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Intercept call irregularity


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I recently installed flexispy pro x on an Iphone 4, in Australia.

Overall the product works very well, and have used the spy call (remote mic sound pickup) successfully, however I have an odd occurrence regarding the intercept call feature.

Scenario 1 -

I set up the monitor/watch list on the target phone, and later successfully received notification of an outgoing call to a cell phone.

I tried to call the target phone (from the monitor phone), but when it connected, there was a audio message like ' A conference call is now in progress' or something like that. I presume this announcement could be heard by all 3 parties on the call.

(I understand this may be a 'feature' of my telco provider when a 3-way / 'conference call' is started).

I immediately hung up and it seems that the target phone re-called the same cell phone a moment later, ie thought the call had dropped out.

I have not since retried the intercept call feature.

Scenario 2 -

With the same settings on, and all phones available to me, I used my home landline to call the target phone and accepted/received the call.

I successfully received the sms of an incoming call etc.

I tried to call the target phone from the monitor phone - and connected successfully to the (now 3-way) call - with NO audio message (described above).

(Note also - the sound from my microphone on the monitor phone could be heard on the call -tested that the manual mute function on the handset worked ok but thats just a little thing to keep in mind).

So, my motivation is to try to enable the spy call without the audio message announcement being declared.

My questions are as follows -

- If the above scenarios are correctly described, then can you please explain more specific instructions to enable the spy call without the audio message being announced ?

- Is there a different flexispy pro x software behaviour based upon either incoming versus outgoing calls, or a landline versus a cell phone ?

I will try to test out some scenarios further but as you can imagine, I would need alot of access to the target phone, my monitor phone, and another mobile for testing purposes.That probably won't be possible for some time.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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