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Won't connect to server

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Hello, I just installed the android CE app on my HTC hero and all went very smoothly. everything seems to be installed and set up properly, but it won't connect, it says that it's never connected in the "my profile" section of the login.flexispy.com page, and on the phone under "last connection" I see this listed:

that the connection status has failed. says it's sent 50 event's and received 0. tried on 3G and wifi get the same response

any help would be appreciated.


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I'm getting the same thing on my Moment. It's never connected. This is a HUGE bummer as I'll likely purchase the product... if it would work.

Have you tried gaining access to the TARGET phone, stopping capture, restarting the phone then starting capture again?

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Anyone get an answer to this problem I'm am getting the same thing. Will not connect.

There are many reasons it may not be able to connect sometimes. Verify you have capturing turned on first. You may want to send command to turn off capturing and then command to turn back on, just to be sure thats set and initiated. Check that you have working GPRS internet on the phone, try and play a movie in the browser from youtube.com (WAP connection will browse web sites but will not work for server connections). If nothing, send command for Diagnostic Report, and include the Diagnostic reply with a Ticket that you submit to http://support.flexispy.com. If you don't receive any command response and no Diagnostic returned, the phone may have been reformatted and then all software will need to be reinstalled.

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