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Welcome to the FlexiSPY sponsored public forums. We looked around and saw no place to go, so we made one!

Now we're counting on you to help us grow. We're starting out small to make it easier, but as we grow we'll add new discussion forums and more areas to interact. We always listen to your needs, so just tell us what you want and we'll build it! If you have comments or suggestions about the forum, please let us know in the public comments area.

These forums are open to the public and you do not need to be a FlexiSPY customer to use them.

We also offer private areas for valued customers, where you can discuss using our products and even get help from fellow FlexiSPY customers. If you are one of our customers make sure to let us know during the registration process. Please sign up using the same email address you registered your product with so we'll know who you are. You might also want to send the Admin a PM to make sure you receive the proper access.

This forum will NEVER show your email address to any other user (except FlexiSPY Staff). Selecting to "hide" your email address only prevents other users from sending you a message anonymously through the board, and you can always return to your profile to edit your public information. So be sure to sign up and become eligible for valuable incentives and promotions.

Thanks for contributing to our new community!

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