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  2. Good morning I have a problem i am not getting voip recording And for recording calls it downloads but there's nothing to record on it Please help me Please
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  4. Why is my app activity data only ever show "installed" and "uninstalled" at the exact same time and nothing else? And what does this mean? See screenshot attached
  5. اتمنا عمل جميع الوظائف بلموقع
  6. انا خبير جمع معلومات وباحث علمي اتمنا ان اكون موظف لديكم
  7. Device is not online push server error
  8. Earlier
  9. Samsung galaxy a12 running os 13 

    cannot get up to date WhatsApp massages nor snap chat. 

    messages come in duplicate all the time and if i refresh the page it changes. 

    please help me 

    phone is also in mode A 

    look at the times in image 7 and 8 ..  same message being repeated can see by the times 


    also from keg logger you can see there is a snap chat convo .. but it not even recorded 


    below are some examples 




    1. blinks


      hey sir can you help me @Dakota

  10. Yes those features should work fine on that device. Just make sure you choose Normal Installation. Do not choose Advanced Installation
  11. Ambient recording Location tracking keylogger Does it work without problems? I'm planning to purchase Galaxy S23. (Extreme version installation service)
  12. What is the purpose of the SMS credits? I know you use them to send commands from your portal, but is that for an unrooted target, so it won't show up as a regular text?

  13. Hello Dakota. I installed yesterday the last version of flexispy woth the Installation team... Today morning there was a voip call with a duration of 5 minutes uploaded, i was happy... But later i made a voip call from my phone to the target device with a duration of 3 minutes ..it was not registred.. There are a lot of voip calls wich are not uploaded because sometimes when i M in the same house where the target phone is i hear voip calls ( live) i mean i am at the same place when a voip call is hsppening(i mean some of them) I hope we will get an issue. Regards
  14. Hey, checking I can see Ambient recordings are being processed in your account. If there was any congestion it seems it has cleared up now.
  15. Your case will take some time to look into... You're saying that even though you are getting WhatsApp Call Recordings — you think you are missing some? How have you verified this? By the way, you are on the latest version of FlexiSPY...
  16. What about me Dakota? I wrote you twice above? Do I have also to installieren the New version of flexispy?? You will see rhere are some voip calls uploaded , but I confirm These are very very few. The most are not uploaded....
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