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Feature Request: Improved Ambient Recording


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Scenario: You want to gather evidence between 1am and 4am on a target phone


Current Solution 1: You set up ambient recording schedule. You have to go into schedule recordings, and set up one for 1am, one for 1:35am, one for 2:10am, one for 2::45am, one for 3:20am and one for 3:55am (checking you're doing your math right to allow for the 30 minute recording time, plus 5 min in between as overlapping recordings do not record)  to cover the proper times. If the target receives a call, you will lose the entire recording for the times that cover that phone. Also, if the target takes out their phone and decides to take selfies, or sends a lot of sms's and somehow interrupts recording, you lose everything.


Current Solution 2: The target has network reception, and you send sms commands to start an ambient recording remotely. You change the length for 10 or 15 minutes, because this way you don't lose anything. You manually have to remind yourself to send an additional command every 15 minutes, and if a call comes in you're alerted to it, and wait a few minutes and try again until recording resumes. You send the occasional remotecam command too, to gather pictures. This method does not work if the user is on vacation and has no reception, or if receiving a sms is prohibitively expensive.


Ideal Solution: You log into the portal, go into the ambien recording scheduler, and select a start time, and end time  in addition to the current options (date, whether this is a recurring schedule on a weekly or daily). Flexispy will then break up the recording into the appropriate chunks (like half an hour), and will even monitor interruptions to the recording and restart it if necessary. This solution gives the most peace of mind, and also makes it simple for the user.


Bonus: adding the option to this panel to also take remotecam pictures automatically every five minutes.

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Thank you for your post.  We did not anticipate that our android call recording and environmental recording feature would be so popular, but you are not the only one to mention this.


Initially, we actually used to have unlimited length recordings, but we ran into several problems related to the size of the files being created.


These problems were more to do with the compromises that were required for recording to work without any user intervention, in the background, over unreliable  connections and without draining the battery.


In addition, unlike iPhone, we had to deal with the fact that there are  over100 different android platforms, all with their own little quirks, so we made the best compromises available to us at the time.


Moving forward, we will revisit this again. 

One quick win we could look at is resuming the recording following an interruption. We could also then look at splitting one large recording into several independent pieces, instead of attempting to deliver one contiguous piece using our resume protocol as we do at the moment.


The contiguous piece is easier to manage for the user, but the downside is that all chunks need to reach the server for it to be useful.


Separate pieces are more robust, but then you have the challenge of assembling them at the server.


None of these are a showstopper, the question is is there enough of a demand for this, to justify the development work, when there are so many other things to do.


If you PM me, I can put you on the list for a beta tester if we decide to do this.


Thank you again for taking the time to give us this feedback



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There is a way that a recording schedule is repeated daily, without the need to schedule an agenda day by day,
(7am, 830am, 10am, 1130am, 13pm, 1430pm, 16pm, 1730pm, 19pm, 2030pm, 22pm and 2330pm) all week in the same way
Can you create a single recording schedule that covers the whole week?
Thank you

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