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Anybody else wondering over server/app performance?

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Hi there,

I recently ipurchased and installed the latest version of Flexispy (extreme) on a rooted Android phone. While testing the programmes features I noticed several annoying details:

- although phone was online several times for short periods, the entry in the dashboard indicates  "last conneced 12 hours ago"

- while  logging in and even after the procedure it takes a long time till the dashboard sreen appears, and still not offering any logs (as mentioned above)

So at the moment the app is of no use for me, considering to ask for refund.

Has anyone knowledge of the hackon flexispy servers that took place in April 2017? Is the system still not up to premium performance?






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Hi Vogel,

Personally I am not having the same issues as yours, the portal is running well. It is true that the logs are coming a bit late (sometimes around 15 to 30 minutes), but I can receive them.

If you say the the phone was connected for a short period and then disconnected from the internet, it may mean that the phone was not able to upload the logs during that small time frame.

About the hack, it new news to me, but for now it is not proven nor claimed by anyone. So it may be just rumors and defamation.


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