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Not updating from 2.19.4 to 2.23


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target device wont update from 2.19.4 to 2.23

sent update command from dashboard .. sync status OK

but not updating

device is rooted



Software Update Available

There is an update available for your device. Please read Version History before updating!

The current version installed is


The new version available is


You can automatically update the device by clicking the button below. The update will be scheduled and should complete the next time the device connects to the server. The next connection from the mobile is expected in

1 Hour

Sync status: OK
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one of my customers had trouble updating from 2.19.4 since flexispy wasn't able to install the new version, it uninstalled itself and than nothing.

so be aware that you might need again physical access to the mobile in order to update flexispy client

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