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Target Calls Monitor Number


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I just bought the Pro-X for iPhone 4 (iOS 4.3.3). I was planning to use a phone that I normally call the Target on. I have the following questions:

1. If Monitor Call is ON, what happens when the Target calls the Monitor number, will I be able to just answer and talk or what happens?

- I understand that I can send sms commands to turn on/off, but each time I do that, would that sms be visible to the Target?

- I understand that because of the current iPhone 4 software, I have to embed the command in a normal sms which show up in the log, but is there any possibility to make sms from Monitor number invisible?

2. Reading the manual, when Monitor Call is Off, the sms text for the Watch List does not send, is this correct?

3. When you send the sms command to change the monitor number from the new number, does the number show in the sms log that is visible to the target, or can it be a blocked number?

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