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License deactive! Support bad!!!

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Im waiting over 48 hour from a answer of the support team!!! 


Id #JRE-312-61442

I had buy a new license on my account, cause i cant renew! So the old is expired and i CANT use the new license cause i cant deaktivate the old!!!!!! Why flexispy do so a fucking big shit with deaktivate only in a running license?!?  Im so angry!!!!

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Hi there,

We are sorry to hear that you've been waiting for a response, however please note that our Support team works to answer tickets within a timely manner and the ticket ID you've mentioned has already been answered.  If you have not seen the response, please try one of these options:

  1. Check the status of your tickets from your online support portal (support.flexispy.com) as mentioned in response to your previous post
  2. Check in the Spam or Junk folder of your registered email address to see if the ticket responses were sent there by your email provider
  3. Go to our website (www.flexispy.com) and click on Live Chat at the bottom right of the screen. Provide your registered email address and ticket ID# and one of our Support Specialists can provide you with an update.

Best regards


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Please be aware, you're posting in this forum's "Peer To Peer" support area. This is where FlexiSPY customers may interact and help each other. Please understand this forum is not an official FlexiSPY Support channel.

The easiest way to get official support is to simply send an email to [email protected]
You can also chat or leave a message for Support from inside your logged in account dashboard.
Alternatively, you can login to your Support account at our Help Desk at support.flexispy.com. Everyone who sends email to support automatically has a support account.

I looked into your case and saw that your license is already deactivated. If you deactivate from inside your account then the license is also deactivated from the phone (assuming an Internet connection). But if support deactivates manually for you, all we can do is deactivate from the server itself. That means the license may still be active on the target phone. If that's the case you may have a problem activating a new license on that same phone.

In this case you will still need to deactivate locally. When the license is already deactivated from the server, you can deactivate from the phone by texting a manual SMS command to the target phone. This is not something Support can do remotely.

You can find this sms command by logging into your FlexiSPY online account, then going to HELP > Remote SMS Commands, and scrolling to DEVICE CONTROLS to find the remote SMS commands for both Deactivating and Uninstalling. If the phone is an unrooted Android you should have it with you when sending these commands as they may be visible. If the command is successful it will send a reply SMS to verify.

 If you need further help please contact support directly, as these forums are not monitored for official support response.

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