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  2. I installed the new version. The IMs issue is still unresolved.
  3. The update is for a call recording improvement. The improvement works on non-USA Samsungs that are running Android 12 and that have been rooted. Working on instructions for this now.
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  5. I'm trying to install the update but not having success. Has anyone performed it yet. I have android 11
  6. sid

    sms alert

    the phone is non rooted
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  8. How come that simply disabling location services in the phone settings totally ruins one of the most important features? The software has to enable it of it's off for the time the location should be fetched, and switch it off immediately afterwards. This is a must feature that has to be always working. Thanks!
  9. Anyone? I think everyone is experiencing such an issue, I am experiencing it since the beginning of my subscription (almost 10 months), and I find it quite critical and annoying to hear broken recordings every time the phone call is routed through the speaker. Those calls cannot be understood. Do you guys fix bugs people send you? Because until now - everything that I got addressed wasn't fixed. Please advise.
  10. i dont know if voip or call recording is still working.. ims still working..
  11. can someone tell me what happen with this action? can't proses ambient sound, remote camera or video.. target phone samsung a52 , is started yesterday..
  12. Ich habe lite Version laut des Paketes kann man whatsapp einsehen aber ich sehe es nicht woran liegt es
  13. Dakota

    sms alert

    Is the target phone non-root? Which feature is causing the problem?
  14. There is a huge problem in flexispy, the target phone is giving me sms alert of a number which i included in watchlist and the target has come to know of this sms being sent . how come a spy program make this kind of mistake.
  15. Yes, if you had our team do the installation, they would usually disable the auto update option. With iPhones there are some things you may need to keep in mind. 1. All iPhones need to be jailbroken in order to support the Flexispy app. 2. Jailbreak is compatible only on specific iOS versions, depending on the device model 3. If the iphone is restarted or turned off, the jailbreak gets suspended and has to be redone. This limitation does not exist on the Samsungs. Hope that helps
  16. Whats the target device model, what Android version is it running!!
  17. What does it says at alert notification?
  18. Everytime I call target phone through live listening they are somehow being alerted to it! Would this be from a spyware? If so can it be uninstalled? Any suggestions?!!
  19. Hello! An iPhone user here. This is great that I can ask for multiple ambient recordings in the row to increase the desired duration of the recording (for example, 4 recordings 1hr each, thus asking to record the ambient 4hr long), but the problem is that if the ambient recording is interrupted in some way (for example, by an incoming/outgoing call), all the other commands also fail, because they immediately start one after another, and thus fail because the phone call is still in progress). It would be clever to check if the next ambient recording command could actually be started (without failure!) before executing the command. And even better - if some recording is interrupted by a phone call - resume the recording as soon as the phone call is finished. Thanks!
  20. Hello! An iPhone user here. I've noticed that if the phone call is made through the speaker (especially, if the one who is using the speaker is the second person, not the target device), the call recording is getting doubled in voice and/or the second person's voice is slowed down in some weird way. As a result, the call can be hardly understood. Please advise.
  21. in September my subscription expires, and I will not renew it. it's a good program, but I can't get it to work, with my phone, the audio of the calls is only on one side, instant messages in the first place, they don't have the correct history, there are no attachments or audio, I also noticed that if they are deleted, immediately after reading, they are not reported in the portal. web or app history doesn't work properly, and sometimes long calls aren't even saved. I started looking for new software, there are many, and I thought "what if I have the same incompatibility problem with my samsung?" looking for software already installed on new phones, I returned https://flexiexpress.store/products/samsung-galaxy-a22 and then the thing bothered me even more ... if the company sells phones already installed with software, I guess they are totally suitable to support all the functions of the program, then why is mine not working properly?
  22. Thats something related to the dialer app. Of your dialer has been updated than this may be the problem.
  23. I really hope the development team make it possible to upgrade the software remotely.
  24. So there was no solution for me.
  25. Ahaaaa i guess i understand now, namely, you are saying that " i have to connect to your installation team, and say that i want to hide indicators, then they are hiding without they made any rooting procedure" am i right?? And secondly, does this procesure will lead to delete any data from the target davice as it be during rooting procedure??? Thirdly, how much time does it take for this procedure? Should i connect the phone with computer during it? Forthly, does flexispy wait for make a record for example, untill the device will idle? Or no need to wait? Lastly, does the phone need to be on my hand in aspect of physical access?
  26. Update. We were able to find a way to suppress the indicators on non-root. This does not require the phone be rooted This does not require the phone to wait until idle This does not require a new version of the FlexiSPY app To suppress the indicators, you will need to book a session with our installation team and let them know you've already installed flexispy but you want to suppress the indicators. They will carry out a configuration, running a series of commands that should then suppress the indicators.
  27. No, the update on 14 march required that you root your device and install a system module app to hide the indicators But today, you do not need to root your device. Nor do you do need to install the system module app. I.e., As of today your device does not need to be rooted to hide the android 12 indicators. But you will need to go to our install team and tell them you'd like to hide the indicators. They will connect to your phone and configure it for you. No rooting required.
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