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Addition of icon to app


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Problem: the name and blank icon of the app in the 'downloaded app section' of the phone, once installed still seems suspicious thus the person being tracked will want to uninstall it.

Solution: Using 3rd party apps, I can rename the package, changing the name from "com.android.system.service" to "YouTube Log" (for example) in the application manager to avoid suspicion. Using the same apps, I technically would be able to change the icon as well. However, I am unable to change the icon as there is no icon in the package in the 1st place. Thus, I propose the addition of a default icon in the package to allow a higher rate of chance of being undetected.

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Guest Nathan

Hi There,

Thank you very much for your feedback. We always seek to improve our product and ensure the best customer experience. I have sent your recommendation to our development team for further review and will let you know any updates.

Best regards

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