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key log function

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Am I correct to assume that the key log function distinguishes the difference between keys typed for user name for example and keys typed in password fields?
I tried the key log function out and I receive my username when entered, and then followed by a series of dots for my password input.

Maybe I am missing something but on the blog site, there is a post regarding the introduction of the brand new keylogger in which it states: 
" When it comes to personal use, Keylogger for Android provides an extra backup for those times when you misplace an important password " 

But that is currently not the case. I've opened a ticket with support but have not yet received a reply so I am turning to the community to see if they have been having the same issues or not.

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Guest Nathan

Thanks for writing. The situation you described is a normal function of the key logger. The Keylogger does indeed record every keystroke in the supported programs on the target device. This is the reason you are able to search for specific text and keywords within the Key Logs section of the portal. However, the keylogger does not support passwords as Android does not broadcast the keystrokes when you put the cursor on the password input and thus the **** is recorded.

We have noted this technical error in the blog post and appreciate you also bringing it to our attention. We do apologize for any confusion and have already submitted the amendment to our content team. 

If you are still looking for full password capture, FlexiSPY for PC and Mac will record passwords as they are typed even if the screen is showing ******. For more information on this product, please visit https://www.flexispy.com/en/computer-monitoring-software.htm

Thank you again for your support and patience. Let us know if there is anything else we can help with!  


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