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problem ambient recording on galaxy note 3


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Hello to all
I have a question to ask
I installed the software on a samsung galaxy note 3
The software works well
the only thing you hear are the bad ambient recording
they are distorted
before I had installed on a Samsung galaxy s4 and felt very well
I do not understand it depends on the telephone or by some settings in spftware
thank you

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Maybe, change the recording source?


Set Audio Recording Source

Select recording source below. 

Try this first with Samsung devices. Should record both sides of a call on phones that support it. 
 Voice Call: 
Tries to initiate recording in both directions (Uplink & Downlink). Recording audio in both directions may not be possible using this method with all devices.

Proprietary; may work better on non-rooted Motorola or Huawei models. 
Generic Android recorder; try if other methods fail. 
Rooted only. Uses Android Linux driver. Try with a rooted phone if other methods fail.

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Hi Geppy,

Unfortunately, unlike call recording, where you get several audio sources to try in your portal to find the best one, ambient recording uses the same method for all devices.  This means that the quality of ambient recording depends on the device hardware, and so may work better on one device than another.

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OK thanks
I imagined that he could depend on the phone (or maybe from the microphone)
I'm still waiting for arrivals me a samsung galaxy s7 edge with Android 6 and will try to install them in the hope that the microphone is better

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I have the same problem! (Samsung J510FN single sim card, root) (Mobile is new). No problem with the device material. Call NORMAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! only to spy call! perverse. placing the moving target near the TV. I call and no sound, speeches on TV. only distorted sound. I have changed many sim card. I installed the program again. restore factory. restart the phone. Change Set Audio Recording Source .... and NOTHINGGGGGGGGGGGG !!!!!!!!

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I just hope that does not depend on the operating system
with galaxy s4 (Android 4) all worked well
with galaxy note 3 (Android 5) recording the ambient feel distorted
I hope that with galaxy s7 edge (Android 6) is not worse

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I reinstalled the software on a galaxy s7 edge in the hope that the sound issues distorted during recording ambient would improve.
however it was not so
it may be that the galaxy s4 they went very well and the Galaxy Note 3, and the galaxy s7 edge does not go well?
but the phones were new

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Hello I tried but it did not change anything ê. It always stays in the environment recording The Sound Distorted I fatoo a test with an application called cerberus It allows you to do recording of ambient just 5 minutes and the audio is perfect in any situation I think it depends on the software

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