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  2. The target phone is Samsung Galxy Note 8. All other functions are working perfectly, except for the most important one, Call Recording. RemCam also doesn't work. I've been told that Call Recording would work well even on non-rooted devices. I guess I've been lied to. It just sucks. I've subscrided to Extreme so that I can have all the supossedly awesome features.
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  4. Yup it works after target device needs to be turned off and back on again.Hope this helps
  5. Yup its working.Target device needs to be turned off and on again.Btw this problems seems to be constant actually.If it doesnt sync and not connected,you have to restart the target device.Been doing that for several times now and so far it works fine.Hope it works for u pal.
  6. I have the same problem. Is it working on your target now again?
  7. Hi, same Problem. Client Status: Not currently connected Synces: 8 hours ago PLEASE HELP
  8. Last week
  9. I hv started using the app recently. WhatsApp update doesn't work. I don't know if there is a fix available for this.
  10. Hi guys. Thanks to @Miguel1980 willingness to troubleshoot with us we believe to have found the solution to this problem and have posted an article here
  11. I just purchased💲 Flexispy on Friday 9/4/20 along with purchasing💲 a 3 month warranty. Initially everything was working fine. I tried a few things within the app and all was good. Then about 3 hours after getting the program I no longer had the option to sync data and now the lite by the Target Info is "orange". In less than 24hrs🕟 the program stopped working, and within 48 hours🕖 I have no resolvement to the issue. I have put in tickets💻, responded back to tickets, but yet have not🗣️ had a tech get in touch with me to resolve this issue. This was a complete let down🤬 as well for it was a very
  12. The same with me. It is stop working in april 2020. I won't renew it for sure.
  13. The same story with me. Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S9+. I didn't receive any voice call records since last decade of March 2020. Maybe it is just coincidence....but I made renew in the middle of March 2020. Before renew it works perfectly.
  14. Hi, I used extrêm version of flexispy and when mt target got a call. No call record found on the server. I already enable recording and i tried to switch audio "micro" "also" but didn't works.. Target is samsung galaxy s7 rooted Someone can help me please ?
  15. for me too, at the beginning the location of the telephone worked, now I can't see the location, actual and history. xiaomi rednote 9
  16. I just put this on yesterday it work fine now its been down all day today not connecting I'm getting very frustrated .. I feel like I'm being scammed .. There's no phone number where you can call anyone and it's hard for me to get to the targets phone unless they're sleeping .. This isn't right .. If I had known this,I would had never spent my money on this program I wanted it for a reason not to throw,away my money .. This is crazy .
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  18. Using Flexispy 4.8.1 version. Whatsapp on non-rooted android really sucks!! It shows only 15 rows of messages, even if they are unread messages!! How useless this is!!! After sometime, it starts updating chat with repeatative messages with recent date and time. How misleading! Seriously, Flexispy should not advertise as they support Whatsapp IMs for non-rooted android.. Alongwith this, many other problems are there, and all these issues are repeatedly reported through ticket, but still no improvement!!
  19. Thank you Dakota. I sent you a direct message with the screen captures you requested. I appreciate your help, and thank you for your prompt reply.
  20. This seems to be happening over Wi-Fi or LAN to certain customers. @Ata Loss @Miguel1980 — which Internet Provider are you using? For example, Comcast, AT&T? Also, if you are able can you help to debug with the following steps. Open Google Chrome Developer tools or Mozilla Firefox Developer Tools by pressing F12 on your keyboard Visit portal.flexispy.com Visit the security tab of the developer tools Capture and save a screenshot of the page Open the certificate details (click 'View Certificate' -> Open 'Details' tab) Capture and save a screen of
  21. I am having this issue too. My only work around is using my cellular data, which is not a good solution since it uses up my data. I agree with the tickets. It worries me that help has been missing as of lately along with this current issue.
  22. So, for the last week I have been getting the following error message every time I try to log in to the portal. This site can’t provide a secure connection portal.flexispy.com sent an invalid response. Try running Windows Network Diagnostics. ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR This issue occurs regardless of whether I am accessing from my phone, my desktop or my laptop. It happens with all browsers, and it happens with all ISP's I use in multiple locations. Thus, it is clearly a problem on Flexispy's end. I know that thi
  23. Hello guys i need help i can't see any messages from social network programs, WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger on my Dashboard
  24. Under Account and then settings it will not update and connect correctly or take any commands. This happens frequently Device restarted , no change in settings and still it will not update to current time Will not accept commands ie REMVID, Ambient etc
  25. It does not update and no one answer tickets
  26. Hello guys i need help i can't see any messages from social network programs, WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger on my Dashboard !! I need a help thanks
  27. Several features not working again On and off again and no consistency Anyone else having this issue?
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