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Total Novice is there an instruction guide somewhere?

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My  iPhone 4 is NOTICEABLY affected by FS  (battery life and dropped connections on wi-fi).   I had to turn off the GPS because it was EATing battery life.   I plan to upgrade to iPhone 5 but wonder if the same problem will exist.   Also, is there a way/place to store the info downloads (I haven't figured out how to do that ,yet, either)  OTHER than on my computer, that does NOT feel secure.  iCloud also doesn't feel like an option since it seems apple devices ALwAys seem to want to stay in sync.    THANKS!

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Hi there, 

Here are a couple of things you can do to help prolong your battery life. 

1) Go to Control Center > Location Controls > Enable Location Tracking and increase the interval time to save battery life. 

     But enabling this option would also mean less GPS data will be uploaded. 

2) You can also go to Control Center > Device Controls > Change Application settings and increase the number of events to capture before uploading data (e.g. increase to 500) and the time interval to wait to upload data (increase to 24 hours for example).  This will also help maintain battery life on the TARGET device.

lastly, what you can do is to deactivate and uninstall the software completely.  If the battery life still does not improve then other software or settings on the device are the issue.  

For your second question, you can download your data using the search option inside your portal for any text-based data (e.g. call logs or SMS messages) and you can use Download Manager to download your media data.

The blog article below should get you started...


As for storing the data offline, you can probably use Dropbox, which is more secure for an online service but it really depends on whether you trust it that much.  Ultimately, there is the good old USB drive to use which beats all online services.... :) 

Hope this helps... :) 

On another note, how's your experience with FlexiSPY? 

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