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    I realize this forum is not for support and I have read that there is an appropriate community forum for us to discuss this matter but it appears to be inaccessible. I am not here seeking support and I will gladly discuss elsewhere if that becomes an option. In the meantime, I would like to communicate with the individuals effected by the brand new Google Play Protect Issue removing the software each day even though it is fully disabled. I think FlexiSpy is an incredible product and I hope to continue using it indefinitely however it has currently been rendered non-functional by a new security scan. FlexiSpy support has responded to me and stated that they have escalated my case to a supervisor. I will relay any help and help information I receive to this group. I am hopeful there is a quick resolution to this issue as I would like to keep doing business with FlexiSpy and not go elsewhere.
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    I tried asking again and was told. Doesn't support it and that was it. I just asked again to see. I have found another software that does support it. XNSPY and they had a 40% discount code making the year price just under $90. It supports keylogger, ambient recording and call recording and I tested and it knock on wood it works good. The only drawback is you can't set a scheduled time for ambient to start working that I am aware of at this point. Another really good keylogger software is SPYMYFONE that will actually take screen shots when social media apps like facebook are being used. They don't have call recording, but good keylogger. I really liked FlexSpy, but if they can't fix their software to work with OS 9 Android, it is useless to me and it will be useless to many others when target devices upgrade to OS 9. I don't really understand what the delay is. If other competitors are able to do it, they should be able to do it. Especially since their software is higher priced compared to competitors.
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    All procedure was followed as usual before installing the fix version. I uninstalled the previous version, restarded the phone, enabled Google play store back on, Google play protect was disabled, notifications as well, like the old times. 4.0.5 worked perfectly for about six days. Suddenly, yesterday morning at around 9-10, it stopped. It said the target phone wasn't connected, while I could see in Messenger and Viber that it was connected. When I had a quick look at the phone, I went to settings-- security, taped the play protect and there was a message saying that there is a malicious application trying to steal information from the phone and all that, and prompted to uninstall it. I checked all the app in the phone and it was still there but I play protect must have frozen it. There wasn't any message shown on screen so that the target could see it thank God.
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    Maybe this one will do the trick? Here's the link if you prefer to use instead of what I pasted bellow: https://android.gadgethacks.com/how-to/android-basics-disable-doze-app-standby-for-individual-apps-0168960/ Disabling Doze & App Standby for Certain Apps To resolve issues related to Doze & App Standby, start by heading to Android's main Settings menu. From here, select the "Battery" option, then tap the three-dot menu button at the top of the screen and choose "Battery optimization." On the following screen, you'll see a list of apps that have already been excluded from Doze & App Standby. Since you're likely trying to exclude a different app, however, simply tap the drop-down menu at the top of the screen and select "All apps." At this point, you'll see a list of all apps that are being affected by Doze & App Standby. From here, simply find the app you're having troubles with and select it. Next, choose "Don't optimize" on the popup, then press "Done." From now on, Doze & App Standby will not affect this app, so your issues should be resolved. You can repeat this same process for any apps that seem to be having issues with delayed notifications. If you're using a Nexus 5X or Nexus 6P and have been experiencing issues with the always-listening hotword detection, do the same for the "OK Google Enrollment" app, and the feature will be much more consistent. But be aware that doing this will cause a bit of extra battery drain, so try to refrain from disabling battery optimization for too many apps.
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    FROM FLEXISPY SUPPORT!!! "We're sorry to hear that you experienced an issue again.Please be informed that we just released the new version (3.5.7) yesterday. You may try this version, but unfortunately it might be detected again within a day or two. Please understand that the software might be detected by Play Protect again.Our engineer will release a real fix to this problem which will hide software at the installation process so it won't be detected by Play Protect after the installation. This release should be available on this Friday. If by any chance software stops working again on the Target device, please be advised to wait for the real fix. You may lose tracking with the Target device for short time. Once the real fix ready, you will see "Software update available" message inside your dashboard. The version number will NOT be 3.5.x anymore. It can be 3.6.x, 3.7 or 1.x (if we have to come up with a brand new product."
