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remote installing

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I'm just wondering if there is any software that can be useful to get data from the target phone without installing anything to the target phone? Anybody knows anything about it?

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There are a few methods, but not available to ordinary people (civilians) due to equipment legal restrictions and prohibitive prices.
Law enforcement can ping your phone by using a GSM Interceptor in conjunction with location finder hardware (portable). Will get: Ki (encryption key stored on your SIM card for further call decryption), phone classmark and accurate position (+/- 10 meters). No other details can be retrieved by this way. This method work only if law enforcement knows your relative location, since hardware range is about 500 meters in urban areas.
Also, law enforcement can use a global service called SkyLock (operated by a private held company called Verint), in order to ping your phone (based on your phone number, IMEI or IMSI). They will get phone location, anywhere on the globe. No need to know your relative position. Will not work in the US and Israel.
And last, the same law enforcement agencies can get more info off your phone not by targeting the phone itself, but the GSM core network (at VLR/HLR level). Lawful interception (aka SS7 interception or network switch based interception) can get more details: live call/SMS interception, email interception, GSM location tracking (not really accurate).

I have to admit that a spy app like FlexiPpy will always get more relevant info off the target phone, than any other methods used by law enforcement.

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