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By the way, schedule recording worked only a few times.  Yes, it recorded up to 30 minutes but didn't record on all the scheduled times.  You can't just set it and forget it.  Plus once the phone receives a call or makes a call it interrupts the recording most of the time.  It's like you have to be sitting in front of the computer checking to see if no interruptions were made or you will lose a lot of time and valuable information.  I did experienced however, 2 or 3 times when the recording wasn't interrupted and I could hear the call during the recording but within the 15 minutes of the recording a lot of time was lost.  I know this because I called the target phone and saw the time the recording began and the time I made the call...it jumped from ambiance to call and information was lost in between.  Just not what I was expecting of this so expensive app.

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