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client status: not currently connected

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Hello, I already created a ticket 121599

But the proposal i've got didn't help.

I have a rooted samsung S9 bought from flexispy with preinstalled flexispy, and also have a license

was also working all fine so far until today morning

since today morning i have on the dashboard client status: not currently connected

proposal was:

 Use the Send Immediate command, to force the connection coming from the target device. To send the command, go to Help > Device Settings > Device Controls > Send Immediate and tap Send Immediate button.

did it, but nothing helped. 

The device has internet connection and it's working fine.

Should I maybe reboot it?

thanks a lot for any help



PS: It also has some pending commands right now (sinse it stopped being connected to the server) like:

  Troubleshooting Get Latest Product Settings  
Device Controls Send immediate  
Device Controls Show/Hide client VoIP Call Recording Hangouts: Enable
VoIP Call Recording LINE: Enable
VoIP Call Recording WhatsApp: Enable
VoIP Call Recording Viber: Enable
VoIP Call Recording Facebook: Enable
VoIP Call Recording Skype: Enable
IM Hike Messenger: Enable
IM Instagram: Enable
IM QQ Messenger: Enable
IM Tinder: Enable
IM Telegram: Enable
IM KIK Messenger: Enable
IM Hangout: Enable
IM WeChat: Enable
IM Viber: Enable
IM Skype: Enable
IM Facebook: Enable
IM LINE: Enable
IM WhatsApp: Enable
AppScreenshot: Enable
VoIPCallRecording: Enable
Key: Enable
NetworkConnection: Enable
Password: Enable
VoIP: Enable
Calendar: Enable
Browser URL: Enable
Application Life Cycle: Disable
Video File: Enable
Audio File: Enable
Image File: Enable
Wallpaper: Enable
IM: Enable
Contact: Enable
MMS: Enable
EMail: Enable
Call: Enable
SMS: Enable
Device Controls Show/Hide client Delivery Method: Any available
Maximum Event Count: 1
Delivery Timer: 1
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My daughter's s9 is doing the same thing. It stopped yesterday as the battery died about 6pm and hasn't reconnected since. I created a ticket but haven't heard anything yet. Hopefully Dakota will be able to help. Good luck 

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Hi Greg

I sent an SMS command (Send Immediate (An, iOS, BB, Sym)    <*#64><License code><D> )today during my son was in the school (he had his mobile with him) and it didn't help. 

Then, half a hour ago, I rebooted his device and it started to get data on the dashboard.

But on the dashboard, it still shows "not connected"

Try to reboot her device




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On 5/27/2021 at 11:40 PM, vito_pellenito said:

correction, now it's showing "connected", hope this will stay now


Purtroppo questo software ogni tanto si impalla e non serve mandare alcun SMS perché una volta che non è attivo non riconosce alcun comando.
Unica soluzione, riavviarlo...quando chiaramente la cosa sia possibile, diversamente bisogna attendere che il TARGET lo riavvii per qualche motivo (telefono scarico per esempio).
Il Samsung rootato rimane comunque una delle migliori soluzioni che ho provato.

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