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Large Keyboard Text Setting Automatically Turns Off

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I have flexispy installed and it works great!  However, there is an issue where the "Large Keyboard Text" setting automatically turns off after a few hours of enabling it.  When this happens, Flexispy ceases to operate until the setting is turned back on on the phone manually and will run for a few hours but then the phone automatically turns it off and this stops Flexispy.  I have contacted support but they have not yet been able to help with this issue.  Does anyone know how to configure the phone so that it does not automatically turn off  the "Large Keyboard Text" setting?  I won't be able to use Flexispy unless this issue is resolved.  Thank you for your help.

My phone is a Huawei WAS-LX3 (P10 Lite) running Android 7.0.

Thank you


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Guest Nathan

Hi trey-sire,

Thank you for your message. I spoke with our Support Team who noted they have responded directly to your support ticket and explained the following in regard to your question:

The 'Large Keyboard Text' setting will not be automatically turned off by the phone. In addition, this setting is related directly to the Keylogger feature and should not affect the other functions of the software if it's disabled. Therefore, if FlexiSPY stops working completely as described above, it is likely a result of the user manually disabling it.

If the target phone is not rooted, it is also possible that the device simply gets disconnected from the server and reconnects when FlexiSPY is accessed. 

Our Support Team is aware of your query and is available to assist you further. Please kindly respond directly to your support ticket conversation for further details.




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