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    I did a lot of research on phone monitoring software, and Flexispy was the winner. It had the features I really needed: Keylogger, phone call and VOIP call recording. Not only that, but the website was professionally done and the marketing was slick. Seemed like a true pro operation I purchased it exactly 2 weeks ago, I paid for a year subscription up front and it all started out so smoothly: Flexispy took my over $300 upfront payment instantly without a hiccup I was able to jailbreak the phone and install the software in about 10 minutes. I logged in and started collecting data! It's been downhill from there. I've had a ton of problems, and a minimum of 6 features simply do not work: I tried to send an SMS command from my own phone, and now every text from me on that phone has disappeared - almost 8,000 in total! Call recording has never worked Emails has ever worked and in fact, if I go on Wifi, it won't download email messages making for a very suspicious issue on the phone Photos displays screenshots instantly, as well as pictures that taken and then were sent by text, but regular photos never show up Videos has grabbed "historical videos" from the device and the other day it grabbed one of those "preview videos" that pictures come with Ambient - I got it to work once RemCam has never worked RemVideo has never worked App Activity has never worked I cannot uninstall and reinstall the software because it doesn't seem to take the commands I cannot uninstall and reinstall the software manually because when I restart the phone, I can't launch Cydia to remove the package I cannot show the icon because it doesn't seem to work or at least the command is incredibly delayed that I see it the next day potentially exposing the software on the phone *** I am not some technology moron. I am a technology professional with well over 20 years of experience. I've been a developer, architect, and strategist. Now I run large digital execution teams for enormous companies, from tech strategy and UX all the way through visual design, engineering, QA, deployment, and analytics. Web-based, desktop, mobile, you name it. I even oversaw the building of a suite of 6 apps for one of the worlds largest phone makers not long ago. I cannot say more than that. But I can say this: I know software development, and Flexispy has come up short. I understand that there are serious challenges in creating reliable software to collect information from phones that don't want to install your app, and you are doing things the phone doesn't want an app to do. My target device is not a rooted Android, which could be any one of hundreds of models, OS versions, settings, rooting, all those variables that can go wrong. No, this is a simple iPhone XS, running iOS 13.41 without any crazy apps or any other issues. *** I need help and I have created 4 tickets Ticket #58706 was replied to late with a useless response and then closed immediately. Tickets #59740 was closed with just a question, but that was a ticket made by the Flexispy team. Ticket #59743 which I made at the same time with a full explanation of my issue was closed with no response at all. My latest ticket, ticket #60226 is 4 days old with no response. *** Flexispy, it seems like you put a ton of effort into landing customers, then don't care about us once you have our money. Please prove me wrong.
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    Call recording is on the way. As you may know, Cydia does not support the ARM chipset and, given that jailbreaks are hardly well documented and planned in advance, gotchas happen all the time. We had to research and figure out how to cope with that. Currently, we have a dependancy that requires to be rebuilt using the new Mac which should be arriving very soon, and this will then let us support Call Recording For the SMS disappearing issue, do you mean that, having been captured. they disappear from the portal? How long do the SMS seem to persist. Confirm this, and PM me your licence key and Ill have a look at the server logs for any clues. This is a wierd issue that I cant imagine happening, unless the cron job that delete information older than 3 months or for expired subscriptipons is misbehaving
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    Just spoke to support and marketing, and as I understand you have left a negative review on Sitejabber, where you are discussing your issues with Ramy. As i understand, most of your issues have been resolved, having updated to the latest binary, the existance of which was not properly communicated by us to you. I also note that your frustration with Application Activity was because its disabled by default as it generates masses of data, however, there is no indication on that page that this needs to be enabled. We need to improve by adding this information and a switch to this page and a change request has been raised. Ill leave you to discuss any outstanding issues on the Sitejabber site, where the public can see that while we are not perfect, we so take problems seriously. Let me know if there is anything else you are not happy with. Cheers, Architect
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    Please send a ticket. Simply log into your account and select help and submit a ticket,.
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    Sending a ticket may not get anything done either. The program has been erroring for 3 months Tech is slow to respond and usually only drills you will questions or tells you to restart target or pay them to reinstall The updates a few months ago messed up the whole system and yet it is still being sold as if nothing is wrong The server that is new is iffy at best. Logs you out for no reason And is very slow to update info from the target device
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