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selecting optimal target phone for Pro X


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There are so many phones on the list that it takes hours of sleuthing to figure this out.

I want something with a simple OS ... like Nokia, that people outside US are familiar with. I read here that you prefer S60.

We want phone with GPS to use with the Pro X product.

Using the search and compare tool at www.forum.nokia.com brings this down considerably. You have to specify the edition, 2nd, 3rd, or 5th. But with those parameters, I am getting results for (1) phones that came out years ago, e.g. 2008, that probably would not be available in a carrier's selection today, (2) phones dedicated to a particular carrier, e.g. Vodaphone, (3) very expensive phones on the order of $500, or (4) very new phones without keyboard, just stylus, which is a show stopper for many.

As well, with respect to (1) above, you might say "Well, if you can't find what you want at your carrier, then look for and buy an unlocked phone at some online retailer." But this seems not a good strategy because you DO want your target to have a LOCKED phone from a carrier, not an unlocked, so as to preclude swapping SIMs which require adjustments from the observer and monitor.

Can you please recommend your preferred Nokia for Pro X that is (1) currently widely available, (2) has GPS, and (3) is not so expensive that gifting it would in itself raise suspicions.

If you don't have such a model, perhaps you could find one and add it to the list.

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I should also add, to my post above:

in order to use FlexiRecord with Flexispy Pro X, it is my understanding that target phone needs the 3 way calling or conference calling feature.

So if one wants to use the best of flexispy, the target phone has to have these specs:




conference call

call waiting

Can this be done in the Nokia universe? For under $200?

If not, who has all these features?

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Keep in mind try to find a phone that disables the beep when you try to intercept the call.

I am out here in North America ,canada to be specific I have been unsuccessful in finding a phone that eliminates the beep

cause as soon as the target hears the beep they keep hanging up and redialing.

From my exp this is the most important feature that needs to be worked on. Eliminating the beep either throught the software or

having a phone that doesnt beep but allows conferance calls.

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original poster...you should try the nokia 6790 with straight talk. it might not be with your carrier, but its not too big a deal to get it started its prepaid $45 a month unlimited everything and sold at walmarts everywhere, $160. it has a slide out keyboard 4p2r9wY3.jpg <br> or the nokia e71 51XNQ-o0inL._SL500_AA300_.jpg <br> they both run off of att&t towers, so that means they are gsm network, and WILL work with call intercept. of course, i don't know WHAT the point would be in spending $350 for all the features i want if i can't listen into live calls properly! what the heck flexispy?! and another thing, when you click on purchase and you must choose your phone, there is a choice of nokia 6790 or nokia surge and they appear to be the same phone. i called up a nokia rep, and he told me they were in fact the same phone, and that no other carrier other than straight talk had this phone period. i have this phone, that i plan on gifting and i don't know which purchase option to choose becuase...nokia told me they were the same phone. phonescoop.com is no help, (where i usually go to find detailed specs) they don't even have straight talk as an option on their filters. any mods wanna help me with that one?

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Thanks very much for pointing this out to us. I will pass it on to the relevant department. If you are unsure what phone to pick then simply verify that it is running the platform listed (Symbian 8/Symbian 9) then it should work with our software.

However we only support the phones specifically listed on that page. In your case, simply pick one of the two phone models you have listed and, as I have said, providing it is running the same platform as we require then it should be compatible. I apologise for the confusion caused.

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Straight Talk does not offer Conference Calling and therefore cannot be used.

Are you sure about this? Typically conference calling (or 3-way calling) is a function of the carrier service, not the phone itself. Although I am not familiar with this particular device.

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I would also like to point out that if you are considering a Symbian (or Nokia model), all products for Symbian (Light, Pro and Pro-X) now support not only the Symbian 9 (S60 family) but also Symbian Belle, Symbian Anne and Symbian ^3 model phones. Please see our latest News Announcements for more information.

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Are you sure about this? Typically conference calling (or 3-way calling) is a function of the carrier service, not the phone itself. Although I am not familiar with this particular device.

Yes, I'm sure...I read throught all their brochures and didn't find any mention of conference calling. Then, I e-mailed them and they said that they do not offer it (please see the e mail exchange below from July 20, 2011):

Thank you for your interest in Straight Talk Wireless. We are responding

to your recent inquiry.

Please be informed that Straight Talk Wireless do not support Three Way

Calling service.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact one of our

customer care representatives at 1-888-251-8164. For your convenience,

our representatives are available Monday-Sunday from 8:00 AM to 11:45 PM


Thank you for being a Straight Talk Wireless customer. We appreciate

your business.


Straight Talk Wireless

Original Message Follows:



I need a GSM cell phone with 3 way/conference calling? Do you

offer this service? Thank you

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Ok I understand now. I thought "Straight Talk" was only a phone model, and didn't realize it was the carrier itself. I was trying to point out that either ALL or MOST phones themselves will support conference calling, as long as its available as a service from the carrier itself. If your carrier (Straight Talk in this case) doesn't offer standard 3-way conference calling, then of course it won't be available on any phone.

The other thing to ask any carrier about is what kind of conference calling is available. For example the standard method generally uses the built-in method in the phone menu system. This normally involves having one connection already active, then placing it on hold from the calling menu, making a 2nd call from the active call menu, then choosing "join" from the resulting menu. Different carriers (or different phones) may offer slightly different ways of doing this, but if it more or less works like this then you should be able to perform the Intercept Call feature of Pro-X.

All major carriers (Sprint, Verizon, ATT, T-Mobile and some others) offer this basic service, but smaller carriers may not. Sometimes conference calling is only available by all parties calling into a separate number and entering a code, which the initiator sends to the other participants. This of course is not automated and not being initiated from the phone itself, so this type of conference calling is not supported by the Intercept Call feature of Pro-X.

Another requirement of the standard 3-way calling conference feature is having a 2nd line (call waiting), because if you only have a single line then you can't add another call to the conversation.

In fact, all GSM phones do have the standard conference calling method built into the menu system, but if the carrier doesn't allow the service or doesn't offer additional lines for its use, the phone can't use a line that isn't available in your service plan.

Flower, thanks for helping to clear this up.

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