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  1. Last week
  2. Go to get installed apps, wait until that processes and then they to go back to screenshots. This always works for me
  3. Hi Renken, Anytime you create a ticket, or receive a reply from FlexiSPY support, you should receive an email notification to the email address you used to create the ticket. However, if you wish to easily see and manage a history of all tickets you've created and their replies, you can create an account on the Support Portal. Here's how: Note the email address associated with your FlexiSPY account From your FlexiSPY Dashboard, create a support ticket (Help > Contact Support) Create an account on the Support Portal. Use the email address you noted earlier You will be emailed a verification link Once you've been verified, use the Signup Page Hope this helps! Dakota
  4. I'm having similar issues. Was your issue resolved?
  5. have a android a13 only records one side of conversation tried all settings in tools mybe phone issue purchased another phone same issue
  6. Yes me too. but I'm sure there are others missing
  7. there was some datas Upload now which are over 1 hour old but only a few not all
  8. I hope the unloaded data is not lost
  9. the events are not even processed. I tried to start an ambient recording but it doesn't start
  10. yes the same here and the dashboard side needs long to load also I hope they solve the problem soon
  11. I also think it's a server problem. it's also slow to open pages. it tells me that the device was connected and synchronized a few seconds ago but it doesn't load any data
  12. ok then maybee it is really a server problem its more then 6 hours now that it is not working well and the datas need long time to upload
  13. I have the same problem too
  14. hi has anyone else the problem that new datas need more than 1 hour to upload to the server today? its the 3 time this week and Im not sure if the device is the problem or if there is only a server problem 😏
  15. Hoping someone can help since tickets take so long. All of a sudden YouTube and WhatsApp have disappeared from screenshots, they don’t show up as an option to select. I’ve never had this problem and it was just rejailbroken again last week. Everything else is working fine but those have disappeared. This is an iPhone I bought directly from flexispy so having to have it jailbroken constantly bc it shuts down randomly is bad enough but now to not have access to these features is just ridiculous. If anyone has any ideas it would be much appreciated. Thanks
  16. Earlier
  17. Where do I read the answers to the support tickets within the web app
  18. My commands are sending and receiving, the files upload properly as requested, however, when I click “Download”. , it does not download. It shows up in my downloads with an empty file. This was not an issue before. It just started. Any resolutions? Anyone else experience this. I have an IPhone. Target device is an Android.
  19. My logs are showing up. But when I click “download” it acts like it’s going to start the download, then stops. I go to my downloads and it shows a ? With no download. Been going on for 3 days. Customer service keeps sending me possible solutions but none work.
  20. Another call today didn't get recorded. Sept 19, 08:21:44
  21. These are just a few of calls that didn't get recorded. It is getting worse. Sep 19, 6:56:06 Sep 17, 14:59:57 Sep 18, 16:09:21
  22. hi has any else the problem since 1 hour the upload is delayed or stoped😏I have restart the device 5 times now the only update is location but no whats app network etc and I saw that it was used
  23. Hi dakoto is it also the perfect device for voip recording and app screenshoot? and will it show after rooting a message that the bootloader is unlock?
  24. Thanks for the information
  25. Hi Geppy, Given the features you require, we would recommend either the Samsung Galaxy s20, or s20 ultra. These models support Enhanced Call Recording, can be bootloader patched, run FlexiSPY in complete hidden mode, and support Ambient recording and WhatsApp perfectly. You can pick up either from our EXPRESS store. We will root the device and bootload patch it for you, and deliver it direct to your door with FlexiSPY already installed. Here are the links to learn more: Samsung Galaxy s20 Samsung Galaxy s20 Ultra
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