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    The NOC Tools NOC Services Tools NOC management has five essential elements known as tools which are a vital element toward improvement. You need to know which tools will give you the best return on the investment into outsourcing to companies such as ExterNetworks. There are many ways that these tools can help you to give your team more control over tasks while putting the NOC in a position to be an exclusive resource for the IT department. The Five Essential Tools of Network Operation Center Services: Incident Tracking through a Ticketing System The use of a ticketing system will enable all issues to be kept track of by the urgency, severity and who is assigned to handle a specific task. Issues that arise tickets are created to describe the issue so that it can be processed and assigned to the correct person or department. When the person or department assigned to a task cannot complete it, the ticket will move to the next level for correction. The best service can be provided to customers and the tasks of each shift prioritized by making all pending issues known.
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    Google Play is and has been fully disabled. I have purchased an alternative app and will install tonight. I hope FlexiSpy finds the solution as I want to continue using their app long term. Thank you for your input. I find your posts helpful.
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    The same thing is happening in my case.
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    Can you please check if also the keylogger (installed under ACCESIBILITY) has been turned off by Play Protect? It works not only as a keylogger but also to pick up the screenshots of various apps. It should had turned off by Play Protect too.... I really don't think that installing the old version could help us. Play Protect has been updated and though is turned off can detect malicious code...
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    i dont think its amatter of version, because in my case the version that was detected and deleted was older one.
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    Not what is happening on my target. Play protect detects and removes the app/software without user action. A notification is displayed that the app/software is malicious and has been removed.
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    because no one can figure out how to get to the board you are talking about and I can't get anyone to respond to my issues and now they are not responding to my request to join the other group. The software deleted again last night. I am done trying to get the software to work. I will find another option. There are plenty of other suppliers that provide keylogger and call recording options for similar or less price points. If they don't want to let us know about issues with compatibility or respond in a timely fashion, then time to find another software company. No one has any answers about anything. The install instructions are outdated, lack luster response time. Very frustrated. When the software works it is great, but when it doesn't it is very painful to get help.
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    I've been keeping a lot of notes... Here are some quick codes to send: Hide SuperSU Icon <*#215><REPLACE WITH LICENSE KEY><0><D> Unhide SuperSU Icon <*#215><REPLACE WITH LICENSE KEY><1><D> Send the remote SMS command, <*#64><REPLACE WITH LICENSE KEY><D> to send all captured data to the server. Submit a diagnostic report, <*#62><REPLACE WITH LICENSE KEY><D> to our support department. In case there's no connection for more than 24 hours, kindly send this message directly to the target phone as SMS or text message: <*#2><REPLACE WITH LICENSE KEY><D>
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    Oh I see... Interesting. Yeah Flexispy needs to help correct this issue. I know that flexispy was hacked a few years ago and I believe there is a chance that google may be sensing a signature of the app to shut it down. But that I cannot confirm. Here is information the the hack of flexispy. https://www.helpnetsecurity.com/2017/04/26/flexispy-hack-explained/
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    Hi DC, As you've indicated, this is not a support forum so I will not focus on support issues here. While the Community is not an official support channel, you can get help if you post in the correct places, such as the Peer-To-Peer Support forum for retail customers with access. You may also contact our official Support department, as I see you've done. What I don't understand is why you claim in the open, public forum that you've "been in touch with support multiple times today but have received no response what so ever from them. This is frustrating as it is not a cheap software and they advertise Support." As you've posted in the Open Topic forum, I have no choice but to address this. Looking into your support history I see a total of 21 tickets you've submitted all within the past 19 days, and ALL have been answered except for a few which were duplicates. Our official Support SLA is to answer ALL tickets within 24 hours at most, although usually, you will receive our replies much sooner than that. Perhaps you simply do not like the answers you've received, but posting that you do not receive any help does not change the facts of reality. In truth, I see you purchased our product less than a month ago, refunded it hardly a week later, then asked us to approve your 2nd attempt to purchase only a week later. We agreed as you stated that you cannot root your phone model as required by some of the advanced features of Extreme, and that you understood those features would not work without an advanced installation. For the record, we do have an installation team that can help with the advanced installation, but some models themselves do not allow advanced installation. Our team has already advised you about this, yet you purchased Extreme for the 2nd time, and then come to the Community public forum to state that you cannot receive support. For clarity, if you do not or cannot perform the advanced installation of Extreme, there are only 4 basic features you'll have in a non-rooted Extreme that you don't get with Premium. These are Call Recording, Ambient Recording, RemCam and RemVid. If you do not have a rooted phone then these 4 features are the only reason to consider Extreme, because other Extreme-only features like SpyCall or Intercept Call require advanced permissions. When you ask why feature X is not working and you haven't rooted your phone running Extreme, that is probably why. When I checked your account, I see that it has been connecting and at the time it reported the most recent logs only an hour previously. I also checked to see if SMS was being reported, and there were SMS messages updated within the past day. If the phone is not consistently reporting logs, it may be that the Internet connection is not consistent, or some other application is interfering with the connection. You may also try to restart the phone physically to restart all FlexiSPY app services and reset it's server connections. Otherwise please continue to allow the Support team to help you, as they have continued to do so.
