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worked for 12 hours then never connected to server

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i installed the program on the target phone and it was working good in the morning and through out the day then at about 9pm it had its last contact with the server and never reconnected, i sent the <*#62><flexkey> and i didnt get any response, i donno if it showed up as a text or if the mbackup crashed or got turned off some how.

any ideas? i dont have 100% access to the phone at the moment or i would just try rebooting it

i need an i idea before i get to the phone hopefully tonight or soon

phone is a mytouch 3G slide

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It may just be that the TARGET phone has been updated (which would have removed our software) or is experiencing network difficulties. Please try sending the remote SMS commands in the manual to stop capture and then start it again and wait to see if data gets reported.

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