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Pros and Cons of Pro 4.0


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So far i have found both good and bad with the new version. I was on ProX 1.06 with 3GS 3.13. The same target phone was initially upgraded to ios 4.1. This ios version created nothing but trouble. Most prominant was the battery life. Phone went from 100% to shutdown in 3-4 hours on light usage. Downgraded to 4.02 and reinstalled Pro 4.0. Battery life is much improved.

The Pros:

Spycall is much improved. In fact, Spycall now lets me reconnect almost immediatly after a call is dropped due to activity on the target phone. I also like the text message when the target is plugged in and you attempt a spycall. Just a thought, how about sending a text when the phone is plugged in and then when it is unplugged without having to make a spycall? One thing that was a feature in ProX 1.06 that is now gone is the sim card message that was sent upon power up. I understand that this may have caused some confusion for the not so tech savy users, but this was a helpful feature that let me know when the phone was powered up. Most often due to my spycalls draining the battery at night. If some substitute message was created during the power up, it would be most appreciated and useful.

The IDKs:

On ProX 1.06 ios 3.13 running on the same phone, if the total amount of logged events exceeded ~130 in a 24 hours period, the phone would stop logging for 24 hours. If the target phone was power cycled you could possibly resume logging but not always and almost never for another 130 logged entries. On Pro 4.0 i have not seen it stop logging for any period of time, but i will keep you posted.

The Cons:

Although Spycall is much improved, if a spycall is placed when the target is using an app or just browsing(not on a call) the app or open window is closed and the screen changes to the home screen. After a spycall has ended the phone icon shows a red dot for a few seconds and dissappears. To my knowledge there has been no log of a missed call from the monitor phone, but i cant be 100% sure at the moment.

The log files, most often, still show calls to the monitor phone placed from the target as incoming rather than outgoing. The log files often show incoming calls from the monitor phone when no such call hapoened. Duration of the calls are only logged sporatically and mostly show 0:00 for incoming calls. The log files still miss alot of text messages. The most missed message is the first incoming message from another phone. This is very frustrating when trying to figure out what the text conversation is about. I often see a response from the target phone to another phone without ever seeing the original text that is being responded to. Sometimes, if i send a text to the target a previously unlogged event will show in the log file almost like an event is getting stuck in the pipe. This sticking also happened on ProX1.06. Target user has also reported that when they go to read text messages by pressing the icon, that text messaging opens and immediatly closes the first 2-3 times before it stays open. Target user also reports that text messaging is now inaccessable during an active call.

Target user has also reported random shut downs on the phone. None of these were a battery power issue.

The biggest issue i see so far is that the target phone no longer has the preview window pop up for incoming text messages. This is regardless of whether prievew is turned on or off. This is a huge problem that has already raised the suspicion of the target user. This issue was not present during the ios 4.1 or 4.02 before the install of Pro 4.0, so i can be sure it is a Pro 4.0 issue.

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