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  3. Ambient Recordings Only Capturing About 10 Min. or Less

    How were you able to reinstall the older version. Ive had the older version since 2014. Worked seamlessly for over 2 years. I finalyldecide to upgrade BIG MISTAKE. Ambient records even scheduled never record anything more than 15 min if they record anything at all Phone calls - Nothing over 10 minutes is recorded Ive discussed at length this issue and all they can tell me is "hey it happens" It didnt happen for nearly 3 years, so no its not supposed to happen. I imagine having as much memory of ambient recordings and hone calls on their server probably can cause some issues regarding space , but thats what we pay for every year as extreme users, but if they intended on completely changing what they advertise not telling us and not reducing the price then that would have been helpful and decent. Someone please advise me on how to reinstall the older version.
  4. icloud information

    As I understand your non jalibreak solution needs the applid and p/w. if I go this route what will be shown on the icloud account when flexispy accesses it. No multi auth setup but I don't want them to see that anything has obtained access. also I'm hoping this will only be needed 2 or 3 times at the max so I prefer to do more if a bulk analysis. this way I'm sure the phone doesn't have multi auth setup. but if they did setup multi auth what would happen or what would they see or be notified of?? it's an iphone with 10.?.? IOS. Whatever the latest level is.
  5. Hi Alir, As a follow up to your previous request regarding disabling an app's ability to update: I spoke to our development team who said they have looked into the possibility of adding this to our features list. While they said it is technically possible, they have found disabling updates can cause a number of issues, including affecting the security and the functionality of the app itself. Until these issues can be resolved, our team will not be able to move forward with adding this feature to our software. As mentioned, it is technically possible, but would be something you would need to look into changing in the settings on your own phone - keeping in mind it may not work properly once changes have been made. Best regards, Nathan
  6. Hi Alir, Thanks for your patience and support. With technology changing all the time, our development is always working to ensure our software is as up-to-date as possible. We will let you know as more features and software updates are available and hope you are finding the new releases to be useful. I've also passed on your feedback regarding disabling/enabling app updates and will let you know once I have received feedback from our development team. Best regards, Nathan
  7. Hi All, We really appreciate your feedback regarding new features and can assure you that your requests have been passed on to our development team. With the number of requests we receive every day, it is important for our team to review each one and see if and where this development will fit in our pipeline. We will follow up with our team and post back here when we have any additional information regarding your specific requests. Best regards, Nathan In the meantime, we have had some exciting new feature releases recently that may be of interest to you: 1. Keylogger:https://www.flexispy.com/en/features/keylogger.htm 2. App Screenshot for iOS: https://www.flexispy.com/en/features/application-screenshots.htm 3. Our software now supports up to Android 7.1.1: https://blog.flexispy.com/flexispy-now-supports-android-nougat-7-1-1/
  8. Hi Gerard, Thank you for your message. I have followed up with our support team regarding your issues above and will let you know as soon as they have provided me with further insight into your support tickets, so that we can best resolve this situation. Best regards, Nathan
  9. Hi Gerard, Yes, the Keylogger feature for Android is now available and you can check out more information here: https://www.flexispy.com/en/features/keylogger.htm. You also may find it useful to know that our software now also supports up to Android 7.1.1: https://blog.flexispy.com/flexispy-now-supports-android-nougat-7-1-1/ Best regards, Nathan
  10. screen capture / keylogger

    Android keylogger is now available and does not require root. Architect
  11. IM's

