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Motorola Droid X running Android OS 4.3.3


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I'll be honest ... I've been using Mobile Spy for the last 9 months on my daughters phone. It hasn't been perfect but it's been ok. Until now.

My daughter has a Motorola Droid X and just updated her Android operating system to version 2.3. Since she did that the logging from Mobile Spy hasn't been working properly at all. My main purpose for using the service is to track her SMS messages. However since the updates, I've only received a message log here and there in a 24 hour time span. In other words, I am receiving only 1-2 hours worth of messages when I KNOW there has been non-stop texting for 15 hours in a day.

Needless to say I have uninstalled the program, reinstalled, uninstalled, updated to a new version of the app, uninstalled and reinstalled again with no success. I have contacted their support, which kind of sucks, and other then telling me to "uninstall, reinstall" I've had no luck. I can only assume that at this point they just aren't compatible with the Android 2.3 operating system.

My point here is that I am looking to switch to your service but would like to know if you have had any complaints or problems with your app on the Android 2.3 o.s? It is a huge undertaking for me to get the phone away from my daughter every time I want to install anything. Being a teenager, she does not let the phone out of her sight or grasp. If there is any chance I would have these same problems I mention above with your app, I would like to know ahead of time. Before I purchase it and install it. At this point I am guessing it has something to do with the new Android O.S if it affects your app too but I am looking for some insight.

Thank you so much for your time!

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Hi Shearyan,

I appreciate your candor and honest approach, and will reply in the same spirit.

Our newest Android updates (released just this past week) are more reliable and universally compatible than any of our previous releases. It would be impractical to suggest that we have thoroughly tested every single Android model in the entire world-wide market, but what we have done instead is to focus on writing our software for compatibility with the major Android OS versions. In the development process, we then thoroughly test a selection of the more popular brands and models running each of these OS versions, to ensure there aren't any brand specific problems. If we find any problems with a specific brand during this testing stage, we then go back to the drawing board to work it out. The results of this fine tuning are the recently released updates to all of our major Android software products; Light, Pro and Pro-X.

We are now officially supporting any Android running OS versions 2.1 (Update 1) through 2.3.3. While our latest updates haven't been out so long yet, we've had good success in our test labs and haven't received any reports of incompatibilities from our existing customer base. Please keep in mind that we do offer a 100% full refund if requested within the first 10 days of purchase, so there is absolutely no risk to you in case of any trouble. We simply ask that if you do experience a problem, you simply allow us to try and help resolve it before requesting a refund. But the refund policy itself is good for any reason within the first 10 days.

In all honesty, if you are only interested in capturing SMS then you may only need the LIGHT version of our product. However if you are able to "root" the Android device, we strongly recommend either our PRO or PRO-X version of the software, not only for the advanced features but also for more professionally discreet operation which we can take advantage of on a rooted device.

For more information about "rooting" and the various utilities used for rooting, see http://support.flexispy.com/android-downloads.htm

For the latest Android PRO-X release announcement, see http://support.flexispy.com/index.php?/resellers/News/NewsItem/View/58/update-flexispy-for-android-pro-x-20010

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Thank you so much for the response. I did in fact purchase the LITE version and set it up last night. Here's my thoughts so far : It seems like it is working (yeah) But I still have to compare the message times (which seem to be all out of wack) with my service providers records to see if in fact all messages were actually logged.

However ... I must admit that I really don't like the online interface. When I went to look at the SMS logs for the first time tonight I see that 1) they default to be sorted by incoming and outgoing messages (grouped seperately). 2) The mobile times are all messed up so even if I try to sort them this way so that I can see the conversations as they occur (in/out/in/out) it doesn't sort right. But mostly it's a pain to have to select each event to read the text and then select the next, and the next, and so on. And downloading to a document is just as bad, because the times are screwed up and no amount of formatting and sorting after downloading can make it easy to read a normal conversation.

Both Mobile Spy and Mobistealth already have interfaces in place online where the SMS text messages sent and received are listed in a table type format so the client can very easily on one page see dates, times, receiving phone number, sending phone number, and the text message "line by line" and can be viewed right there on the web. This makes the conversations extremely easy to read!!! There's no downloading a form, formatting, sorting, etc involved. No extra steps to take. Just view.

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I agree there are pros and cons to each application platform. But for me, I've looked at the others you mentioned and found it very difficult to get an overall view of just the data I was interested in. They don't offer a good search option, and you have to keep moving through so many pages, not to mention they don't offer convenient ways of sorting all the data either. Of course FlexiSPY could improve its viewing interface, but that is something that is actually in the works also, as we have a new underlying architecture that has been in the works for some time already. But in the end, each platform is just going to be different.

