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My EVO and Target EVO

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I want to 1st buy ProX and install and test on my Evo Then in 2 wks install on My daugt Evo. Do I have to re buy the softwear (pay twice) or just once and install to my daugt phone. Then uninstall form MY phone aft i tested it.

Also Can I download softwear to computer and later strait to Evo (without internet) or it has to be strait from the internet

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Providing Pro-X is supported on that phone you can install it on your own phone to test it and familiarise yourself and then, when finished, deactivate and uninstall (full instructions on how to do this are provided in the manual that you recieve after purchase) so that you can then download and install the software on to the actual TARGET phone. Our software can only be downloaded straight on to the TARGET phone which requires that you need to have it in your hand. No computers or cables are required to install, just the TARGET phone and our instructions.

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