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  2. It will be nice to enable aranging icons/links in the main drop down menu. Some of features I'm using frequently, some of them not.
  3. Last week
  4. Verizon Droid Turbo

    Target phone and practice phone are the same. Model: Verizon Droid Turbo. Android version: 6.0.1 Build number MCG24.251-5 I don't see the phone on the support list.... Wondering if I'm wasting my time trying to figure out if this program will work on my phones . If I can ROOT it? I've seen som videos on youtube showing it but, wondering if you had any suggestions to get me started!!! Thank you!
  5. Was working well until yesterday.

    I think it was down briefly when you posted your question. I had a problem for a short time.
  6. Flexispy is great

    I agree with you. You really can get to know the truth about a person with this software.
  7. VOIP & Video Recording for Samsung Galaxy Phones

    That is great news. Will it automatically record the VOIP calls, just like it does the regular cell calls?
  8. Earlier
  9. Was working well until yesterday.

    Did it ever get to working?
  10. I need some help purchasing this software

    1. Architect


      Hi Admini, thanks for reaching out.

      Please tell me more about the problems you're having purchasing our software. If you do this, and explain how we can improve our process to make it better for our customers, I'm more than happy to send you a promo code, which you can use to during checkout to receive a discount. If this sounds good to you, simply reply here and let me know. 

  11. Hola, en este artículo quiero explicar porque recomiendo esta aplicación llamado Flexi Spy y cuál ha sido mi experiencia y resultados gracias a su uso desde hace algún tiempo, Tratare de ser breve y objetivo con mi opinión. Soy un fanático de las aplicaciones sobre funciones de Registros como los mensajes de Whatsapp, Facebook y otras formas de obtener información del uso de un celular. No soy programador ni un mucho menos un hacker profesional pero con el tiempo de uso de estas aplicaciones me he convertido en alguien que conoce al derecho y al revés que aplicaciones funcionan y cuales no son recomendables. Hace algunos años conseguí a través del Internet una aplicación ya desaparecida hace mucho tiempo por falta de actualización, que por esos días aseguraba registrar los mensajes de SMS, realizar una lista de números al que se llamó incluso te mostraba a todos los contactos etc. En ese tiempo aun no existía Whatsapp. Estamos hablando de los primeros celulares modernos, por ese tiempo mi afán era encontrar un software que me pudiera ayudar a clonar el uso de un celular de uno de mis hijos adolescente. Por Que Decidí Utilizar Una Aplicación Espía Sin embargo, la presentación de la Aplicación me llamo mucho la atención y me decidí a adquirirlo. Te cuento que me lleve una grata sorpresa cuando recibí el enlace de descarga en mi correo. Ese mismo día me dispuse a revisar la guía para hacer la instalación inmediatamente en un celular BB, luego de varios intentos por fin puede hacer dicha instalación la verdad quede muy satisfecho, tanto que ahora te lo estoy recomendando. Desde ese tiempo he utilizado las Aplicaciones mSpy, Rio Spy (desaparecido) SpyBubble (desaparecido) SpyEra, Highster Mobile Easy Spy y actualmente el Flexi Spy con el que de todas las mencionadas me quedo con este último porque es más efectivo y completo. ¿Y Por qué Prefiero El Programa Flexi Spy? Pues además de la Guía de instalación explicado pasó a paso Puedo Grabar las Llamadas y las Conversaciones del Entorno al Celular, vale recordar que esta función solo está presente en la versión Extreme del Flexi Spy. Pero no quiero decirte con esto que el programa solo ofrece estas dos funciones también registra todos los mensajes de las redes sociales como Facebook Whatsapp, Skype, Correos, fotos y videos además. La ubicación por GPS, esta función me sirve para saber en todo momento donde se encuentra el celular que estoy haciendo el seguimiento sin despertar sospechas del dueño del dispositivo. Otras de las características del Programa Flexi Spy, es que no se necesita ser un experto para utilizarla porque los de soporte técnico te pueden ayudar con la instalación vía remota que aplica para cualquier país, aunque esta opción tiene un costo, pues vale la pena contratarla. Al adquirir el programa, también tienes total acceso a una función que captura todas las contraseñas ya sea Facebook, Skype, Emails incluso el patrón de desbloqueo de la pantalla del celular este novedoso software es el único en el mercado que ofrece esta función. Flexi Spy, está en constante actualización de las versiones de la aplicación por eso llevo más de dos años utilizándolo sin problemas por ello puedo recomendarte sin temor a que tu inversión se vea afectada.
  12. Snapchat

