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  2. Hi Graham, May we ask if you are referring to the Chatbot inside your portal? What is the error you are receiving when clicking the link provided to you? Could you please share a screenshot so we can assist you. Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi Mark Just to let you know, your chatbot is good, but gives me a link to click to setup a support ticket. That link doesnt work! Cheers Graham
  4. OK, I managed to solve this problem (without any help from support) This is the fix: (For android) Go into settings, search for Special access Tap Notification Access The find Sync Services and turn on Now VOIP recordings are working. They are not very clear though, not as clear as call recordings. You can also check the call recording area of the online portal and click tools at the top, tap set audio source and I have mine set to Aosp, which is the only one that works for conversations in both directions
  5. My Target phone has changed the sim many times, but theres no issue with call recording. Mine is unrooted Android. Maybe some other settings were changed?
  6. Hello Georgefil, Please check our Troubleshooting Guide for Call Recording. If issue persists, kindly raise a ticket from inside your portal as this will help us with the information required to troubleshoot the issue further. Thank you.
  7. Download the TopFollow APK, but keep in mind that obtaining TOP Follow APK files from illegal sources may expose your device and personal data to security risks. Furthermore,using third-party applications to obtain followers may violate the terms of service of social media networks.
  8. There are no more call recordings since sim was changed.
  9. Hello Rozy, Please note that most FlexiSPY features do not require rooting the phone. You can check our Rooting guide here for more information. Thank you.
  10. Hello Graham, Thank you for your comment. However, as part of the support team, the best and easiest way to get initial troubleshooting guide is to chat with our AI Chatbot that is found in your portal (for customers) and AI Chatbot in our homepage (for non-customers). You can also go through and search our Knowledge Base articles where you can find most of the troubleshooting steps and information that can help you in resolving your FlexiSPY issues and concerns. Sending an email to sup*port@flex*ispy.com will automatically close the ticket as this is an unmanned inbox and is not considered a support channel.
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  12. Rooting a phone usually voids the manufacturer's warranty. If you encounter any hardware or software issues soccer skills world cup, the manufacturer may refuse to provide support or repair services.
  13. Actually it is not resolved, it is useless workaround since services are not working while the device is active. No point of starting RimVid, RimCam ,or Recording while target device not in use. I believe developers should find a way to start service regardless to the phone status.
  14. In Android 12, a non-rooted device typically displays a camera and microphone symbol in the status bar when an app is actively accessing either the camera or microphone. This serves as a privacy indicator to alert users when their camera or microphone is in use. It helps users quickly identify which app is using these hardware components and gives them more control over their privacy.
  15. For anyone reading this. Support is available at sup*port@flex*ispy.com - remove the * - I put them there to stop screen scrapers from spamming the address. This is the easiest way to get help.
  16. Hi Solav For key logs to work you need to get the target phone go into settings - accessibility and switch on the app that is in there. Sorry I cant be more accurate, but I don't have the target phone with me.
  17. Its been fine for me, I think its something to do with your phone or connection. I suggest try disable any VPN you might have on your phone. Also try to brose the site using Incognito mode on Chrome, as I often get errors because of bad cookie storage and this will load the page without cookies. You will have to type in your username and password manually, but it might help. Only other issue, it could be being blocked by your ISP, try using a different mobile network or WiFi
  18. I think you can try to reinstall or update the new ROM.
  19. - Are you still having the issue? - Have you installed any anti-virus software recently? - What happens when you connect to a Wi-Fi network first?
  20. Hello, Thank you for providing the details and the screenshot for reference. May we ask if the issue also occurs when using a laptop or any other device? As you are trying to access your portal from an iPhone device, we suggest you download and use our brand-new portal companion app called FlexiVIEW from the app store which lets you view your data from the convenience of your phone as well as instant notifications to your phone whenever there is new FlexiSPY data. Read our guide here - https://support.flexispy.com/portal/en/kb/articles/how-to-download-flexiview?utm_source=portal
  21. I’ve been a flexi spy subscriber now for over four years I believe I’ve never had issues like this. It’s either on my phone browser or it could be on my home network or anywhere. I would say for the last week it’s come and go with the website portal. This is a picture that I’m getting on my iPhone, which is what I’ve been using since I’ve started with you. I get a server is down error message
  22. Hello, In order to assist you better, we highly advise you to use our Customer Support Chatbot found in your portal to troubleshoot your issue, and if required, you will be given a link to create a support ticket. This will provide us with the necessary information and details to help you fix your issue.
  23. Hello, In order to assist you better, we highly advise you to use our Customer Support Chatbot found in your portal to troubleshoot your issue, and if required, you will be given a link to create a support ticket. This will provide us with the necessary information and details to help you fix your issue.
  24. Hello, as per checking, portal.flexispy.com is working and we are able to log in. If you are having issues with logging in to the portal, kindly refer to our troubleshooting guide - https://support.flexispy.com/portal/en/kb/articles/trouble-connecting-to-portal And if the issue persists, please take a screenshot of the error and let us know.
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