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  1. Creates a second instance of playing the call recording when listening to call recording is interrupted by a phone call and the call is terminated at which time two of the same recordings are playing simultaneously where the original call recording picks up where it left off and the overlapping call recording starts playing from the beginning. 

  2. Photos do not view in full size when small photo is pressed. 

  3. Login screen text boxes are not visible easily. 

  4. App logs off automatically and should stay logged on until user logs off and give notifications when new data is uploaded. 

  5. Ambient recording don't play. 

  6. SMS messages show only one side of conversation at a time. Need to show both sides of conversation AND show both sides of all conversations just like on the web portal. 

  7. Basically, the app Needs to show everything like the portal shows.

  8. Need to be able to save audio files to a spot on the phone. 

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Guest Nathan

Hi office1z,

Thank you very much for bringing these issues to our attention. Your feedback has been passed on to our development team who will review the details and see if and how they may fit into our pipeline. We will update you as we receive more information.

Best regards

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