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perfect Root warranty

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does anyone know what  "perfect root warranty is"

During my Rooting and software install that I paid $39 for the technician to do the remote install he said I had to also purchase the above perfect root for $89 to continue and sent me a link to pay this, so I reluctantly did.

The rooting failed and couldn't be done on my phone so I asked for my money back under the money back guarantee and I got the $39 back but not the $89

I have submitted 5 requests to have this refunded and explained without any reply so I'm asking the community for help. What is it and why did I have to have it and why was I not told I needed this before hand.

Cheers Paul



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Guest Nathan

Hi Paul,

Thank you for writing. We apologize if there has been any confusion surrounding your purchases. I've followed up with our Support Team and it looks like your support tickets have all been responded to, with the most recent response being today. In your case, the rooting fee ($39) was refunded to you since the target device is not able to be rooted.

The $89 warranty you purchased enables you to have the software reinstalled as many times as required with no additional installation fees. Our records show that you have requested that the software be reinstalled on multiple occasions, therefore using the warranty service more than once. Since you have already used the re-installation service, the team is unable to refund the warranty.

I hope this clarifies the situation. If you have any additional questions, you can respond directly to the most recent support ticket and one of our team members will be able to provide further assistance.

Best regards

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Hi Nathan

Thanks for clarifying as i have had no e mails regarding this and no one explained . 

First of all i asked could my phone samsung s7 android 7 be rooted and software installed and i was told yes

The software had to be reinstalled as the original install made many features on my phone not work such as the camera and fingerprint id

Then one of the techs installed south american software onto my UK phone so that had to be taken off also and reinstalled

My phone was then rooted and the software wouldn't install so the phone was unrooted and software put back on

So i now have paid for extreme software that most of the features don't work on unrooted phone 

Cheers Paul


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Hi Paul,

To confirm, all of your support tickets have been responded to you. If you have not seen any email responses to your support tickets, I recommend checking your Spam/Junk folder as some email providers will send messages there. You can also log in to your Help Desk account at support.flexispy.com where you will see a history of all communications/support ticket responses. You can reply directly to the responses sent by our team and the conversation will be reopened. 

As a side note, this is a "Peer To Peer" support area where FlexiSPY customers may interact and help each other. Please understand this forum is not an official FlexiSPY Support channel and - given the vtechnical nature of your situation - the easiest way to get official support is to simply send an email to [email protected].



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