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  2. Does anyone facing the issue that you have to restart the device multiple times so the commands get executed? I didn't experience this issue last year.
  3. Do I need to have notifications ON on the target Android phone in order to track all app data? The target phone currently has all app notifications off and does not ever turn them on. Install step 12 of Extreme Package Android (non Rooted) says notifications need to be on for VolP call recording Is this only required to use this volp feature? Thanks
  4. Hi ! Instant messaging doesn't work, I already talked to the team and they didn't solve the problem. I paid for extreme software, I paid to install it, I also paid for insurance if there was a problem to be able to have a solution. Now I ask. Where is the solution for all this money spent? I ask for a reset or a solution. I bought software because I wanted to see messages sent and received, I paid a lot for a product that doesn't work for me. They even told me to check the Keylogger that only the written messages appear to me but I don't even know who it's sent to and it doesn't even give me the content of the conversation. I would appreciate the resolution because I wanted to buy for another number but with this unresolved situation it is not possible to upgrade Order: 648839 flexisy extreme month I don't have access to the email sent either I really want to get instant messaging which is my goal for buying the software. Thank you very much for your attention
  5. Last week
  6. Awesome! This is great for those getting new phones as Christmas gift.
  7. Production release candidate is in test. Should be a fix this week.
  8. Can confirm this issue is still present on Android 13. Toggle the notification to off but it does not register and will get the sync services checking for update constantly. User on target phone has already noticed this and mentioned it out loud. This is no good.
  9. Earlier
  10. Base on the ticket ID: We check on the account, and was connected recently. Even if the target device is connected to a wifi. we cannot really determine if that particular network running slow or not. also, if the target device is busy with certain activities such as having a phone call. That is one reason why it will show that the network is currently busy.
  11. I just purchased an A53 pre-installed phone. Everything worked fine for a few days and then 4hrs ago - lost connection. It will not connect even though I know it's on wifi and turned on currently. I paid alot of money for this phone. I have a premium quarterly account that worked perfectly fine on the old S10 he used. very important! this is my teenage son
  12. the last version is more then 1 year old
  13. the support guys say i have to wait for the next version of flexispy. but they don't even know when it will come out
  14. unfortunately it still doesn't work. it suddenly stopped working. i tried deleting and reinstalling an older version of whatsapp but that didn't work. i think the only solution is to reinstall flexispy.
  15. yelazu


    Hi I have tried the Software in different versions on a samsung galaxy s8. First Unrooted. Whats app was captured including files and voice message under Android 8. Then rooted the phone to get more features and upgrade to Android 9. No IMS are captured, then rooted again and try Android 10 no Whats app capture. Why it works on unrooted with the newest whats app version and on rooted not?
  16. jai


    OK. Thank you. Do you have an estimate on the time frame Android 13 could be fully supported?
  17. hi is it working now? same problem here
  18. Hi there. As you mentioned, the device is no longer connecting to FlexiSPY servers. The last connected was on November 22nd. This could happen for a number or reasons, including the device no longer has internet access, the device is turned off, or it was factory reset. If the phone updated to Android 13 then this also may have caused the app to be uninstalled, as we are still working towards full Android 13 support and there are some limitations at the moment. I would suggest you hang tight until 13 is fully supported, then get the phone in your hand again and perform a re-install. We'll update the community when support for 13 is ready!
  19. For some reason the device stopped connecting. Not sure if it was because the device could've updated to Android13. The message I get is to see if the device is powered on or connected to the internet. Any help will be appreciated.
  20. Dakota, I have used ypur installation service. I have purchased your extreme package very recently. And from the beginning, the target device shows green indicator. Please help.
  21. Hi Dacota, I have recently purchased the product with installation service. the green indicators are shown on target device from the beginning of the installation od the software by the installation team. I have raised 4 tickets in this regard. But no problem resolving atitude js being shoen from flexispy. please help.
  22. I have recently purchased extreme plan with installation service. Before purchasing the product, i was told that mytarget device Samsung galaxy 31s andoid version green indicator can be removed only availing installation service. Hence, i avail installatio. service. further, during installation service, i specially asked from installation technocal person if the green indicator will not reflect now and he affirm the same. But, after logging in and testing the same, it is found that green indicator reflected when microphome or camera is used. I have raised several ticket. but of no use. Please help me. because i purchase the product mainly to use ambient, remcam and ramvideo feqture. But all features are of no use if green indicator reflect every time. becuase the target mobile user has started to doubt about his phone already and very soon he will get to k ow all about it. I purchase the product only after being assured that green indicator will not reflect adter availing installation service. But even after purchasing installation service, green indicator reflect conspicuously and not customer support . please help.
  23. I have newly purchased the extreme feature woth installation service. gps location feature and green indicator feature not working from the beginning of the installation in the target device. further, no proper response is being received from flexispy
  24. When can we expect a new version?
  25. HI, Have you submitted a ticket regarding this issue? Please provide us the ticket number so we can take a look at your account. Also for your concern, you can always try to set changes on the audio source on your account to check on the best option for your target device. https://support.flexispy.com/portal/en/kb/articles/setting-call-recording-audio-source-for-android And if the owner of the device prefers to answers a call using a headset/bluetooth headset that can also affect the recording the of phone call.
  26. P hi I just upgraded to extreme and I cannot hear both sides of a call recording
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