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Call recording

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My call recording not working I send many emails no help from the tech support team i tryed  all the call recording settings. 

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I really don't know why people claim they dont receive any help when they clearly do.

Checking your account, I see 14 tickets you've submitted, and our team has replied multiple times to most of them. All together, we've sent you dozens of replies in the course of troubleshooting your issues and offering advice.

I can see the technician replied to your most recent Call Recording ticket with this response:
"Can you please try to change the Audio recording source on your online dashboard to fix the issue on Call recording. Just go to Data -> Call recording -> Tools (top-right corner of the page) -> Set Audio Recording Source ->  Try the other options to check which of these will work on the target device.  "

After which, there is no response from you. If you tried this and it didn't work, why have you not written back? Posting here is not a reply to your support ticket. I don't know why you are posting this here. Users are free to discuss what they please, but false claims about support response will not be tolerated.

You are also posting this in the Open Topic, NON SUPPORT forum. As such I will close this topic. If you need further technical support please reply to the email our techs have sent you.

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