    When Flexispy can view Snapchat videos or even messages. it is more important as this is the famous application now. I remember with the new Flexispy dashboard it was working for 2 days then it is no longer there.
  13. slow and no uploads

    Hi Guys, We made an update to the debug guide. If you find you are not receiving events, please use this guide. Let me know if it needs improved. https://support.flexispy.com/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/496/2/why-is-my-data-not-being-uploaded
  14. VOIP & Video Recording for Samsung Galaxy Phones

    Hi Guys, VOIP recording for Android is available as an update to EXTREME customers. It allows you to record Android Skype, Viber, Line, Facebook messenger and Hangout VOIP Calls. You can remotely update using the update option wen you log into the portal. Please report bugs via the support channel. http://support.flexispy.com Android keylogger is coming soon!
  15. Hello again! Thank You for your response and information about some of the functions i meant. It would be great to apply sms command for enable/disable WiFi/4G very soon. What about visible WiFi/mobile data icon ? So if there is possibility to add this function, maybe You can add whole procedure to dump all data to server by one sms (enable WiFi/4G->upload all data to server->disable WiFi/4G - whole process with invisible icon WiFi/4G) ? Regards, DirtyJob
  16. slow and no uploads

    Thank you very much!
  17. slow and no uploads

    Hi, To get help, you should open a support ticket, so please PM me with the ticket number and Il expedite for your. However, I can see that customers need a better explanation of how to debug the problem. Therefore, Ive asked one of the support team to put together something quickly, and I will make sure this is improved in the next few days. Here is the process to figure our the problem. The main steps are detailed below QUICK DEBUG Here are the key steps we want to go through. 1. Are event type and timers set correctly? 2. When did the client connect to the server? 3. Is the Client Alive? 4. Are there events in the Client Outbound Queue 5. Force the Client to flush the Queue 6. If still a problem, contact support I will see about getting this checklist imporved ASAP
  18. slow and no uploads

    Everything worked fine during this time with my Android. Is it working now?
  19. slow and no uploads

    Well been down going on for about 11 hours now.......seen that the phone has been on and working properly but no updating/uploading.......anyone with similar issues with an Android phone software and what not.......
  20. slow and no uploads

    Thank you for following up.
  21. slow and no uploads

    Hi Guys, Ive just seen this thread, Let me review the operation of uploads, and Ill get back to you with a detailed explanation, to set expectations. I know that we only transmit data when the device is idle, battery is available. However, I discovered a bug in one of the JMS message queues, which I believe has been cleared, In any case, let me review the changes and infrastructure and get back to you with a easy to follow trouble shooting guide. Regards, Architect
  22. Hi Dirty Job, Remotely controlling iPhone and Android wifi and mobile data settings is possible, but we have never done them because we could not see a need for them. However, I will look at our pipeline and see if we can justify adding these remote control features. Il post back here when I have any information. For earlier versions of Android, and for iPhone, we have Password Cracker. Password Cracker allows you to read the unlock code from iPhone, and Password Cracker for Android, allows you to unlock Android passcodes and swipe patterns. For Android (rooted) and iPhone, we have remote restart commands, which allows you to restart your iPhone and Android using SMS commands. You can find these restart commands inside your web portal. Regards, Architect
  23. slow and no uploads

    It was down for 2-3 hours. Thanks for the feedback.
  24. slow and no uploads

    Yes! I am not able to "connect to the server" for about 2 hours now.
  25. slow and no uploads

    3:30 PM...NY time....cannot login...anyone else having problems?
  26. Hello, For some days of use i have some questions about possible functions from dashboard and by SMS commands. These are from other software, and it will be great to add: - Switch ON Wi-Fi - Switch OFF Wi-Fi !! - Switch ON Mobile Data - Switch OFF Mobile Data - Unset PIN and unlock the phone !!!! - Restart the application ? - Restart phone ? I really want to possibility to enable/disable Wi-Fi / Mobile Data by SMS. This is very important, because Target phone have very rarely enabled any data transfer and i need to have physical access to enable Wi-Fi, wait to upload data and have physical access again to disable Wi-Fi !. In the meantine i need to have possibility to DISABLE function withous physical access. - Is the any possibility to hide enabled Wi-Fi icon ? even on the root'ed phone ? - Is the any possibility to extract UNLOCK PINCODE ? Target phone is blocked, but for now i know PIN-code to unlock. What if the person change the UNLOCK-pincode ? What about other LOCK possibilities like PATH ? It would be great... Ill forget that i have Extreme version. Best wishes and sorry for my eng
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