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  3. srba

    Can't login

    As of 5 hours ago I can't login to Flexispy portal via desktop PC (Chrome). All login details are correct, but the process keeps looping. The same happened with Mozzilla and IE.
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  5. Had iPhone crash and had to get different one which has iOS 10.2. FlexiSpy advised there is not an untethered jailbreak beyond iOS 9.1 so would only be able to use a semi-tethered jailbreak. With a semi-tethered jailbreak, if the target phone is turned off or the battery goes dead the jailbreak and FlexiSpy will no longer work and will also show up on the phone (icons). They also stated a semi-tethered jailbreak certification will become invalid usually between 1-2 weeks and the same thing will happen - the jailbreak and FlexiSpy will no longer work. I have been unable to get or find any answers as to whether an untethered jailbreak for iOS 10.2 or above will ever be released/available. Has anyone run into this and/or have any answers or solutions? Is anyone using a semi-tethered jailbreak with FlexiSpy and can advise what takes place and if there are major issues or concerns?
  6. Balerion

    Key not longer working!!

    Hi, how is thetruthspy working? Better? Is it worth changing to taht software? We need a better alternative to flexispy. Thanks for your advise
  7. Balerion

    Stoped working???

    very similar issues here and the support is really a catastrophe... they answer only after ages and then they tell you thinks you know already as if you were a baby.... really disapointing! I suppose they're having issues with theirs server again. In my oppinion it's not the target phones havin issues but the servers on the portals. But since nobody ever tells you whats going on, we'll never know... I'd be happy if at least somebody would say, when its going to be resolved...
  8. mechidna

    Facebook messenger

    Just to is showing under the IMs but not in any screenshots.
  9. Okay, so this is getting the text just fine in messenger but no audio messages? I thought that would be included. Am I missing a setting somewhere?
  10. I did look but this is a very weird question. Is there a way that I am missing to tell if I am looking at a deleted post? Or is there a way to see the FB user name on the account? I am receiving IMs but it is not on the account that I know about. So either somebody is deleting things at midnight and I am not seeing it or there is another account?
  11. el mismo problema con Andrid el telefono es un Samsung J7, desde ayer no grana nada y hoy tarda muchisimo en ingresar a la pagina hasta q despues dice que no se puede conectar con el servidor. ya reinicie el telefono y no funciona
  12. Hi guys I have the extreme version for 3 months. I rooted and installed it on targetsphone. It work for 5 days(every feature) and since yesterday it stopped working. Only emailfunktion and remcam are working. I contacted support and they told me to reboot the device and using the command: send immediate. It still not working... anyone same Problem and maybe a solution? best regards Than0s
  13. same Problem on Android... if it's not fixed in the next days, i want my money back.
  14. Hi guys sure it is a cool software but you get Angry if you buy a 3 month licence and it stop working after 5 days… Anyone outthere with the same Problem? My Android is a Samsung s8. PS: already contacted support, but this is gonna take way to long… best regards th4n0s
  15. I am having the same problems, and as of this afternoon still no call recordings, remvideo, or recording files have been returned to my dashboard.
  16. Same thing happening here. Call logs and call recordings are not returning to my dashboard today either. Is there a phone number for tech support? The ticket system is terrible, nobody gets back to you with solutions.
  17. Thank you for contacting us. I assume that you have contacted technical support, and their response is not satisfactory, although I cannot imagine why, as we offer a full refund. Please provide me with your ticket number and I will have this escalated. In any event, your money will be returned, but I want to be sure that you actually contacted us through the correct channels first.
  18. I bought the extreme $349 subscription to install on unrooted Android. I was well aware of the limitations before I purchased. Advertised functions worked flawlessly for 7 days, and then the following stopped working. Remote Video Remote Camera Call Recording Ambient Recording Multiple requests to support get me the runaround and the "Usually replies in minutes" message is a joke. I'm lucky if I get a response the same day. Then the response does no good. The EXTREME package should be renamed to EXTREME DISAPPOINTMENT! All the flashy advertising is just to get your money but the software does not deliver. My guess is that bandwidth heavy functions are disabled right before your 10-day refund policy ends so you're up the creek without a paddle. Such a DISAPPOINTMENT. ******* I WILL BE WRITING POOR REVIEWS ON EVERY SITE I CAN FIND ABOUT FLEXISPY IF THESE ISSUES ARE NOT ADDRESSED IN THE NEXT 24 HOURS ******
  19. I initiate remote video, remote camera, and Ambient Recording multiple times but never receive any recordings at all. Worked yesterday but today (7/24/2018) stopped working.
  20. Hello. A few days ago becomes unavailable screenshots from device. All another fuctions works properly. What to do? I restart device but nothing. How to reset App Screenshot function?
  21. mechidna

