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New features - recommended from a prior user


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As a former user and possibly user in the very near future, I have a few recommended services:

1) Key logger (log all keystrokes)

2) Screen shots (iPhone 4 has the ability to snap screen shots at any given time by depressing the home & power button simultaneously)

2a) Would be helpful to auto screen snap on webpages linked to log in entries. (in conjunction with keylogger you can then match up the username with the following password and associate the login)

3) Reroute remote access so the screen display is not activated on a target phone when microphone is remotely activated or atleast have the brightness auto adjusts as low as possible and auto move to a blank screen with no icons.

4) Upload contact list

5) Upload pictures & videos (have to be careful on video size, if the phone is not on an unlimited data plan, otherwise wifi only)

6) Maybe farfetched: Is there any logic to have a phone "play dead", when powered off. Utilizing a remote function set to activate for special occassions? In this situation all features would be unresponsive in some sort of standby mode, but still allowing a monitoring phone to activate the microphone on the target phone?

7) Maybe farfetched: Remote access to turn the phone on and off would be ideal, but this is tricky. I know my old "non-smart" phone had the ability to set my alarm, then turn off the phone. When the designated time was reached, the phone alarm would still activate, even though the phone was turned off. I wonder if there is some logic to set an alarm with a smart phone to turn on? If you have a target phone that is known to be turned off at a specific time, you could designate an alarm to turn on the phone and then remotely deactivate it via SMS once it is on, so all temporary access remains discrete. Possibly as a failsafe it turns off automatically after a half hour.

8) GPS warning notification if target phone comes within 5 miles of the monitoring phone. Also when it exceeds 5 miles of the monitoring phone. Assuming the monitoring phone is smart.

9) Ability to delete SMS messages from monitoring phone incase remote command is mistyped.

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Thanks for these suggestions, they will be passed on to our development team for review although I cannot say whether or not we will implement them all in future releases.

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