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Microphone priority

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i’ve used flexispy for 4 months nos and i’m quite satisfied by the service.

I’ve experienced some troubles with ambient like everyone but it seems ok now.

target phone : samsung s20+ 5G With latest flexispy version, and unrooted.

my question is : while ambient recording, when target phone wants to call with messenger /whatsapp, sync service has priority on microphone and whatsapp or messenger cant record voice.

is there any way to configure sync service so that it has lower priority on microphone than those app?

like automaticaly stop flexispy recording when those app are trying to access mic?

Because if target owner has decent iq it is quite obvious that he/she will spot the spy app easily.






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I’m not speaking about the regular call with system app, i’m talking about whatsapp/messenger calls and voice register for chats.

while an ambient recording is processing, whatsapp and Messenger cant access to microphone it seems, which leads to one way conversation if target wants to call someone with these apps, or registre her voice. She /he can hear but The interlocutor cant hear her/him.

I think it’s because sync service has higher priority on microphone.

it’s a huge issue for me.


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I am experiencing the exact same issue. The work around I am using is to call the target phone (actual phone call) as many times as the running ambient recording commands I have. That cancels out all the ambient recordings. Only then would I be able to communicate thru messenger/whatsapp.

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