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Using environmental recording from target microphone


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I'm having trouble using the environmental recording option on the Extreme package for Android.  If I understand the instructions, you mute your phone and place a call to the target phone so the microphone can start recording their surroundings.  When I called my employee, the phone rang before I had a chance to mute so I hung up.  Then the employee called me back to see what I needed.  I don't understand how to record surroundings from the target phone.   It was VERY easy to do in Kidsguard Pro.  I'm starting to think I should have kept that service.  Can anyone advise how to record the target phone surroundings without being detected?

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Hi, thanks for your comment.

Ambient Recording does not require you to call the target phone, nor mute your microphone. Infact it does not involve your phone at all.

You can make an on demand recording, or set the recordings to occur on a schedule.

From your portal, just go to Data > Ambient > and follow the instructions. You can also read this

Having said this I think you may be thinking of our Live Listen feature which is called SpyCall and does involve the use of a second phone. This is different than ambient in that it lets you listen in Live, by making a secret call the phone.

For non root this feature is only available on samsung phones. You can learn more about it here.

If this didn't answer your question please let me know.

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