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So, for the last week I have been getting the following error message every time I try to log in to the portal. 

This site can’t provide a secure connection

portal.flexispy.com sent an invalid response.


This issue occurs regardless of whether I am accessing from my phone, my desktop or my laptop. It happens with all browsers, and it happens with all ISP's I use in multiple locations. Thus, it is clearly a problem on Flexispy's end. 

I know that this error message is caused due to the webserver not providing an SSL certificate. This means that no certificate was available and therefore the OpenSSL client was unable to establish an encrypted connection.

However, when that happens the only way I can access the portal is to clear all my browser data and then override the security concern and force my browser to connect anyway. This is time consuming and frustrating. I have been using for well over a year, and this issue has only arisen in the last week. Can someone please get the SSL Certificate updated and/or fix whatever bug is not allowing it to be recognized? I don't want to keep having to delete my browser data a clear the cache ever time I need to log-in. 

Thank you for any help you can give. I haven't bothered to submit a ticket, because no one has ever responded to any of those in the past. 

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I am having this issue too. My only work around is using my cellular data, which is not a good solution since it uses up my data. I agree with the tickets. It worries me that help has been missing as of lately along with this current issue.

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This seems to be happening over Wi-Fi or LAN to certain customers. @Ata Loss @Miguel1980 — which Internet Provider are you using? For example, Comcast, AT&T?

Also, if you are able can you help to debug with the following steps.

  1. Open Google Chrome Developer tools or Mozilla Firefox Developer Tools by pressing F12 on your keyboard
  2. Visit portal.flexispy.com
  3. Visit the security tab of the developer tools
  4. Capture and save a screenshot of the page
  5. Open the certificate details (click 'View Certificate' -> Open 'Details' tab)
  6. Capture and save a screen of the screen
  7. Send us the screenshots here or in private message
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