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FACE vs Android Light

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Is there a post detailing the functional differences and feature differences between FACE vs Android Light? What updates/ugrades would be seen in Light?

In other words, since the FACE versions are expiring, what improvements if any are there with the Light version if FACE users were to upgrade? Or would Light be the same as FACE in terms of function and features?

Is there a detailed changelog comparing the versions?

For example, with Light, is mbackup still visible as a running application?

Can you manage the reporting itervals / events in a different manner or is it the same?

Is the web login interface the same? same reports available or new ones added?

Is the Light manual available pre-sale so that one could look it over to see the differences? if so , what is the link to download the light manual? Or again, is it essentially the same as the FACE manual?

Also, once the FACE license expires, can it still be uninstalled properly from the phone and fully removed? or does the license still need to be active for uninstall to work properly from the phone? Does the uninstall of FACE have to happen prior to installation of Light?

Thank You.

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Can this forum (FACE Q&A) remain accessible after March 31? There is a lot of valuable information contained herein about users experience with the product on the android platform and is especially valuable for those who have used FACE and who are considering the commercial versions for Android. While I understand it would make sense to close the ability to add new posts since FACE licenses are expiring, it would be useful to still be able to access the existing old posts for Android comments/experiences rather than remove/delete the forum entirely.

Also, is there any type of upgrade offer to the new versions for those who contributed here with the FACE version? Also, if you purchase the light version, is there an upgrade offer to go to the Pro versions? In other words, if you pay $149 for the light version, can you pay the difference to upgrade to pro? Or do you have to rebuy a 2nd time for full price of the pro version(s)?

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This forum section will remain open. We currently have no offers on at the moment but when you upgrade you only pay the difference in price between the two products.

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