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  2. The situation is that for several weeks now, the app is acting intermittent, meaning its oftenly not syncing, not updating data and sometimes updating it very late. I dont know what is the problem, if it is something to do with the servers or not, but THERE IS a problem. And its not only with regard to recording commands.
  3. INFO: We will be rolling out a new dubug tool referred ti internally as LOOPSTACK which will allow you to carry out command tracking. This should help get to the bottom of issues. Design completed and currently in BETA We noticed that many customers send lots of overlapping recording commands, which are rejected as an existing recording is in progres. However as users dont see the rejection, so they keep pumping commands, which are rejected, and in some cases cause the app to crash Amount other improvement to provide feedback, we will add an indicatoir to the portal to
  4. Your ticket #87919 was closed because you have a similar ticket 87919 open. Agent Topher closed this ticket and answered you on that one. FYI... we will be rolling out a new debug tool referred to internally as LOOPSTACK which will allow you to carry out command tracking. This should help get to the bottom of issues. FYI, we noticed that many customers send lots of recording commands, which are rejected as an existing recording is under way. However as users don't see this, they keep pumping commands, which stack up and cause failures We will add an indicator to the port
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  6. So they closed my ticket without a reply or response Nothing I don't understand this. #87959 ticket number with no answer
  7. The phone has not updated for several hours This has been ongoing issues since last spring Either a server error or something Won't take commands and info won't load in portal correctly
  8. Stopped several hours ago Is this happening to anyone else?
  9. Last week
  10. I never did hear exactly what the problem was but Dakota had to reset something in their end and everything works as it is supposed to. I did submit a ticket but he fixed it before they got back to me. Good luck hope it gets straightened out.
  11. No call recording . I mean it records the calls but it is silent when I listen to it . No conversation just quite silent for however minutes he talked . Why?

  12. Program has been recording calls but when I click on it and I download them , I cant hear anything . It's just quite and silent for however minutes he talked on the phone . It wasn't like this before . Why is it happening? All other features are working. Thanks
  13. Upon checking your account I can see that the phone is activated and data is being received. Having said this please let me know what the issue is.
  14. Is there anyone with same issue? I have bought a Samsung s8 phone exactly to get call recordings. Then the manager told me I have to root the phone for this option. Only rooted phones are getting call recordings. Ok. So I have rooted my phone (for hours)... All seems to be okay.. One month later, nothing works anymore. Since then (April) I have never received one call recordings. It is so frustrating.. I have spend much money and time and now nothing happens in this case...
  15. The target phone does not send data over to the server when it switches network from Wifi > Mobile Data (or vice versa). It just keeps on accepting commands but does not actually relay those said commands, not until the target phone resets. It's such a hassle. I feel like I am not getting my money's worth with all the issues I am having with FlexiSpy.
  16. I am experiencing the exact same issue. The work around I am using is to call the target phone (actual phone call) as many times as the running ambient recording commands I have. That cancels out all the ambient recordings. Only then would I be able to communicate thru messenger/whatsapp.
  17. hello,

    The product I purshased is not activate, even this has been done via teamviewer by your staff. 

  18. nothing function please let this work as you promissed
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  20. I’m not speaking about the regular call with system app, i’m talking about whatsapp/messenger calls and voice register for chats. while an ambient recording is processing, whatsapp and Messenger cant access to microphone it seems, which leads to one way conversation if target wants to call someone with these apps, or registre her voice. She /he can hear but The interlocutor cant hear her/him. I think it’s because sync service has higher priority on microphone. it’s a huge issue for me.
  21. My target usually uses just the phone for voice calls. I turn off Call Recording under the Call Recording Settings. Although not perfect, that resolves that issue best for me.
  22. Hi, i’ve used flexispy for 4 months nos and i’m quite satisfied by the service. I’ve experienced some troubles with ambient like everyone but it seems ok now. target phone : samsung s20+ 5G With latest flexispy version, and unrooted. my question is : while ambient recording, when target phone wants to call with messenger /whatsapp, sync service has priority on microphone and whatsapp or messenger cant record voice. is there any way to configure sync service so that it has lower priority on microphone than those app? like automaticaly stop flexispy recording when t
  23. Ich habe eine Problem. Die Software läuft auf einem IPhone 8 als Zielgerät. Ich habe ein Premium Account. Ich kann aber fast keine Daten sehen. Ich sehe keine Massenger, keine alten Bilder oder Videos. Eigentlich fast nur Keylogger Daten. An was kann das liegen? Brauche dringend Hilfe
  24. That is what I might need to do. Thank you!
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