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Problems with Flexispy and suggested features

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I have got the lot of problemsmany times in the last month since the issue problem with the server. 

I have open many tickets and every time getting answers which didn't help. 

Problems are suddenly solved and few hours later other problems started. 

Until now the application doesn't work properly or at all.

Losing and missing many logs specially locations and record calls/voip.

Passwords/Passcode was never working by me , respond from support is that it's not supported on android 4 and up ( already 2.5 years)

I Will be interested to know if someone have got the same problems. 

And I hope that with our comments we can help flexispy to solve and update features. 

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Guest Nathan

Hi Gerard,

All cloud services have their ups and downs and we apologize for any frustration. However, the FlexiSPY client is intelligent enough to make sure no data gets lost. If you feel that has been the case please raise a ticket with this specific issue so we can investigate it for you.

Regarding the issue with passwords/pass codes, right now FlexiSpy cannot support this feature as it relies on a separate software that is currently not stable with the newer versions of the system. Once a stable version has been released we will be able to look at re-adding this to our features list.

Best regards,



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Hi Nathan

thank you for your support. 

I did lost and missed many logs and still do.

I have opened a few tickets but always excuses or ignoring the problems. 

Locations is almost never work or showing locations which target is not there anymore. Sometimes I get logs and suddenly stoped or getting once in a while. 

Recording calls voip and ambient some times no logs.

I see the conversation and duration but no recorded files.

Passcode and password never worked already 3 years. 

Sms keyword some times disappear by itself and need to be configured again.

If there is a way even not stable I guess it's better then nothing. So let us at least try to get something. 

Behalf of the problems I would like to mention that FLEXISPY is one of the best that I know and used. 

Hope you Will find a way to fix it and make it better.

In my case I would like to have more features such as:

Screen capture 

Live view / video capture

Add phone number to control target and other different number to get notification .

Sms commands instead of as it's now replace by keywords .in case will appear on the target which happened to me few Times. 

Block/Unblock contact's/Applications .

Thanks again and hope to hear from you soon.





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Guest Nathan

Hi Gerard,

Thank you for your message. I have followed up with our support team regarding your issues above and will let you know as soon as they have provided me with further insight into your support tickets, so that we can best resolve this situation.

Best regards,


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