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Impressions and feedback of FACE

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I have been using the community edition for nearly 2 weeks now and am prepared to offer some feedback about my thoughts of it.

First of all, the installation and activation are very easy to complete, it took me less than 2 minutes to install and completely configure the capture settings. The settings screen is also very easy to understand, and the options are clear about what behavior will be adjusted. (Many software options have very obscure or difficult to interpret settings that are vague about what is being adjusted).

The software appears in the application list as an innocuous backup utility which is adequate, but it would be preferred if it were not visible at all since its appearance allows it at once to both be disabled, and removed. I suspect most phone operators won't immediately notice the new application running, but the potential remains that one might.

It has been reporting SMS and Voice calls accurately the entire time. Only issue was 2 days ago it missed 2 SMS messages I confirmed were sent from the phone, but never appeared in the log on the website. There were incoming messages at the same time, so perhaps because of that these messages were not recorded? Otherwise, it has been working perfectly and it works better than I expected.

Remote SMS commands are awesome. I would like to see these expanded as the features of the software expand. These are very useful for managing the settings on the phone. I think the only thing I wasn't pleased with was the intervals for GPS tracking. One hour is the maximum setting, and I would like to set it for 4 hours.

I would definitely buy the pro version of this software, and am anticipating its release soon. If you care, here is a list of features I would like to see in it:

-Increased intervals in GPS

-Picture capture

-Telephone conversation capture

-IM capture (yahoo, msn, meebo, etc...)

-Instead of numbers as contact, the names from address book on phone

-Browser history and form capture

Thanks for your great work so far!

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Thanks for your comments! We are working on the commercial version now (Light, Pro and Pro-X), and hope for a new release in the very near future. The commercial versions will have more flexible configuration settings, and run in a more discreet stealth mode. The first commercial release won't have all the features you've requested here, but more features will be added in subsequent versions.

Keep an eye on the Blog section and also the News/Announcements area for further updates. Also see here: http://community.flexispy.com/index.php?/blog/5/entry-5-android-maemo-not-just-for-geeks-anymore/

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