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If the Target phone has a password can I install the software?


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As a followup to question on target phone (in this case a BlackBerry Storm) with password protection, what if the phone is accessed when unlocked, do you still need the password to install SW?

You should be okay with that situation. The software does not require a reboot for anything, and if the OS decided it needed to reboot for any reason after an installation, as long as you Activated the program with your FlexiKEY it should just quietly start running anyway. So you don't normally need to get back into it after the install. There are settings you should make when first installing, but most of the configurations can be set or changed from the defaults by remote commands afterwards. You should however think about what custom commands you might want to set ahead of time however, so you'll be ready to do that if you only have a short window of time. Study the manual first if that's the case, but its not really necessary to access the phone again unless you didn't get it activated for some reason during the install.

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