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Anyone else having a problem with Support Closing Tickets without notice?

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Has anyone else had the experience where support closes a ticket BEFORE verifying that the issue has been resolved?  Every time a person from support responds, they close the ticket, as if the problem was solved, when they have no idea whether it was solved or not.  

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Guest Nathan

Hi vqvnu01,

Thank you for writing and we apologize if you have experienced confusion regarding your support tickets. Our support system automatically closes a ticket once an agent has replied, however this does not mean communication is cut off or stopped. If you have any updates or feedback regarding a particular case, simply respond directly to the support email and the ticket will automatically reopen. This lets our team know you still have questions and they can reply to you accordingly.

If you still have questions regarding your previously answered support tickets, our agents will be happy to speak with you further.

Best regards



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