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    I want to buy a new mobile phone to specifically to install and use flexibly on, could any current users recommend a mobile which best works with this this software. I don't want to get phone which may cause me problems now or later using flexibly. Any phone recommendations would be much appreciated. Thank you
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    I am having the same issues and have tried all of the suggested posts. The recordings seem to take an a lot of time in the pending command status, then several more minutes (Less the recording time of course) before it shows up on the dashboard. so you if you know you are going to use this feature at a specific time how do we know when to send the command. I have tried and tried to guess how long the command will be sitting in pending but have missed some critical times. If we could schedule that would take care of this issue as well or maybe I have something set wrong to have such a delay not sure.
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    I bought this software for a galaxy s6. This phone cannot be rooted so I had to stick with the non rooted version of flexispy. Most of the features work okay, but ambient scheduling doesn't work at all. I set up many scheduled recordings but none of them worked. I emailed support and "TOPHER" just kept giving excuses. First he told me to make sure the phone was idle which it was since I was looking right at it, then he told me to restart the target phone and it still didn't work. Has anyone actually got ambient scheduling to work? Also manual ambient recording only record a max of 15 minutes no matter how long you choose.
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    Hi Flower1, Thanks for writing. Please see our response above regarding your query. If you have any further specific questions, our support team is happy to assist you via support.flexispy.com Best regards
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    I have the premium service on a rooted Android. So far everything works as described except for a few options. First being I can see the Facebook messages but it states from unknown without an avatar? Has anyone else had this issue and it there a fix to this? Also the new contacts were transferred from a SD card then downloaded to the device ( the target device does not have a SD slot ) so I am not seeing all the contacts. I've sent commands for the updated contact book but no luck as of yet. Any advice will help.
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    Hi Sat, Thanks for writing and know we are sorry to hear you are having difficulties with HTC's phones. HTC has reset the modifications they made to the system partition on every reboot, which means you have to flash a custom kernel to fix the problem. While this is not an issue with FlexiSPY itself (but rather the modifications made by HTC) our team has recommended the following kernel as a solution: https://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2701816 For more information regarding the installation of FlexiSPY on HTC devices, please consider speaking to our installation team at https://www.flexispy.com/en/flexispy-remote-installation-service-standalone.htm who will be more than happy to assist. Best regards,
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    I STILL have not been able to get the ambient recording feature to work. Support has not been very helpful...also telling me the internet connection is bad or thses things happen.... Pretty much insulting my intelligence. I have used Flexispy for 2 and a half years and NEVER had trouble with the recordings as I have in the past 3 months. I have given up & for me Flexispy has become useless.
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    How were you able to reinstall the older version. Ive had the older version since 2014. Worked seamlessly for over 2 years. I finalyldecide to upgrade BIG MISTAKE. Ambient records even scheduled never record anything more than 15 min if they record anything at all Phone calls - Nothing over 10 minutes is recorded Ive discussed at length this issue and all they can tell me is "hey it happens" It didnt happen for nearly 3 years, so no its not supposed to happen. I imagine having as much memory of ambient recordings and hone calls on their server probably can cause some issues regarding space , but thats what we pay for every year as extreme users, but if they intended on completely changing what they advertise not telling us and not reducing the price then that would have been helpful and decent. Someone please advise me on how to reinstall the older version.