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Two Birds with One Amazing Stone

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I'm fairly certain I'm not the only one who tried half a dozen spy apps before finding flexispy. There was web watcher, , mspy and many others that were either easily detectable or didn't contain the features I needed. after all of that I am convinced that flexi spy is, hands down, best if it's kind.
Until a couple years ago, I could not have imagined a scenario that would have led me to want to spy on my child. My kids are well-behaved and make good grades. They are the kind of kids that you just didn't have to worry about.
 That is,  until my son was caught looking at pornography in school. The pieces began to fall together pretty quickly after that. His grades started dropping and he became withdrawn. he stoppedspending time with his friends the mo interest in things that he enjoyed before. 

Though his step dad was adamantly against it, I placed the Spy up on his phone. I didn't tell him that I did this, but I felt that was the right thing to do. Of course, it didn't work out very well. The platform was sluggish and didn't have very many features. It was more trouble than it was worth and was expensive.  I was on with my search. By the time I found flexi spy I was about to the point of giving up. My son had already caught me one time as the apps were so obvious that it was impossible to hide that I was spying on him. With Flexispy I ordered a phone with the software already installed . I was amazed at how much i could do! it did everything it said it would.
I was careful in how i used the information, making sure i didnt let on how informed l really was.I Found a child psychologist who specialized in adolescent addiction and my son began to see him twice a month. I knew he would not be open to talking to me about these problems seeing i am his mother, which would have been awkward to say the least. Over the past year things have improved a lot. There have been a few slips along the way but flexispy has giving  me peace of mind. I catch these problems right away. The platform is rich with useful features and has provided so much information to help battle this problem with my son.
I used to wonder if I made the right decision but looking back on everything that has happened I think we could not have dealt with the situation any other way. my son was going down a dark Road and I was afraid if I did not catch him in time that he might shut me out completely. I'm just grateful that I found this platform when I did, before it was too late.

But there was an unexpected finding I was not prepared for. You see , we had begun to take my son's phone at night to remove any temptation of him staying up late looking at pornography or even playing games that might keep him awake.  I didnt Check the portal at night to see if there's any activity because my son didn't have the phone. However one morning I opened the portal and for some reason there had been a lot of activity the night before. messaging and photos. At first I was really confused about this but then I realized what was happening.
This is how I discovered that my husband was on the verge of having an affair with another woman.
Needless to say I was  very upset but I had to play it off carefully. It was very difficult but I didn't want to admit to him that I had discovered this through my son's phone plus i knew that thrre could belegal ramifications to spying on him even though it was quite accidental.  Itwas very difficult not to use the platform for that purpose but I ended up confronting him 4 days later with my suspicions. At first he flat out denied that there was anything going on. I found myself in a frustrating position because i didnt want to admit how i knew. I decided to see if they continued or if he ceased their late night chats.
Things were quiet for a couple of weeks and i was beginning to let my guard down when A flurry of texts broke the silence. I was furious but bit my tongue until the right time availed itself. I was able to confront him with solid evidence, thanks to flexispy, and I was able to do it without giving myself away..
We have since separated and  I have filed for divorce..
Though my son is doing much better, i keep flexispy for piece of mind.It has been the single most handy tool a parent could have. The world is a totally different place than it was in my youth. Modern problems often require modern solutions and i couldn't  be happier to have had flexispy  in my toolbox
I use the extreme version so my experience has been very feature rich. the most useful feature I found was the ability to see web pages visited and app screenshots. of course, later on the ability to read texts became very useful. though I really used it, I love that there is an option to record video remotely and I also love the ambient listening option. location tracking was a godsend on a couple of occasions. After trying out so many other platforms and apps it was such a relief to find something that would actually do what it said it could do. I think one of the most important qualities flexispy has over the others that it is truly undetectable. It is so important. there's nothing worse than being discovered because it takes time to get that trust back. I knew that the future look back on all of this and understand why I was so concerned . Is Children of his own he will see the position that I was in but that does me no good today if he doesn't trust me so being able to monitor his activity without that constant fear of being detected was a game changer.
There were a few snags here and there because sometimes technology is frustrating. That's where support comes in and saves the day. they have always been extremely friendly and helpful.. I wish I had read the entire knowledge base and FAQ much earlier because I would not have bugged them half as much as I did. Support is very important but truly lacking on some of the other platforms. On one of them, I hit a bump in the road while downloading the software and nobody would ever respond to may pleas for help, so my money was flushed down the toilet.
All things considered, this has been a positive experience. Its never great having to check up on your kids like this, but if i had to do it all over again i'd choose flexispy from day one, no question.

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