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Nothing is working

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I contacted support about the ambient recordings and the response was check there compatibility page so I did and it reads a indication will appear on the phone and if I don't want that to happen don't use the feature.. so what good is this app if I can utilize one the main feature they offer. Are you getting keylogger info?

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I just had a few screenshots come through so maybe some of the others will start working. Remvideo and ambient still don't so we'll see I quess. I stopped updating versions as it froze service and I had to reinstall it more times than I care to. I don't have access to the phone any more so I don't update. Good luck with your issue!

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14 hours ago, blackadonis03 said:

Recent update to Android 12 and now nothing is working call rec,keylogger,ims etc and ambient rec is visible 

If the software was installed before the target device was updated to Android 12. 

Then the software will stop working and must be reinstalled. 

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14 hours ago, Greg Dill said:

Mine stopped working this morning at 9:13 after that nothing is coming through. Commands are sent successfully however nothing appears in portal. 

It will depend on the target device's connectivity. But if there are no updates for more than 24 hours. Please send us a ticket so we can take a look at your account. 

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10 hours ago, blackadonis03 said:

My IMS stopped a few months ago now my sms is only sided

We can check if the target device is using RCS or Advance messaging. 
With this method, the Phone will use the internet instead of the usual network to send and receive SMS. 

You can disable this feature at the settings of the actual messaging. There are also guides out there depending on the carrier or make and model of the device. 

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Android 12 update definitely causes problems. My target phone updated last night and nothing has worked since, not even sms, location or key logger….

please can the devs let us know what we need to do to get it working again please ?






Restart the target phone and when it asks if you should allow sync services, click accept, then it starts working. Of course, if you don't have the phone in your hands, you may not be able to do this

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I'm having the same issue now. The portal is not updating. I've had some keylogger responses, but no ambient, not call or voip recordings. I don't have access to the target phone and cannot ask them to restart their phone. It looks like the target might have received a pop-up with sync services and since then the portal isn't updating. It's disappointing cause I have been assured that there is no way to detect or disable the software and now I see that pop-ups appear? This is a critical time not to get this information and I'm not sure how to fix this. I logged a ticket, but support takes forever to get back. They should rather have a live technical chat team

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