    Motorola e5 Supra

    I apologize if this has been covered but I did search and nothing came up. I am going to buy this phone but it is new and I am trying to make sure it can be rooted. I know that it is Oreo 8.0 but I don't have the model or build number. Can anybody help me with this?
  22. Christian

    Many functions are not working

    This is a "Pre-Sales" forum, not intended for active support. Also please do not post claiming that no support is provided. That is complete nonsense. If you request help from FlexiSPY official support either from or emailing directly [email protected] your issue is addressed as soon as possible, not more than 24 hours at most. Also understand that your unique phone, software and hardware environment do not represent "all" devices or customers. There are plenty customers who are happily using Call Recording and VOIP Recording features. This is why you need to contact support instead of an unrelated forum making generalized claims about the product as a whole. Posting in the wrong forum or claiming that Flexispy does not provide support are both reasons your post may be moderated, and may jeopardize your forum account status. Please follow the rules, post in the correct places and be honest in your posts.
  23. Guest

    Key not longer working!!

    Hello All. Please allow me to address your issues one at a time to try and help you. 1 - Key logs not working Please make sure you have followed the steps to enable the key logger feature during installation. The steps for how to do this can be found in your online portal under Help > Reference Guides > Quick Setup Guides. If you didn't do this during installation then yes, unfortunately, you would have to deactivate, uninstall and then physically reinstall again so that you can then setup keylogger properly. 2 - Data not uploading All servers are nominal at this time so any issues with data uploading may be due to the TARGET device having no internet or being powered off. Both of these are unlikely so restarting the TARGET device can also help the software refresh and reconnect and then start to upload data again. We recommend that any of you that are still having these issues to contact our support team individually and then they can help you resolve this on a case by case basis.
  24. Guest

    Many functions are not working

    Hello. Firstly, thank you for your feature suggestions to improve location tracking. We have passed them on to our development team and we will update you here when we have an update on them for you. In the meantime, we have raised a support ticket regarding your support issues. Remember that this community forum is not for technical support. I followed up with our support team and it seems that you already have an active support ticket open regarding these issues. You should continue to communicate with the support team through that channel to ensure the fastest possible reply.
  25. Guest


    你好。 感谢您的产品反馈。 感谢您的反馈,并已通过您的要求,可以轻松地从您的门户网站截取我们的开发团队的截图。 我们会报告更新
  26. Hello. Because the software is primarily designed for use on single SIM devices, certain features that use the SIM card may not work on dual SIM devices. Such features include: Spoof SMS Spycall Call intercept Call Recording Ambient Recording SIM change notification That is why we recommend, wherever possible, to install the software on to a single SIM device for best results and optimum compatibility.
  27. Guest

    Samsung j1 sin roteear

    Hola. Le recomendamos que se contacte con nuestro equipo de servicio de instalación. Pueden ayudarlo a determinar si el dispositivo TARGET puede ser rooteado y también a ayudarle a instalar su suscripción FlexiSPY. Puede comenzar haciendo clic en el siguiente enlace:
  28. Guest

    Call recording

    Hello cubijames. Recorded calls are uploaded to your online portal for you to then download to your computer and listen to. If the TARGET device has no connection, the software will still record calls, and they will be uploaded to your portal once the TARGET device has a working internet connection again. Hope this helps!
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