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Deleted data is not actually deleted


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Hello, have some security and privacy concerns. In your information, you state that when something is removed from the dashboard, it is not possible to undo or recover. However, we made some tests and copied the file url of some of the photos and other data uploaded to your Huaweii-servers before we deleted the data in the admin dashboard. What we found out is that if we visit the copied file url, the files are still existing online on your servers meaning they are not actually removed - Just removed from display in the admin dashboard.

How come? We also spoke to the support about this and they mentioned 90 days data retention, but seems to be talking about deletion from the admin dashboard with obviously seems to not be working. 

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Hi There,

Information is made up of two parts

1. Data

2. Location


From the perspective of the FlexiSPY system, when information is deleted, its location is wiped from our systems. This data is now 'orphaned'. At appropriate times, the host server runs 'garbage collection" jobs, that delete orphaned files. This way disk access and performance is optimized.

If you already know the location URL, and the data has not been deleted, you will be able to access the orphaned data, but there is no way from the location URL to connect to the account,

Also, you would have to know the URL BEFORE you deleted that data.

In summary, after you delete the Information using the portal tools, there is no way to get to the data again, unless you previously made a backup of the location

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4 hours ago, NeymarJR said:

But then it still exists online, how often do the server delete "orphaned" data and does Huaweii know that it's orphaned (do you send signals?)


By default, all data on the Huaweii cloud is automatically erased 90 days (configurable) after creation. There is no need ti tell the host that the data is orphaned

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If the person who has the target phone is deleting texts or messeges and emails right after she sends them, how do we get them? THere are no sent emails showing up. why and how can we get them as your servers keep all info for 90 days?


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