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Spy calls

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Target hears what sounds like speaker phone with an open mic for a few seconds then goes away.....    

May be when I call the target and hit mute or when I'm listening and do some other function on my phone at the same time... Not sure.  But target is thinking it's someone listening in...  Any help here on how to use this feature less detected?  Target is now looking at mic blocking apps to prevent anyone from listening in...  Ideas?  I did put in a ticket btw. But no answers yet..


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Hi Rick,

Thanks for writing. I wanted to follow up to confirm that your ticket was answered - our team works to respond to all queries within a timely manner. When it comes to listening to live calls, we recommend muting your mic before the call connects, as well as not using any additional features or phone functions while on a Live Call. This is because you are a direct participant on the line with both the target user and the person to whom they are speaking. Here are a couple useful articles related to this feature that you may find also useful:

Let us know if there's anything else we can support you with.

Best regards

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Thank u.. you guys are very helpful.  I had been muting my mic when spy calling but doing other functions as I listened..  that may have caused what she called a "radio interference" sound..  I think we r good there now..  I have one unresolved issue with a pop up to fix then I believe I've become an expert.. 

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