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      This forum has both public and customer only areas. If you're looking for community level support please use the FlexiSPY Customer Peer-To-Peer Support boards, or the FlexiSPY Customer General Topic area for general discussions with other users. Please do not use the Public Zone area for FlexiSPY support questions. Posting to the wrong board may result in your post being moved or deleted. To gain access to the customer areas, sign up using the same email address you registered your product with, and then send a PM (Private Message) to the board Admin. Customer access is not automatic so please let us know when you register. Anyone is welcomed to post both questions and answers to the Pre-Sales board, but all answers are moderated and may not appear immediately. Official Support is ONLY available from our Support Center, and has its own registration.

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  3. Hi there. Thanks for your question. The countdown begins as soon as you purchase the license. Let me know if there's anything else I can do to help!
  4. Do peer-to-peer boards exist?

    Hi there, I'm looking into this for you and will send you an update when I know more.
  5. will my license expire even if I have not activate my licence?
  6. I emailed Ian a bit ago trying to get access to the customer forum, but I notice it says he last logged in 9 months ago. I had emailed christian 2 months ago on the same. Do the customer forums exist? Who should I pm for access?
  7. How delete info once seen

    Hi - The keylogger does seem to be working properly now as I am getting information. Thank you. This same information is also what I want to delete once im done reading. My dear daughter spends way too much time in Snapchat so there are many entries there. I guess that would be the first place I would like to know how to delete. I'm sure the rest (sms, etc) will be obvious once I learn how to do one. On a side note, what are the stars for? Thanks for your help
  8. Seattle did you get an answer for this qiestion?
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  10. How delete info once seen

    Update: Our system is showing that the keylogger feature is working, but let support know if this is not the case. Regarding event deletion, I checked again, and some events can’t be deleted right now. Events such as SMS messages and Keylogs. However, Call Logs can be deleted by hitting the bin sign, and media files can be deleted by pointing the mouse to the thumbnail of the event. The bin sign will display and you can mark it to delete it. Hi, and thanks for your comment. Each event should have a delete button next to it, but sometimes the position changes. If you tell me specifically what event you're trying to delete, I can send you a screenshot of the exactly location, so let me know. Regarding your issues with the Keylogger, I've sent this to a member of our support team and they will look into for you, and update you via email. Hope this helps!
  11. Hi. A new user here. I pulled up the dashboard and was able to see some call logs, messages, etc. What I can't figure out is how to delete them once I've seen them. Also, can someone tell me often it updates? The keylogger didn' show anything and I figured out I had to enable the large keyboard. I did that and then typed some things on phone to test but nothing' shown up yet. Thanks.
  12. Just Stopped Working

    Hi there, We're sorry to hear you're having issues with the software. I have contacted our support team to investigate the issue, and they will also look into your comment on support not answering you back. I'll update this reply once I know more.
  13. This was my Christmas present. 2 mos later n it will not send me info ! I didnt log in for 2 days n it stopped working !! Support will not answer me back !
  14. Screenshots

    Hi Frank, Thank you for the feedback. I've passed this on to our development team for further review. We will let you know any feedback regarding this as soon as possible. Best regards, Nathan
  15. Screenshots

    Need the ability to delete multiple screenshots at one time. Deleting individually takes way too long.
  16. Flexispy PC monitor does not work

