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How do I receive report of sms and voice with horario de Portugal

I say this because the hours of sms not match those of Portugal


The 'Mobile time' column in the web account will be the correct time the report was sent in your local time.

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I'd like to add - the Mobile Time column reports the time/date of the event creation (capture time), according to the Target mobile. This time and date could be wrong if set incorrectly on the mobile, or it could be correct but only for its own time zone.

The Server Time column will report the time/date each event was reported to the server. If the internet connection is available and you've set the reporting schedule to something frequent, it should be close to the same time it was captured on the phone. However you can CHANGE the Server Time to match your own time, or any time zone you wish. In the event list view, at lower left area below the list, you'll see three linked options. "Delete", "Refresh" and "Report Settings". Click "Report Settings" and you can change the Server's reported time zone here. Set it to match Portugal (or any) and you'll see the events reported by that time.

After changing the Server Time Zone, if you click the up/down arrows next to the Server Time column, this will re-sort all events based on the new Server Time.

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