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Please Read This First

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We welcome our newest FlexiSPY members, and hope that your stay will be a long one. If this is your first time with one of our products, we hope you will feel that little excitement that many of us do the first time we install something new.

As much as the impulse may be to just download and start pushing buttons (who needs instructions?), we've actually gone to some effort to make our newest manual as simple as possible and still provide valuable information.

We ask that you please check the manual first to understand the product's basic capture and reporting features, and especially the remote commands that must be sent exactly as indicated in the examples. Then if you still have questions about what you've read, you can either ask us in this forum or sign up separately at our Support Center to submit an official Ticket request.

We hope your experience will be a positive one, but we're counting on your feedback either way. You can help us improve the product in the next version (we won't forget you ;)), so come back and tell us what you think after you've had some time with it. We're listening...


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