But I'd like to address a few other things you mentioned:

You can view the data either from the ALL menu option, and then see all data reported together, sort of an overview of everything, or you can view by selecting just the data you want such as CALLS, or SMS, etc. When you do that, it should be much easier to see the flow of the conversation.

There are two different times reported: The MOBILE time and the SERVER time. The MOBILE time is the actual time reported by the phone itself, so this will not be wrong. That's a way you can tell when the text or call was actually received or placed by the phone, according to the phone's own time. The SERVER time shows the time the log was captured on the server. Now, you can actually change the server time, by clicking the Report Timer button, and then enter any time zone you'd like. So if you're in a different time zone than the Target phone (or if the time on the phone is wrong), then the server time will always report according to the time zone you set it to.

Then you can sort everything by either Mobile Time or Server Time, in either direction simply by clicking the little up and down arrows next to each of these columns (in any view such as ALL, CALLS, SMS, etc).

If you download these logs in xls format (there are three format choices), then once you open the file in excel you can reorder and easily sort by any column you choose. You should easily be able to read all conversations one after another on the same page that way.

Although you may still find that some items are not always in perfect order. The reason is simply due to the order the data is actually reported to the server. We don't always have complete control of this, as it is also affected by the phone itself, and by the internet connection available to the phone. But by ordering and resorting all the data in excel, you can find a way to work with just about anything.

With a little time to experiment and get used to whats new or different with FlexiSPY, it may not always be perfect but I think you can improve your viewing, downloading and sorting experience.

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Hi Christian,

Yeah I'm getting the hang of it ... but it's extremely time consuming to have to go to the download page, select a date range, download, bring up the document in another application, then try to sort it and format to make it somewhat legible. If I could just go to the webpage, select SMS, and BOOM there is it is, in order, line by line and easy to read ... well that would be sooo much better.

The biggest problem with the downloading and sorting is that the "Mobile Times" are totally messed up. I understand the Mobile TIme and Server Time are two different things and that's no problem. But the MOBILE TIME is totally out of sync. Example: the OUTGOING sms messages have the correct time indicated, however the INCOMING sms messages are -5 hours off!! Even though they are both being reported by the same MOBILE device, with the correct times on it, for some reason there is still a major difference between incoming and outgoing mobile times. It is for this reason that sorting the messages, once I get them downloaded, still remains a complete headache. Anyway .. I did mention this to support last week but apparently there's no solution at this time ... They tell me it's a known problem and it's being worked on. We'll see. :) I have just a few more days before my 10 days are up since I purchased the program, so I am continuing to test it.

Thanks for all your time! I must say that above all else, your support staff and responses are some of the best I've dealt with!

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We understand your concerns about ease of downloading web account data and whilst we are looking to revamp the system at some stage we have no more information at this time. We urge all customers to download and sort it in Excel. We realise that is not entirely convenient but Excel does offer powerful filtering and sorting options. Regarding the mobile times being messed up, first of all, is the date and time set correctly on the TARGET phone? Also, if you download your web account data, are the times still incorrect or not?

We would appreciate it if we could deal with this matter further through a support ticket submitted by you - http://support.flexispy.com.

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I was having this same issue with the times being incorrect but with the update in October the times are correct now but now i am having a problem with the software capturing data for any length of time. I have reported this to tech support and they have no reason for this but what it does is it captures information for 20 minutes after a call is made or received and then just stops until a call is made or received again. it is really frustrating to get 20 minutes of SMS's and the user of the targets phone is really annoyed by me calling them every 20 minutes. I'm not sure if anyone else is having this same problem or not, but i'm really not sure what to do with it. Like i said i have sent a support ticket up several times and they just don't know why it is doing this. I have been with flexispy for more than 2 years now and really like it when it is working correctly.

I have been doing some research and found that flexi light for droid only supports up to os 2.3.3 and my targets phone is os 2.3.4 could this be the problem? the os is not compatible with the software yet?

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Hello kellythr.

As you have said, this is due to our software only support up to OS 2.3.3. Because we have yet to finish our tests completely in our labs for OS 2.3.4 we cannot ensure that the software will work completely with regards to all functions.

When we release an update for Light to support this OS version you will be able to find it here - http://support.flexispy.com/index.php?/News/List

If you have any further questions please get in touch with us.

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Please note that all FlexiSPY for Android versions now support Android OS 2.1 (Update 1) through OS 2.3.4.

The latest version release dates are as follows:

Android Light: 28-JUN-11

Android Pro: 19-OCT-11

Android Pro-X: 19-OCT-11

If you have not downloaded the software on or after the dates above for your corresponding product, then you do not have the latest version. If you need support of an Android OS 2.3.4 device and don't currently have it, the latest version of all our current Android products should provide it.

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