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Transfer data only on a wifi connection


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When the audio of a call or the surrounding is recorded on a target device, it seems that it is sent automatically and directly to my account on your server.
You say that this function is completely undetected for the user of the target device but if the upload of lets say one hour recording is done on his data-bundle,
he will notice for sure a decrease of his data limit.
I use another app at this moment and there I have the option to upload data from the target device only when a wifi connection is detected.
How is that with your app, the same? I tried to get this question answered by you live-chat but was kicked before I got an answer.

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Hi John,

Thanks for writing. FlexiSPY does have the option to upload data from the target device to the server only when the device is connected to WiFi. This can be done from inside your user portal by following these simple steps:

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Click Help on the left
  3. Select Device Settings
  4. Choose Data Delivery and click on Application Settings
  5. Change the Delivery Method from 'Any Available' to 'WiFi'
  6. Click 'Sync Now' to complete the process

Best regards

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