. and therefore not detectable by Google Play Protect. Moreover Flexispy, only on the rooted phone, is installed into /system/app directory, hence doesn't appear under the list of installed applications on android and not scanned by the security system. On not rooted phone if google play protect is set to ON, Flexispy will be scanned and removed. You could set google play protect to OFF but you will never be sure if the user will activate it in the future Be careful also about a second device. If google play protect is enabled on the same account in another device and you choose to keep all your devices sincronised, it will set to on automatically Sorry again for my poor english, hope my words can help you.
  18. Yes, it's not a matter of flexispy. I discovered that it was Google play protect that removed the flexispy app on the unrooted Nokia 6. Please, will Google play protect not detect and remove the flexispy app, if the phone is rooted?
  19. Same problems here. And I never get a response when I contact support.
  20. Hello Ray, thank you very much for your kind help. I will certainly try to do as you suggested as soon as I have access to the phone again. Knowing you could fix it this way gives me hope! Fingers crossed! ☺️🤞 Thank you again
  21. Hey Marta, I fixed mine by deactivating and uninstalling the software the reinstalling it again. Make sure your Google account doesn't have play protect on and disable lookout security or whatever the phone has. Remember after you uninstall, restart the phone prior to reinstalling. If you cannot find the (or whatever the app name is), you can send an uninstall text message to the target device. The commands are listed in the reference section I believe. Mine is working perfectly fine now. Good luck!
  22. Hello, the exact same thing is happening to me. I used flexispy extreme on a not-rooted Sony for 8 months and it worked great. Then, that phone broke and the owner replaced it with a not-rootable Huawei. After the installation on the Huawei the software worked for a total of two hours. It's been displaying "not currently connected"status for over a week now. Support has been zero help so far. Very slow to reply and also no useful information provided at all. I wonder if I should uninstall and then try to re-install, but I don't know when I have the target phone in my hands again. Also, my subscription is going to expire in a few days, so if I'm not 100% sure it works, of course I won't be renewing it. I'm really disappointed about it, it worked so well on the previous phone... :-( Anyone can help with this? Pretty please? :-(
  23. Im having the same issue and none of the things Brutus mentioned are the issue. Ive been using flexispy for years but this is a new phone and cannot get it to connect to the server.
  24. Can you see the device connected on the dashboard with green light?
  25. Has the device been rooted or not?
  26. DC1077

    WebCam Access

    Does anyone know of a way to remotely access and control a laptop webcam? I have FlexiSpy on the laptop but I see there is no way to do Cam pics or videos and I would like that option. Thanks in advance for any info!
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