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  2. Stimmt es muss noch mal Software intalieren werden 

  3. Bitte schalten Sie mein Konto frei entsperren Sie es
  4. Passwort falsch Konto gesperrt bitte wenden sie sich an den Kunden Service warte ziemlich lange bitte um entsperren Panel Zugangs Konto
  5. Ich habe ein neues Passwort das Konto ist gesperrt bitte um Entsperrung
  6. bitte um das Konto entsperren [email protected] ich glaube ich warte 3 std da drauf
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  8. 134148084483


    Benötigen Sie Hilfe bei der Installation oder nicht? ja dann kommen Sie zurück, sobald Sie Zugriff auf das Zielgerät haben. Sobald Sie es bei sich haben sie haben mir schon mal geholfen das team ist unfreundlich und patzig bitte um noch malige Hilfe ohne physischen Zugriff
  9. 134148084483


    Panel startet nicht
  10. Brutus66

    install flexispy on oppo a3s

    Use a root file manager to kill the process.
  11. It's not a matter of me. There are a lot of reasons why the phone can't connect to the server - google play protect detected Flexispy (if the phone is not rooted) - the owner of the phone has installed an antivirus software and flexispy has been removed - a factory reset has been carry on - the phone has lost the connection with the server. Contact the support staff and they explain how to send an SMS trying to reconnect the phone with the server. Those problems arise mostly on non rooted phones. How skilled is the owner of the phone? You must take account of this aspect. Sorry for my awful English. Bye
  12. The phone is not rooted. The phone is Nokia 6. The targeted phone was connected only for 30mins. But for the past 5 days now, the client status has been displaying not currently connected. Whereas the application is intact and the phone is online. I have just wasted my hard earned money. I regret buying this software. I can never recommend it to someone.
  13. no, the phone it isn't rooted
  14. Has the phone been rooted or not?
  15. I have the same problem.
  16. My client status has been displaying not currently connected for the past 20hrs now. Whereas, the Nokia 6 that I installed the application is always online. What could be the problem?
  17. hi everyone, target phone is a android samsung galaxy s5 had 2.2 version got rid of and deleted account and downloaded newer version 3.2.3 it show it. and when you open it after installed you get round and round arrow- and says having problem with the android file to close or wait?? what is going on this should not be that complicated? flexispy don't pickup- they email you nonsense- nobody listens to your actual question to resolve issue!!! wth anyone know? correct procedure or is new update screwed up and corrupt?
  18. Christian

    Help please

    Hi DC, As you've indicated, this is not a support forum so I will not focus on support issues here. While the Community is not an official support channel, you can get help if you post in the correct places, such as the Peer-To-Peer Support forum for retail customers with access. You may also contact our official Support department, as I see you've done. What I don't understand is why you claim in the open, public forum that you've "been in touch with support multiple times today but have received no response what so ever from them. This is frustrating as it is not a cheap software and they advertise Support." As you've posted in the Open Topic forum, I have no choice but to address this. Looking into your support history I see a total of 21 tickets you've submitted all within the past 19 days, and ALL have been answered except for a few which were duplicates. Our official Support SLA is to answer ALL tickets within 24 hours at most, although usually, you will receive our replies much sooner than that. Perhaps you simply do not like the answers you've received, but posting that you do not receive any help does not change the facts of reality. In truth, I see you purchased our product less than a month ago, refunded it hardly a week later, then asked us to approve your 2nd attempt to purchase only a week later. We agreed as you stated that you cannot root your phone model as required by some of the advanced features of Extreme, and that you understood those features would not work without an advanced installation. For the record, we do have an installation team that can help with the advanced installation, but some models themselves do not allow advanced installation. Our team has already advised you about this, yet you purchased Extreme for the 2nd time, and then come to the Community public forum to state that you cannot receive support. For clarity, if you do not or cannot perform the advanced installation of Extreme, there are only 4 basic features you'll have in a non-rooted Extreme that you don't get with Premium. These are Call Recording, Ambient Recording, RemCam and RemVid. If you do not have a rooted phone then these 4 features are the only reason to consider Extreme, because other Extreme-only features like SpyCall or Intercept Call require advanced permissions. When you ask why feature X is not working and you haven't rooted your phone running Extreme, that is probably why. When I checked your account, I see that it has been connecting and at the time it reported the most recent logs only an hour previously. I also checked to see if SMS was being reported, and there were SMS messages updated within the past day. If the phone is not consistently reporting logs, it may be that the Internet connection is not consistent, or some other application is interfering with the connection. You may also try to restart the phone physically to restart all FlexiSPY app services and reset it's server connections. Otherwise please continue to allow the Support team to help you, as they have continued to do so.
  19. I realize this is not a support forum but I was hoping someone could help me. I just installed Extreme on an Android phone over the weekend. It was working just fine for a day but today it's non-functioning. I can see the target phone Client Status is Connected. I know it's connected to WiFi or has 4G at all times. I know there has been plenty of activity on the phone that should have posted to my dashboard as I have had an ongoing text conversation with the phone owner all day today. That being said "Last Received Event" is showing 7 hours ago. No information has updated and posted to my dashboard. Pending Commands like Send Immediate will not process. It's been many hours and it won't go through. There is no reason that I can see why the software is basically dead on the target device but it is. It will not work at all. I would expect for at least our text conversation to post to SMS and for the commands to process, but absolutely nothing at all. If you know how to resolve this, please help. Also, I have been in touch with support multiple times today but have received no response what so ever from them. This is frustrating as it is not a cheap software and they advertise Support.
  20. Hai there, is anyone have same problem with me, i allready buy flexispy license for 1 year and warranty install for 1 year too. But still can not use in my device oppo a3s, The problem is : This target phone show the yellow blinking notification if i am activated the software. If i closed than the software will deactivated Please see the attachment Hope someone can help me.
  21. kerry

    Stoped working???

    I have always had a good experience with them, though I am also receiving no support for the last 4 days, and I am receiving no data whatsoever!
  22. Bonjour, le telephone cible est un samsung A8 comment désactiver la sécurité propre au samsung avant d'installer flexispy? Les sources inconnues sont autorisées , mais dans l'aide à l'installation je ne trouve pas comment désactiver la sécurité du périphérique. pouvez vous me dire comment faire? MERCI
  23. rico

    Stoped working???

    Thanos10 I have the same problem. Only commands that can send by SMS are working, like ambient recording, remcam. Remvideo can send from iternet portal. I am receiving call log also. The other features are no working and the support dont gave me any soltution.
  24. rico

    Stoped working???

    I have the extreme version for 9 months. I rooted and installed it on targetsphone. Since yesterday it stopped working. Only remcam is working. I contacted support and they told me to reboot the device and using the command: send immediate. It still not working... anyone same Problem and maybe a solution?
  25. MikeCoon

    Stoped working???

    My Extreme version was working very well for about 3 months. The call recording worked great under Native X, then one day it stopped working all together. I reached out to Tech Support and they said to try and different recording source, so I tried all the remaining options and still didn't work. I was then told to update software and that should fix it. Did that and still didn't work. Then I was told to re-install software. I have tried that 3 different times and now I keep getting a message in my portal saying I need to activate the software. The software is on the target phone running. Time to just cancel at this point. Tried reaching out several times and very slow response time from support.
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