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How delete info once seen

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Hi.  A new user here.  I pulled up the dashboard and was able to see some call logs, messages, etc.  What I can't figure out is how to delete them once I've seen them.   Also, can someone tell me often it updates? The keylogger didn' show anything and I figured out I had to enable the large keyboard.  I did that and then typed some things on phone to test but nothing' shown up yet.  Thanks.

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Our system is showing that the keylogger feature is working, but let support know if this is not the case.

Regarding event deletion, I checked again, and some events can’t be deleted right now. Events such as SMS messages and Keylogs. However, Call Logs can be deleted by hitting the bin sign, and media files can be deleted by pointing the mouse to the thumbnail of the event. The bin sign will display and you can mark it to delete it.

Hi, and thanks for your comment. Each event should have a delete button next to it, but sometimes the position changes. 

If you tell me specifically what event you're trying to delete, I can send you a screenshot of the exactly location, so let me know.

Regarding your issues with the Keylogger, I've sent this to a member of our support team and they will look into for you, and update you via email.

Hope this helps!

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Hi - The keylogger does seem to be working properly now as I am getting information. Thank you.    This same information is also what I want to delete once im done reading.  My dear daughter spends way too much time in Snapchat so there are many entries there.  I guess that would be the first place I would like to know how to delete.  I'm sure the rest (sms, etc) will be obvious once I learn how to do one.  On a side note, what are the stars for?  Thanks for your help

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