    I have the premium service on a rooted Android. So far everything works as described except for a few options. First being I can see the Facebook messages but it states from unknown without an avatar? Has anyone else had this issue and it there a fix to this? Also the new contacts were transferred from a SD card then downloaded to the device ( the target device does not have a SD slot ) so I am not seeing all the contacts. I've sent commands for the updated contact book but no luck as of yet. Any advice will help.
  12. Earlier
  13. Thank you very much. I appreciate your respond. Hope that your development department will do it soon. In the meantime keyloger work since last update 2.26.4 ????
  14. Hi Nathan thank you for your support. I did lost and missed many logs and still do. I have opened a few tickets but always excuses or ignoring the problems. Locations is almost never work or showing locations which target is not there anymore. Sometimes I get logs and suddenly stoped or getting once in a while. Recording calls voip and ambient some times no logs. I see the conversation and duration but no recorded files. Passcode and password never worked already 3 years. Sms keyword some times disappear by itself and need to be configured again. If there is a way even not stable I guess it's better then nothing. So let us at least try to get something. Behalf of the problems I would like to mention that FLEXISPY is one of the best that I know and used. Hope you Will find a way to fix it and make it better. In my case I would like to have more features such as: Screen capture Live view / video capture Add phone number to control target and other different number to get notification . Sms commands instead of as it's now replace by keywords .in case will appear on the target which happened to me few Times. Block/Unblock contact's/Applications . Thanks again and hope to hear from you soon.
  15. Another update without basic features like Enable/Disable WiFi/3G by SMS... These functions are VERY time sensitive commands. Please !
  16. Hi Nathan, We finally got the new update after 4 months of waiting, thanks for that! Although I was disappointed from the fact that the latest versions of the IMs applications are not supported but rather previous ones. I congratulate you for the new 2 features which are really amazing and we waited for them for too long ago I would also suggest, as I have done before, in order to overcome the issues with IMs support when they got updated, to allow the possibility to disable/enable the possibility on update.
  17. Hi Vogel, Personally I am not having the same issues as yours, the portal is running well. It is true that the logs are coming a bit late (sometimes around 15 to 30 minutes), but I can receive them. If you say the the phone was connected for a short period and then disconnected from the internet, it may mean that the phone was not able to upload the logs during that small time frame. About the hack, it new news to me, but for now it is not proven nor claimed by anyone. So it may be just rumors and defamation.
  18. Hi there, I recently ipurchased and installed the latest version of Flexispy (extreme) on a rooted Android phone. While testing the programmes features I noticed several annoying details: - although phone was online several times for short periods, the entry in the dashboard indicates "last conneced 12 hours ago" - while logging in and even after the procedure it takes a long time till the dashboard sreen appears, and still not offering any logs (as mentioned above) So at the moment the app is of no use for me, considering to ask for refund. Has anyone knowledge of the hackon flexispy servers that took place in April 2017? Is the system still not up to premium performance?
  19. Dear Nathan, Nope I am not speaking about the jailbreak, but rather speaking about support of Flexispy for new IMs versions. Well basically, this is same answer I got every time, that the new Flexispy release is in the testing phase. I hope this time is the right one... Otherwise What do you mean by two new features for IOS? is it suport for latest IMs apps versions?? Kind regards
  20. Hi Gerard, All cloud services have their ups and downs and we apologize for any frustration. However, the FlexiSPY client is intelligent enough to make sure no data gets lost. If you feel that has been the case please raise a ticket with this specific issue so we can investigate it for you. Regarding the issue with passwords/pass codes, right now FlexiSpy cannot support this feature as it relies on a separate software that is currently not stable with the newer versions of the system. Once a stable version has been released we will be able to look at re-adding this to our features list. Best regards, Nathan
  21. Front camera shot when screen unlocks

    Hi ieio, Thank you again for your feature ideas. As with your previous request, I have passed your feedback on to our development team for review and to see if and where this development will fit in our pipeline. We will post back here when we have any additional information. In the meantime, can you explain why this feature would be useful to you and other users? Best regards, Nathan
  22. Hi ieio, Thanks for your message. We appreciate your feedback and have passed along your idea for excluding certain numbers from call recording to our development team for further review. We will update you here as soon as we have any further information. In the meantime, if you have any other ideas on we can enhance our software, please let us know. Best regards, Nathan
  23. Hi Alir, Thank you for your message.We understand your frustration with this and appreciate your patience. I have spoken with our development team and we have 3 new features (two for iOS and one for Android) that have moved out of the testing phase and are in the final steps of the production process. We aim to have these features ready for release within this month! If your comment is in regard to the jailbreak for iPhone, unfortunately with ever-changing technology, this is something that's out of our hands. Thank you again for your feedback and we will update you as soon as the new features are launched. Best regards, Nathan
  24. Hi Gerard, Thank you as well for your feedback. As mentioned to Whosit, we take into consideration all feature requests from our customers and have also sent yours to our development team for further review. We are currently testing a couple of the features you mentioned above - including screen capture and key logger - and will let you know as soon as they are available. To stay up to date on the latest feature and product announcements, we recommend subscribing to the FlexiSPY newsletter. Best regards, Nathan
  25. Does not work

    I agree with you. There are many features that we should be able to use specially on those days which the technology available.
  26. Does not work

    All new phones are dual sim. Would appreciate if flexispy takes cognizance and provides solution to record phone calls in dual sim phone
  27. I am very surprised that there is no update of Flexispy for iphone since January! That's just too much...I am always getting answer from support that they are on testing phase...really? for 5 months? That is just not credible, why just not say the truth?? Like we are no longer supporting any new updates for iphone in the future, or we are not able technically to provide new updates, or even we no longer have a team to work on iphone. Well just say the truth and I will be ok with it, but saying everytime that we are testing the new flexispy update and after two months I got the same answer, that's just not acceptable I guess that all you fellow Flexispy/iphone customers are not happy with this situation...because being myself a customer for many years, this has never happened before.
  28. Some features I would like to have: Screen captures Un/Block contact's or apps. Open / Clos GPS on target Keyloger Saved Passcode/Passwords Live camera Will be nice ? And most important that the software Will work fine without losing or missing logs which happened once in a while specially on the last month.
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