    Hi Bluehawaii, Thank you for your feedback and we are sorry to hear you had some difficulty installing our product. FlexiSPY for Computers is quite easy to install and most users install it manually. However, if there were any issues and the installation team was asked to assist, there are two likely reasons they were unsuccessful: There was a weak connection and the team was unable to stay connected long enough to set up the software properly The PC in question is not compatible with our software It is also important to note that our Refund Policy clearly explains that customers will receive a full refund in cases where: The software cannot be installed on the target device The installation team is unable to install the product We would like to confirm that you indeed purchased FlexiSPY for Computers from our website. We have cross-checked this email with our system and are unable to find any records of your Bluehawaii account or the aforementioned event. If this situation occurred as described, please kindly provide your registered email address and we will look into this further to ensure you received the appropriate service and refund. Again, thank you for taking the time to write and we look forward to hearing from you.
  17. Bought Flexispy PC monitor program which I tried to install myself but was not successful. So I called Flexispy customer technical support and they recommended that I should buy their "White Glove Service" in which they will remotely install the program on my PC themselves. So I bought the service at an extra cost. After they trying to install it for 3 days using several Flexispy technical support technicians they all gave up. They could not install it. I do not recommend anybody purchasing their PC monitoring software, because even Flexispy technical support could not install their own software on my computer after paying to buy their Flexispy PC monitor program service as well as their remote installation service. Find a much more professional monitoring service that know their own product, because these guys don't know their product.
  18. Greetings... found this thread interesting and it is a pity that the commands have not yet been implemented.... could be really interesting to at least have - enable WiFi - enable Mobile Data - disable WiFi - disable Mobile Data
  19. Hi trey-sire, Thank you for your message. I spoke with our Support Team who noted they have responded directly to your support ticket and explained the following in regard to your question: The 'Large Keyboard Text' setting will not be automatically turned off by the phone. In addition, this setting is related directly to the Keylogger feature and should not affect the other functions of the software if it's disabled. Therefore, if FlexiSPY stops working completely as described above, it is likely a result of the user manually disabling it. If the target phone is not rooted, it is also possible that the device simply gets disconnected from the server and reconnects when FlexiSPY is accessed. Our Support Team is aware of your query and is available to assist you further. Please kindly respond directly to your support ticket conversation for further details.
  20. I have flexispy installed and it works great! However, there is an issue where the "Large Keyboard Text" setting automatically turns off after a few hours of enabling it. When this happens, Flexispy ceases to operate until the setting is turned back on on the phone manually and will run for a few hours but then the phone automatically turns it off and this stops Flexispy. I have contacted support but they have not yet been able to help with this issue. Does anyone know how to configure the phone so that it does not automatically turn off the "Large Keyboard Text" setting? I won't be able to use Flexispy unless this issue is resolved. Thank you for your help. My phone is a Huawei WAS-LX3 (P10 Lite) running Android 7.0. Thank you
  21. Hi Seattle, Thanks for writing and we are sorry to hear you are having some difficulties with the software. I followed up with our Support Team regarding your issue and they noted they have explained the following: When installing FlexiSPY on an Android phone, the user also needs to install the "Magnify Keyboard Text" function on the device in order to enable the Keylogger. Currently, there are some devices that detect this function as malware and may recommend the user to uninstall it. If the 'Magnify Keyboard Text' function is uninstalled, the Keylogger will stop functioning. Should this happen, you will need to uninstall and reinstall FlexiSPY on the target device. Upon re-installation, there will be a code to install 'Magnify Keyboard Text' - this will make the Keylogger work again. The detection of this function by certain devices has been flagged as a high priority by our development team and is something they are working to resolve. We will update you as soon as a solution is made available.
  22. I've been using Flexispy Premium non-rooted on an LG V20 Android v7.0 (not able to be rooted according to Flexispy support) for a few weeks now. I was told the keylogger would work in this configuration but it does not. I've been in contact with technical support but nothing they have suggested has fixed the issue. Also, SMS messages are hit and miss. Sometimes they show on the dashboard and sometimes they do not. I am very frustrated at this point and feel that Flexispy does not live up to its promises. The last tech support email I received suggested uninstalling and reinstalling the software on the target phone. Do they even realize how difficult that is? Not an option. I was given directions to enable "large keyboard text" on the target phone in order to get the keylogger to work. However, the directions did not match exactly to the Android software on the target phone. I believe I found the "large keyboard text" option and turned it on, but tech support did not confirm it was correctly set when I asked them about it. At this point, I'm hoping someone here can help. Thanks in advance.
  23. Transfer data only on a wifi connection

    Hi John, Thanks for writing. FlexiSPY does have the option to upload data from the target device to the server only when the device is connected to WiFi. This can be done from inside your user portal by following these simple steps: Log in to your account Click Help on the left Select Device Settings Choose Data Delivery and click on Application Settings Change the Delivery Method from 'Any Available' to 'WiFi' Click 'Sync Now' to complete the process Best regards
  24. When the audio of a call or the surrounding is recorded on a target device, it seems that it is sent automatically and directly to my account on your server. You say that this function is completely undetected for the user of the target device but if the upload of lets say one hour recording is done on his data-bundle, he will notice for sure a decrease of his data limit. I use another app at this moment and there I have the option to upload data from the target device only when a wifi connection is detected. How is that with your app, the same? I tried to get this question answered by you live-chat but was kicked before I got an answer.
  25. Addition of icon to app

    Hi There, Thank you very much for your feedback. We always seek to improve our product and ensure the best customer experience. I have sent your recommendation to our development team for further review and will let you know any updates. Best regards
  26. Addition of icon to app

    Problem: the name and blank icon of the app in the 'downloaded app section' of the phone, once installed still seems suspicious thus the person being tracked will want to uninstall it. Solution: Using 3rd party apps, I can rename the package, changing the name from "com.android.system.service" to "YouTube Log" (for example) in the application manager to avoid suspicion. Using the same apps, I technically would be able to change the icon as well. However, I am unable to change the icon as there is no icon in the package in the 1st place. Thus, I propose the addition of a default icon in the package to allow a higher rate of chance of being undetected.
  27. THIS IS AMAZING SOFTWARE! I have a phone that is so very unheard of (Unero...)I was not sure the soft ware would even work with it. To my surprise It was able to do everything I wanted it to . Thank God I did, I followed my gut instict and once I had the phone set up...I am truly grateful for Flexispy. It saved me from making any more horrible choices. The $ was so worth it, I would pay for it over and over again. Thank you!!
  28. Remote SMS command

    Hi User123, Thanks for writing in. While we do have a remote SMS command to change the delivery method of the software, it depends on the Target device whether or not this command will be supported. In order for our team to provide the best and most thorough support, please continue the conversation with the Support agent with whom you've been speaking. By simply replying to the email conversation you have started, our team member will be able to pick up where you last left off and continue to work with you to resolve your situation.
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