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  2. I have an Android (S10+) target phone which captures whatsapp fine. All except the whatsapp group, this is not captured at all, it doesnt even show up as a user on the IM whatsapp list.... So, does anyone else have Whatsapp groups being captured? - My phone is not rooted, but it works fine for other whatsapp messages... Graham
  3. I know the device it on a good strength connection Yet the command prompts won't work and the connection failed This has to be the server the device is working properly
  4. I was 3 years old , I got out the house in morning they found me at sun down .. cry
  5. What do you mean by pending tasks - do you mean pending commands If so 1. Pending commands can be viewed inside your portal 2. Pending commands can be removed also
  6. Last week
  7. Why doesn't FlexiSpy have the feature for seeing the pending tasks at hand. Would surely be more helpful if the users can actually see the ongoing tasks and would have the power to remove/cancel pending ones.
  8. Just tried another make/model of blue tooth earbuds. With earbuds only one side of conversation recorded. Without earbuds both sides recorded. Perfect correlation.
  9. Android 11. Samsung S21+. Using the 'Aosp' recording source option from FS menu option. Call recording works only intermitently. Only one side of conversation recorded. Looks like problem may correlate to target phone using blue tooth earbuds. In this case, Samsung Galaxy Pro earbuds. Has anyone seen the same issue? (with or without correlation to earbuds) Any possible fix? Other model earbuds that do not cause this problem?
  10. Get current device settings is not working and syncing with server Not getting any help from IT they answer with scripted responses or are not helping to fix the issues. Command prompts not taking Architect please check the push server or ask your team to work on really getting to the heart of the problems instead of copy and paste answers This is very frustrating for weeks same as last year a month or more of this back and forth getting nowhere
  11. This keeps happeniing the get latest product settings does not renew or refresh it must be the push server They really need to fix this It has been weeks again like last year when they added a server and things were a mess for a month or so
  12. Does anyone know anything about these apps you don't need to install to use? Very curious if there is a way to find out more and what they do if not installed
  13. Same here, no matter what i dont get any data update from the apps, nor i can change the settings (gps, or other services) Very frustrating, has it ever been fixed?
  14. ticket 101617 - 101783 So i gave the phone to the user, and at the bigining i started receiving some instagram and keyloggs and calls registry...and gps. The next day i did not received some updates. like the chats where not updated at all (whstap fb etc) rem cam not updating, voip record, installed apps(where not updated with the new apps) emails etc... The things i got updates where the sms and the calls and voip call list. I thought the app could not updload, so i executed some times the ''get the data immidiatelly'' - comand executed - but no data received. i wanted to change
  15. Earlier
  16. Dakota my ticket number is 101640 any help would be appreciated.
  17. Only keylogs are coming through no screenshots are updating. Stopped working last night around 8 pm. Submitted a ticket but haven't heard anything yet,anyone else having this issue?
  18. I don't see a command tracker tool and I did send a ticket many times No response
  19. To get to the bottom of the problem, please use the command tracker tool as described in this post. You can post results here or open a ticket
  20. 1. Ticket number please - let me see whats going on
  21. 1. Was command sent successfully 2. Was it received successfully 3. Was it processed successfully These are the main steps to see where the problem lies. You can find examples here
  22. Hi Everyone, Deepest apologies - the latest tracker only works with Android (Non Root) — Version 4.12.1 - January 20, 2021 iOS — Version 9.1.2 - 09 February 2020. There is an beta version of the tracker that can be accessed here, which works will all clients, but it does not display information as effectively. We do not provide support for this tool, so we recommend you update to the latest client versions
  23. Target is not updating and it is online. It has been several hours just stopped working No access to troubleshoot either Command prompts and all other prompts and device settings are just locked up and not doing anything
  24. Just continues your current license. They bill the auto renew 3 months in advance though
  25. How does auto renew work. I have Android annual premium but I do not see any auto review toggle in my account. Is there any? I see renew link next to my license (on previous order) in account settings. Does that creates a new license or continue existing license. I want to do renew existing license without disruption for another year (with some discount please), Can someone PM me on how to do it.
  26. Commands are getting stuck Keylogger is slow or not active This has been ongoing for a few weeks
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