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      This forum has both public and customer only areas. If you're looking for community level support please use the FlexiSPY Customer Peer-To-Peer Support boards, or the FlexiSPY Customer General Topic area for general discussions with other users. Please do not use the Public Zone area for FlexiSPY support questions. Posting to the wrong board may result in your post being moved or deleted. To gain access to the customer areas, sign up using the same email address you registered your product with, and then send a PM (Private Message) to the board Admin. Customer access is not automatic so please let us know when you register. Anyone is welcomed to post both questions and answers to the Pre-Sales board, but all answers are moderated and may not appear immediately. Official Support is ONLY available from our Support Center, and has its own registration.


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    We are happy to hear your data is uploading again! If you do experience these difficulties in the future, you can follow the instructions given to you by Support. With regard to your login information for support.flexispy.com, I spoke with our Support Team and your password has been successfully reset. I sent you a message with your updated details which you can now use for logging in. Another tip: Our Support Team works to respond to support tickets within 24 hours. If you aren't seeing answers to your questions via email, we recommend checking your Spam or Junk folder as sometimes they are sent there. You can also view all support ticket responses in your support.flexispy.com account, as you know Please let us know if you need any further assistance. Best regards
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    Do you want to renew your account for free? We hope that’s because FlexiSPY has been useful for you. That’s why we are asking you to share your FlexiSPY experience with our community. You never know, your words could change someone’s life. Just write a short post of 1000 words or more, and post it to our community forum and in return, we will extend your subscription by a month. Don’t worry if you are not a natural writer, it's what you have to say that’s important, not how you say it. Here is a suggestion as to what you might write about. • The reason you bought FlexiSPY • What you discovered • How your life has changed with this new knowledge. • Any wisdom that you want to pass on to others. To post, you must be logged in to your community account. If you do not have an account already, go ahead and register here. After you've logged in, click here to post → Once you've posted, please let us know by emailing us at team@flexispy.com