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does anyone know if the flexi lite program will record incomming restricted number, if you have it programed to. thank you

If you mean incoming numbers that are marked as "private" or "unknown", that are blocking Caller ID and do not display any phone number...it is impossible to record a number from this type of call because that information is being withheld by the network. Its not that the phone is just not displaying it, but the number isn't present in the communication sent to the phone. The software does capture these call logs, but it won't give you a number that isn't available.

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i know there is no info on the number, ie who it belongs to, but will the software record the conversation via the code it lists as unknown caller, if the program lists the unknown caller on the logs as a #2 can i set the record mode to record all the # 2 ( conversations)

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ok i understand it wont record the number, I dont want the number, I would like to know if it will record the conversation

I think there is a misunderstanding. FlexiSPY does not currently record any audio. Light captures all advertised data (may differ depending on product), Pro adds SpyCall (remote listening from your defined Monitor phone), and Pro-X adds Intercept Call (Intercept calls in progress from your Monitor phone).

FlexiRECORD is an optional program (requires Pro-X separately), which allows you to use a PC to make automatic Intercept Calls, and automatically records the audio from these calls onto your local hard drive. All private/unknown numbers still get seen and captured in the call logs, just without the incoming number because that isn't available. However if you are using FlexiRECORD it can still Intercept and record any conversation in real time, whether the incoming number is available or not. The reason is because its not intercepting the other caller's phone, its intercepting the Target phone.

In other words if you have Pro-X you can set it to notify you whenever there is a call in progress on the Target, or you may wish to be notified only when specific numbers are in voice contact with the Target. That alerts you when there is a conversation happening you might wish to Intercept with your Monitor phone, and if you are using FlexiRECORD the software running on your PC (connected to a Windows Mobile Monitor phone) will automatically Intercept and record all such phone calls you request to be notified of. FlexiRECORD is an unattended solution, you can come back to it at the end of the day and listen to all the calls it recorded.

But Light, Pro and Pro-X on their own do not record any audio, only the call log data (incoming/outgoing name, number, time and date of call, and duration).

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