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3 items: GPS stops, Private/unknown numbers, quickly deleted items


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First of I would like you to know I spent all that money on Flexispy Extreme just to have a dependable GPS tracker, any other working functions would be a blessing ( target phone has android 6.0+ - no Remcams, Instant messenger or app (facebook) monitoring). Even though I am missing about 3/4 of the monitoring capability, I have to say I still love it and it has been worth every penny but I would kill for VIOP and all the other capabilities. I do believe I have some improvements suggestions which may make your product better:

1) GPS "stops" - GPS tracking intervals can be set at every 10 minute points. The problem with that is that a the target can be on a highway and off it and at a location stop in a minute, then continue on and we are not any the wiser to this location of "interest" - an important stop at a single location that is not recorded and missed looses valuable information, perhaps it could be the game stopper knowing this information. I'm suggesting a recording of a stop a minute or so longer should be recorded - when arrived and when departed.   

2) Private/unknown numbers - I have seen four of these calls come in and only one recording went through - all other identifiable calls prior to and after recorded fine. It seems there is something preventing a recording when a caller is private?

3) Quickly deleted items - I have sent messages, pictures to the target phone and they will appear on the control panel. However if the user on the other side deletes them quickly they are also removed off of Flexispy  forever.



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Guest Ricardo

Hi cycymf,

Great suggestions that you pointed out! We would like to implement all the features you mentioned, but there are some limitations that we face. Let me explain them in detail. 

1)   GPS "stops"

- You raised a very good point here, as travelling from one place to another may not take up to 10 mins, so having our GPS feature capture every minute would be getting the most value out of location tracking. The reason for us to cap it at 10 mins is that this is the optimal time frame for conserving battery life of the target device. Anything less than 10 minutes, the target device owner will see a substantial drain in their battery.

What you can do is send the remote SMS command to get the current location of the target device if you want the location sooner. This may not be the best way to work around this but I hope it'll help you for now till we come up with something better. 

2) Private/unknown numbers 

- We are aware of this and we are currently working on it. 

3)  Quickly deleted items

- For this point, it’d be great if you could clarify further. You mentioned that messages/ pictures from the target device will be sent to the dashboard but will be deleted if the target device owner deletes them quickly. A couple of questions here:

1) Do you know roughly how fast the device owner deletes the messages and pictures?

2) Also, does the information appear on the dashboard first, then gets deleted later when the device owner deletes it? Or, will it not even appear on the dashboard at all?

I am asking this, because FlexiSPY needs up to 1 minute to capture data from the target device. Anything deleted quicker than that will not be captured or uploaded. So, when you mentioned that the messages/pictures still appear on the dashboard but then are deleted later, this may be a symptom of a bug. We’ll investigate this, and if this is the case, then your comments gave us very good insight here - and we’ll keep you up to date on this.

Looking forward to your response and feedback 


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OK thanks for the good answers.

1)   GPS "stops" - I was hoping there was an easy answer for that, although I knew probably not. Maybe what I was trying to ask was a way for the automatic software to detect lack of movement ( at a predetermined time length ) and then record movement again. That would require constant signal communication and I guess that would drain the battery and raise suspicion, which is not what either of us want right? The easiest remedy is a refresh in the location tab when I'm available to do so.  

2) Private/unknown numbers - I did get 1 of 4 recordings - I later discovered in the situation I had they were 2 different callers so I missed out on some info. EDIT - I added the text "Private/unknown number" to the manage watch list and it did not stay there after looking again. 

3)  Quickly deleted items  - I had two instances of this happen and in the most recent I know it was deleted instantly off the target (after now learning the 1 minute requirement) because it never showed up on the dashboard. The other instance -  it showed up on dashboard and then it disappeared rather quickly (5 min? of my checking) which made me confused but then I realized it got deleted - the conformation for this for me was the incriminating content of the message.

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C, I kinda had the opposite problem.  Even when I put it on 40 mins intervals it DRAINED the iPhone 4 battery so much I had to turn GPS off.  If the phone is sitting in the house overnight it still uses battery life reporting that it is where I already know it is.  I think it would be complicated to have the ability to start GPS only upon location change of device.  

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GS1960 - I guess I have been lucky I never paid attention to battery drain and I watched today with my set 10 min interval and refreshing quite a bit in between there hasn't been much drain on the newer model Samsung. Granted I am only getting the basics of information and not the app and IM information so that may be a factor in battery use too. Maye a fresh battery for you may help? 

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