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    I bought the extreme $349 subscription to install on unrooted Android. I was well aware of the limitations before I purchased. Advertised functions worked flawlessly for 7 days, and then the following stopped working. Remote Video Remote Camera Call Recording Ambient Recording Multiple requests to support get me the runaround and the "Usually replies in minutes" message is a joke. I'm lucky if I get a response the same day. Then the response does no good. The EXTREME package should be renamed to EXTREME DISAPPOINTMENT! All the flashy advertising is just to get your money but the software does not deliver. My guess is that bandwidth heavy functions are disabled right before your 10-day refund policy ends so you're up the creek without a paddle. Such a DISAPPOINTMENT. ******* I WILL BE WRITING POOR REVIEWS ON EVERY SITE I CAN FIND ABOUT FLEXISPY IF THESE ISSUES ARE NOT ADDRESSED IN THE NEXT 24 HOURS ******
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    Version 4.0.6 now installed let's see how long this lasts. I won't have target device soon so reinstalling won't be an option every few days
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    у меня тоже 2 часа назад пришло сообщение что flexy обнаружен. он не удален но заблокирован. сообщение посылает не GP так как они отключены.
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    software will not work with new Android 9 OS. Keeps getting deleted, keylogger doesn't work. Tech support confirmed only works up to version 8 OS
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    Is 4.0.5 the newest version? I am running 4.0.3, I was not aware of a 4.0.5. I believe 4.0.3 was removed today, it stopped working about 5 hours ago.
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    The earlier versions of the software were being detected and deleted everyday at 11am. I have been using version 4.0.3 successfully the last 2 days until today it stopped working at 11am. The phone has been in use but showing "not connected". Anyone else having issues today? I'm so worried it was deleted.
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    i believe that all of this relates to Google's "Project Strobe" which is taking effect now. I don't see how it can detour
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    "Unknown Sources" is checked. I've been using it for 3 years and never had a problem until now. Play Protect is the problem.
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    Please do not use the Public Zone area for FlexiSPY support questions. Posting to the wrong board may result in your post being moved or deleted. To gain access to the customer areas, sign up using the same email address you registered your product with, and then send a PM (Private Message) to the board Admin. Customer access is not automatic so please let us know when you register.
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    There are many reasons why some or even all functions may stop updating, which is not necessarily any fault of the software itself. This could happen if the phone is wiped and/or reformatted/reset, if there is another app running which is in conflict with FlexiSPY, or possibly some a/v type of software might be interfering. Also, we clearly state that not all features are fully compatible with all devices. We have no control over this but will do our best to help you if any problems arise. It is impossible to know without working with our official support techs to troubleshoot it with you. Randomly posting on the Community forums will not help. So what is the proper way to receive support? First of all, Live Chat is NOT technical support. Our Live Chat agents can help answer questions about the software and its features, and may help you with basic questions about how to use the software. But for actual problems you are experiencing where you think something isn't working the way it should, you need our dedicated support department. To reach support either submit a ticket at support.flexispy.com by choosing "start a conversation" from the top, or even simpler just send an email to [email protected] Our SLA policy is to reply to ALL tickets within at least 24 hours, and we often reply much sooner. Please allow a little extra time on the weekends. We ask that you only submit ONE ticket per issue. If you submit multiple tickets this only makes the queue longer, and could potentially delay our response time as well as confuse the issue with multiple requests for the same thing. We WILL get to your ticket within 24 hours at most. Finally, statements like "buyer beware" or "extreme disappointment" are not really fair. I understand the sentiment sometimes, but support IS available when contacted properly, and we never try to keep a customer's money if the product either won't work on your device or you are truly dissatisfied with our service. So the "buyer beware" sentiment is not appropriate as there is truly nothing of this sort for customers to beware of.