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  2. Okay all installation is complete, accessibility is enabled, my dashboard is only uploading select data. Example: I can see a couple calls but that’s it. There are two Facebook messages IM chats, none of the other WhatsApp etc. There are a few SMS threads but not anything near what I’m well aware is on target device. I’ve attached an image showing how there are three IMS but like 10000 on actual device. I need my account looked at and fixed please! 94331207347
  3. hedef telefonla bağlantı kuramıyorum. program çalışmıyor. lütfen yardım edin....I can't connect with the target phone. the program does not work. please help me....
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  5. I can see incoming sms on target phone. However, outbound sms and mms are not displayed on the dashboard. In addition, pictures aren't showing on the dashboard either.
  6. I am having the same problem can you send me how to fix this please. I also can not see Facebook or any app activity.
  7. I have the same device and would like to see this become available soon. I do appreciate this forum and have been able to get more support this way than a ticket.
  8. Se riesco vorrei provare a reinstallare una versione precedente di WhatsApp e vedere se torna a funzionare come prima (bloccando gli aggiornamenti automatici delle app logicamente)
  9. A me hanno risposto nel ticket è che loro da remoto possono farlo ma è la stessa procedura che facciamo noi dal portale e dicono che deve avere una connessione stabile e spazio di memoria (ma logicamente noi sappiamo che è tutto apposto). E l'altro metodo è di disinstallare il software e reinstallarlo.
  10. I have already submitted many tickets and no one have could solve the problem. They always say: there are many devices, so we can not guarantee calls recording quality. I think this is not true because call recordings worked very well for 2 weeks. I thinkthat if you really want to help me, you can contact me with an expert person from your teamwork. I dont know. Im disposed to pay again if it is necessary.. Please answer me as well as you can. I ll be waiting. Thankss
  11. I hope someone can purpose a better solution to this buggy solution.
  12. I'm also having this problem. IM's Emails and keylogger stopped working after a few days on a non rooted Android 10. Please look into this problem that seems to be happening to allot of users. Ticket ID #154223
  13. I would like to upgrade to call recording but if its not working it's just money thrown out.
  14. Ticket Nr. [## 154223 ##] If you mean ID my username is "190053657911" Please check attached print screen. Accessibility is active, and still was ever since it was installed by your staff. Please look further into this.
  15. Il problema è stato risolto con la nuova release ma io ho due telefoni e non riesco a fare nessun upgrade. Non è possibile che su tutti e due i telefoni non ci sia spazio, il problema deve essere un altro.
  16. Mi sembra impossibile che tutti e due i miei telefoni abbiano lo stesso problema di spazio. Durante l'installazione il sistema da quel tipo di errore ma io non sono sicuro che la causa sia questa. Non ho risolto proprio niente!
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  18. Hi, Am also having very similar challenges of initially no video record, then connection status went : "not connected" Am surprised for some of you the problem has been there for weeks... I have also had other challenges with flexispy; Is there a better service provider surpassing Flexispy? Thanks
  19. Hi, Am also having similar issues with Flexispy extreeme, video recording has disappeared and now status is not connected. There are also several things adverised by flxispy... but are not working. Any other better service provider better/ reliable than Flexispy? Thanks
  20. FlexiSPY designs develops and supports all of its own technology. We do offer a reseller program, which you can find out more about here: https://www.flexispy.com/en/reseller/reseller.htm
  21. hello, were you able to update the software? i have the same problem and the support team told me the phone must have enough memory and stable connection when i try to update which of course i checked and it's alright.
  22. Hi Jailbreaking method for new model/iOS will require re-jailbreaking process under certain conditions If the user sets up a passcode or if the battery runs out. Then it it must be reconfigured Those limitations will depend on the actual model and iOS version
  23. Hi, There is a possibility that the Accessibility of the target device was turned off by the user. If you have submitted a ticket regarding this issue, Please provide us the ID so we can take a look into your account.
  24. Hi, Whatsapp messages can be captured by our software for androids and iphone do you already have a flexispy account? also, if you have submitted a ticket related about this issue, please let us know so we can take a look at your concern.
  25. Hello, you can click this article to know more about the logs https://support.flexispy.com/portal/en/kb/articles/troubleshooting-page#Command_Tracking
  26. Hi, Thank you for contacting us, If you have already submitted regarding this issue, please send us the ticket ID so that we can take a look at your account and respond to you within that ticket.
  27. Hi, Thank you for contacting us, If you have already submitted regarding this issue, please send us the ticket ID so that we can take a look at your account and respond to you within that ticket.
  28. Hello, is anyone successfully running Flexispy on an iPhone? Target phone may be switching from Android to iPhone and I am intimidated by the jailbreaking process and I read somewhere that it may be necessary to regularly re-do the jailbreak process and reinstall Flexispy. I would love to hear about some real world experience using an iPhone and Flexispy. Thank you!
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