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I am a current Sprint customer and would like to buy Flexispy Pro-X.

I would need to buy a new (target) phone in order for this to work. I am looking at getting a Blackberry, but don't see any of the Blackberries listed on the Sprint site as being supported by Flexispy.

Are there any new phones (Blackberry) available from Sprint that would work with this software. I am looking at using all the features from Flexispy Pro-X, with the exception of Call Interception (as that feature is not compataible using the Sprint network)

Is there a Sprint phone out there a can buy today that will give all all the other features available with Flexispy Pro-X.

What are other phones are you (Sprint customers) using with Flexispy and how do they work with all the features?

I would also consider a Droid phone, but really would like to use the spy call feature, which I don't think is available for the Droid phones.

Thanks for any advice you can give me.

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Our list of supported phones includes both older and newer, current models. Certainly this includes several supported Blackberry models that Sprint carries. However this is not really the problem. The Intercept Call feature of Pro-X will only work on GSM networks (ATT/T-Mobile), and is not compatible with CDMA (Sprint/Verizon). All other features of Pro-X will work however, and both Light and Pro fully work on all networks.

You still get the remote listening SpyCall with Pro, and also GPS/Location capturing. You just can't get Intercept Call (patch into live calls) on CDMA.

We don't yet have a commercial product for Android phones such as the Droid, only the free 3 month version we call Android Community Edition. This does basic capturing but does not have all the same professional features of our commercial versions. We're working on Android and will release more fully featured versions for this platform in the future.

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