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few suggestion and issue


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1. Cannot send the command from the app, at least the ambient record need this function

2. Finger print to log in

3. loading speed slower than website, this is a critical problem, otherwise i rather use the website

4. the ambient record unable to play directly

5. unable to get higer resolution photo for view

6. for wechat custom enimation or calling or any thing unable to capture that should have a default caption to replace it. example"unable capture content" something like this

7. for timeline function is awsome! but it should show who is the one send the msg, incoming or outgoing

8. for location page, there is no last update time

9. unable to play voice msg in wechat log

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Guest Nathan

Greetings Carson,

We appreciate you taking the time to give us your feedback. This information has been passed along to our development team and we will update you with any progress.

Thanks again!

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