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the SMS is visibly on the traget phone

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I send the SMS REMOTE command to the target phone number

I can see the message on my website, this means people can see the message

with in my flexikey.

the sms is visibly on the target mobile…the sms arrive as a normal message why?

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I just sent to a remote sms (Send Message To Diagnostic Monitor Phone) because Since this afternoon

I get no more information from the mobile target in my website

I get that and have even understood anything

1>67, 1.00.8

2> htc***,







14>2010-08-14 20:17


this is just one share

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Line 14 is showing the last date and time of connection, which was the 14th of August. If it was on the 14th of August when you sent command for Diagnostic Report, then it would seem to be working. If you are still having a problem, please submit a Ticket from the official Support Center at http://support.flexispy.com. Include a detailed description of the problem, the service network and the model of the Target phone. Support techs will reply in a timely manner.

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