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Important update for Android customers only

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Major updates for all customers appear with an Update icon in the upper area of your FlexiSPY dashboard. This update is for specific customers only and will not appear in your dashboard.

Who does this update apply to?

All customers with a Non Rooted or Rooted Android Target phone, running in "Normal" mode only and on FlexiSPY software version 2.21.2 or below.

How to check your software version

Log into your FlexiSPY account and click the Account menu item. Under the License Profile Active tab you will see your current software version.

How to check your running mode

Log into your FlexiSPY account portal and click the Account menu item. In the License Profile Active tab section, click Action > Settings towards the right, and then scroll down to confirm the "Running Mode" status. You only need the update if you are running in "Normal" mode.

How to perform the update

Get the target phone into your hands and uninstall FlexiSPY. Restart the phone, then reinstall FlexiSPY and you're done!

If you need instructions for uninstalling, you can find this in your FlexiSPY Dashboard under HELP > Reference Manuals.

What will this update do for me?

This update addresses the issue that in certain cases Android targets in "Normal" mode may stop reporting or fail to process commands. This update brings your FlexiSPY software version to 2.21.3.

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